This week The SC found herself under the influence once again.  The “pattern mixers” within the blogging community have inspired me with their talents and creative powers.


I consider myself in the class of Pattern Mixing 101.  But somehow my eye has been changed by years of observing photos of those who teach the Master Classes.  These artists have encouraged me to experiment, if only minimally, and begin to play in a way that I wouldn’t have thought of before I began blogging.


As I was putting together an outfit around this vintage estate sale wool coat dress with subtle pattern, my gaze fell upon this multicolored scarf, and then, in the hat room, I drifted in the direction of leopard print.  Somehow it all felt harmonious and fun, and ready to pair with a brick and concrete wall and the winter vine stretching across its surface, creating its own decorative design.


There are many bloggers who mix patterns and have me under the influence.  The following creatives are just a few of the pattern mixers that I admire.  There are so many more deserving of mention!

Thank you to Bella of The Citizen Rosebud HERE and Anne of Spy Girl HERE.


Thank you to Vix of The Vintage Vixen HERE and Curtise of The Secondhand Years HERE.


Thank you to Ariane of Style Sud-Est HERE and Sacramento of Mis Papelicos HERE.


Thank you to Carol of Femme et Fleur HERE and Sue at A Colorful Canvas HERE.


Thank you to Melanie of Bag And Beret HERE and Shelley of Forest City Fashionista HERE.

Also wearing: leopard print felt hat with brown grosgrain ribbon trim by Erin Saboe of Denver, vintage green gloves, vintage earrings and bracelets – estate sales and multicolored scarf – scarf and jewelry show at a friend’s home.


Photos by Annie

Bella’s Shoe Shine HERE takes place on the second Tuesday of every month, and I’m joining her party with my consignment store vintage Pucci suede wedge heeled boots.

I’m taking my very humble pattern mixing over to Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style.  Can’t wait to see what the other visibles are up to today.

Thank you to Margaret Manning of Sixty and Me HERE for the inclusion in your piece on women over 60.


  1. OMG! You look amazing- love the tweedy brown and all the pattern and texture mixes! You are now a master! That hat, the suit, the boots, the everything have got me cooing at the computer screen. You are a style diva, a fashion queen! I adore you! Thank you for the mention (as well as mentioning many of my favorite mixers!) and for linking up to Shoe Shine. YOU are a star!

  2. You may consider yourself a novice, Judith, but I think this is one of the most beautiful pattern mixing styles I have ever seen…so elegant and chic that it doesn’t seem like patterns mixed at all. Just gorgeous from hat to boots!! You look gorgeous and so, so elegant!

  3. You are no 101, Judith. This ensemble took my breath away. Maybe my favorite ever! -Linda

  4. I think that outfit earns you a degree in pattern mixing. I am gushing over the glorious details in that coat dress, and it fits you like a glove. You look like you stepped out of a high fashion editorial; so chic!

    Thanks for including me as a pattern-mixing inspiration. I’m feeling better so we’ll have to schedule a phone catch-up.

  5. SC, you look STUNNING! That coat! SCORE! The whole outfit is a knockout, but…THAT COAT!!!!!!!

  6. This is a stunning, stylish outfit that you put together. I don’t say this often. This is something I would wear and happily. This is a classic outfit that would look good on anyone.

  7. Amazing pattern mixing – and amazing style! The coat is simply stunning, and so are the boots. You always bring joy with your beautiful posts and your attitude!

  8. Another lovely outfit. I like everything about it.
    I am not a very good pattern mixer myself, but appreciate it with others. And I sure can appreciate yours.

  9. This is a beautiful outfit, so elegant. The coat dress is a perfect fit, and I love the details of the fastenings, the pleating and seaming, and the buttons. A gorgeous hat, and beautiful scarf, and then those green gloves; how exquisite! I love these photos with the creeper-covered wall as a backdrop, the second pic with the scarf draped across you is fabulous!
    Thank you so much for the mention. I don’t consider myself an expert pattern mixer by any means, I just throw stuff on and hope for the best, there is no great thought behind it! I think you have far greater artistry, Judith, but it’s kind of you to include me in your roll call of wonderful bloggers! xxxx

  10. Oh, I am absolutely DROOLING over that gorgeous coat. And a standing ovation for your pattern mixing…brilliant and intuitive. The background is perfect.

