Sometimes I get a crush on a hat, and wear it several times in succession. That’s what happened with this black and white polka dot fabric hat by Toronto milliner David Dunkley HERE.  Like any brief and intense infatuation, I became obsessed with its beauty.  It grabs my attention whenever I walk by the hat room, and it playfully visits my thoughts intermittently throughout the day.

When this headwear phenomenon occurs, I become focused on outfit possibilities that harmonize with the hat that holds my attention. This polka dot hat offers versatility, because it can be worn with black and white or a wide range of colors.  Last weekend I wore it with bright orange!

The “Elizabeth” is made of fine linen and can be rolled up for travel.  It’s also a great sun hat and can be made of several fabrics. I love how it frames the face!

Magically, the linen collar and cuffs of this vintage black knit maxi dress mirrored the color of white of the hat.  The large vintage pearl and black earrings, black and white patent leather pumps, vintage polka dot scarf and red lipstick were chosen to accessorize the chapeau.

Photos By Daniel

Hat crushes come and go, but I always remember which hats have captured my heart, and they have a special perch in the hat room.  Have you ever experienced a hat crush?

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  1. The hat’s ok, But I’m really diggin the mode, she’d make anything look good!!!

  2. Cruella de Vil eat your heart out, you’ll like the super glamorous villain only with a kind centre! xxx

  3. The hat is great and is beautifully showcased. Daniel is a stellar photographer.

  4. It’s always such a treat to see your latest glamorous offering Judith. I love this hat and can see why you’ve got a crush. And yes, so very versatile too, bliss!

    I bought a Philip Treacy leopard print hat a couple of year ago and it’s my crush too. I’m not blessed with a Hat Face like you though, my dear, so don’t wear it much.

    Anna x

  5. How magical! The dots are so lovely, and for such a stunning and eye-catching hat, I can see that it would be very versatile! Love it!

  6. Fabulous hat , I can see why you were smitten, the white with its black spots will work with any colour. Your outfit is stunning as are Daniel’s photographs.

  7. My last hat crush was when I was shopping with you. That amazing leopard hat I tried on.

    Love this whole look. Magazine worthy for sure.


  8. You two have outdone yourselves with these photos! The black and white outfit is so elegant and modern, and is perfectly set off by the hat, and Daniel’s photos capture it beautifully. I especially like the first photo with the movement of the scarf. Well done!

  9. Oh woman, this is divine. I love the hat, but more the whole ensemble. I am a big black and white lover anyway. The dress, the cuffs, the shoes, the scarf… such a great combination. And Daniel did a very good job with these photos. I love the first photo but even more the second one.

  10. Thanks to this article, I had a hat made exactly like this one by a millinery in Boston call The Waughdrobe on Etsy.

    Note: mine is not as expensive as this one, but the look of it is pretty dang close!

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