Coyoacan HERE is a borough of Mexico City with well preserved architecture from the pre-revolutionary and colonial eras.  The coyote fountain gave the area its name.  I loved the vivid street markets, the museums, the interesting shops and restaurants, the Aztec dancers and craft fairs.  The feather headdresses have taken up permanent residence in the inspiration area of my brain.

Feather headdress behind glass at the Museum of Anthropology.

The Museum of Anthropology HERE consists of twelve galleries of a world-renowned collection of finds from Mexico’s pre-Columbian cultures.  It would take weeks to thoroughly tour the entire museum. These photos are a minuscule example of my limited viewing.  Our guide Monica was very knowledgeable about the many cultures represented and Mexico’s rich history.  Absorbing and integrating my experience will be ongoing.  I have no idea how it will affect my life as I enter the final month and one half of  ‘the year of firsts.’  As any significant experience, it is now a part of me.  How it will be expressed is a mystery that brings feelings of warmth and optimism and an intermittent confidence that is growing out of the embers of grief.

Now off to join Patti’s Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style.


  1. What beautiful images. I have always been fascinated by the Maya and Inca cultures. I remember reading about them in National Geographic when I was very young.
    I imagine this past year has been a very challenging one for you. You have forged it with grace.

  2. What lovely and lively photos you have! 🙂 You look good! 🙂 I love that head dress. Man, that’s gotta be heavy to wear. 🙂 Visiting! 🙂

  3. Well, that headdress was really something, wasn’t it? Now, if you could just get that as a hat!! Holey moley! I’m so glad that you are feeling positive and “emerging” as you say. May your road ahead smooth out and lead you ever upwards.

    Much love from England,

  4. I have a couple of photos I took of the fountain in Coyoacan. I’m pretty sure that is also where Frida Kahlo’s house is located, which I visited when I was there. The Museum of Anthropology is overwhelming–it’s good you had a guide, as I ended up wandering around by myself. Great photo of you and the feather headdress–just goes to show that you can work any hat style!

  5. I find that one of the most lasting benefits of travel is the ongoing, and sometimes unexpected, affect that exposure to different cultures has on my thinking. Being open to self-examination and those moments of discovery will lead you where you need to go. Because you allow yourself to absorb experiences on many tangible and intangible levels, I’m sure the time in Mexico with friends will enrich you bountifully in a continuing fashion. — I’m also glad to hear that you are feeling increasingly optimistic and confident as “the year of firsts” grows nearer to completion.

  6. WOW! I spotted you cuddling with bright colored strings of balls on Visible Monday…
    I jump over here and you are a feather headdress goddess!

    My favorite place in Coyocan is The Blue House of Frieda’s. Not very original, I know.
    Also, I stayed there in an excellent campground in 1982. Doubt that it still exists, but maybe?

  7. Oh, I love how you’ve managed to center your head to make it appear you are wearing the feather headdress. Many years ago, I read Cortez account of his encounter with Montezuma. Frequently they mentioned something called feather cloth. Did you see any examples of this?

  8. The feather headdress shot is inspired! I think you could carry that off, but driving might be a challenge. And the first photo of you amidst the explosion of colour is another favourite. It boggles the mind how many rich cultures and beautiful works of art there are in the world – thanks for this glimpse into one of them.

  9. Terri, I did see something similar. The Aztecs used feathers for many things! I also saw feathers used to create art, which resembled paint.

  10. You’re back! What a wonderful photographic round-up, you’ve made me keener than ever to visit Mexico, once i get India out of my system. That feather headdress is quite superb. xxx

  11. Hello Judith!

    Again beautiful pics and colors and your killer smile!
    I love the headpiece, it is a beautiful effect with lovley you!

    Have a good weekend Judith and thanks for dropping by my blog

    Ariane xxxx

  12. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos from your trip. I am not at all surprised you were inspired by the feather headdress! I know what you mean about it taking time to process a travel experience. We’re still processing our own amazing trip.

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