  11. My god that coat! And as usual incredibly beautiful combinations. Every time you post it seems to get better. And I’m left wondering how you are going to “top” yourself (double pun intended).

  12. What an exquisite outfit. I agree with the other commenters on how expertise you are at combining such beautiful and subtle patterns. Everything you wear fits you like a glove. Do you need to tailor any of your pieces? You look beautiful as always, Judith.

  13. Pattern mixing at its best, you surely have mastered it. Your coat is stunning, the style so elegant. As usual your hat the perfect touch along with those wonderful boots.!

  14. I don’t know, Judith, it seems a bit radical. 😉 Actually, I think you could even go a further. The tweed texture doesn’t really count as a pattern, and leopard is just a neutral, right? But it’s a gorgeous outfit – that coat is just stunning! And I love the green gloves.

  15. Gosh Judith, thanks so much!!! But really…me grasshopper, you master! You consistently inspire me to push the envelope and look at things a little differently! With every post, I learn another nuance about how clothing weaves a beautiful story!

    The coat here really is a show stopper! Gorgeous silhouette!!! You look stunning!

  16. Cheers for the mention, you’re pretty inspiring yourself, Judith, I’m highly honoured!
    That coat is wonderful, what a fit! xxx

  17. There is not one thing I would change about this look. Absolutely fantastic. If I saw you on the street in this outfit, I’d be compelled to compliment you in person. Bravo!

  18. You have my heart singing here! What a great coat and fabulous textures in the outfit as well as the pictures. I love the fit and your cute hat. Such a charming look!

    blue hue wonderland

  19. Okay, so I skipped over all the other comments that agree with me when I say this post is AMAZING. And yes, I agree that there’s something a little different going on here for you, what with the colors/textures/patterns etc. Inspiration is wonderful because it opens our eyes to new possibilities, which then get expressed uniquely.

    This is a perfect Style Crone ensemble, incorporating delicious vintage pieces that resonate in a timeless way. You wear them with elegance and a contemporary flair that bring it all together joyously.

    Just as I’m feeling the colors of Spring, you remind me of the gorgeous earth-tones that I love so much!!! Oh, and for the record, that coat is freakin’ fabulous. XXXOOO

  20. P.S. I love every one of the bloggers you mention!! Isn’t it incredible to have such an amazing community? I know I’m profoundly grateful, and the good news is, it’s keeps growing. 🙂

  21. Hello, Beauty … you’re singing the song of subtlety here, and it is a lovely melody. I’m not often in abject envy, but this coat is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in a while. You do list some print mixing masters here, but rest assured, your technique is completely your own. Lovely, every inch.

  22. Marvellous! You look like you just stepped off a movie set for a period film, I don’t know which period, and it doesn’t really matter, does it? The point is you are classic and stylish. Thank you so much for the mention here. The other women you note have been my style mentors as well. Their talents are out of this world. Of course you are in that list as well.

  23. Judith,my Kroney; love, love the tweed not sure if it’s a coat or a dress and the boots are perfect with the outfit.. mom had a similar dress back in the early 50ties I believe. I hope I can find the picture. oh.. and the hat is also really cute.

    let’s plan get together pleaseeeee..

  24. Hi Judith!

    Tks so much for the mention, so honored that you include me in the matser pattern mixers!
    You look grandiose ( a little french for you!) my dear in that outfit!
    Perfect mixing of genres!


  25. I love a good-fitting jacket. It moves so cleanly with you 🙂 I just wanted to commend your fashion forward- the scarf reminds me so much of Burberry’s recent Fall 2014 show. Next hat attack, I hope I look so elegante <3

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