I’m down to the wire and packing for a trip, and in the process my gaze landed on this cream-colored vintage suit with peplum which I haven’t worn since my daughter Camille’s graduation from college in the spring of 2004. The hat was created for the suit by the talented milliner Jeanne Bjorn HERE.

Jeanne lived in Denver for a period of time, and I took millinery classes from her. I considered becoming a milliner, but decided instead to become a hat journalist, seeker and collector. I don’t have to own every hat that I love.  Photographing headwear and trying it on for a moment has the power to satisfy my passion for its beauty.

I’ve had the cream-colored open toe pumps since the 90’s and the estate sale jewelry has been with me for years.  My sacred collections hold the memories of my life, just as hat boxes contain the objects of my passion.

Photos By Daniel

Sometimes I change hats in midstream, as I did here in the park.  Which is why I carried this vintage hat box with me for today’s adventure. The gold turban is by Heather Stoten HERE, and suits the suit.  Who wants to commit to one hat to accompany an outfit?

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  1. I love these pictures!! You look gorgeous in both the style and the color of this ensemble. Of course, your radiance always shines through, no matter which outfit you happen to be wearing. I must admit something to you—I have you pictured in my mind as being the one to fill the Kay Thompson role if anyone ever remakes the movie “Funny Face”! (Remember that one with Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire?) You’d better practice your versions of “Think Pink” and “Bonjour Paris”! Have a wonderful week! 🙂

  2. Although I like the turban I prefer the hat that was made for the suit. I am always amazed that garments or shoes you wear never seem to date. They always look current and I often hear you say things like “I have had this for twenty years”..
    Beautiful suit, beautiful hat and shoes, beautiful hat case. I always wanted a (slightly smaller) hat case as a bag, but it has to open like a bag otherwise it is impractical.

  3. As Greetje mentions, your outfits always look so contemporary, even though the pieces may be many decades old. I like both hats, but I think the turban gives it just a bit more “Je ne sais quoi”.

    Hope you are having a wonderful time in Venice!

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