Photo by Nelson.

Nonchemo Friday morning presented another romantic moment.  When I got up to get ready for yoga, Nelson was at the gym.  Perched on the kitchen counter was a gift wrapped in scarves with one of my 60’s flower pins attached.  I opened the display before me to find a T-shirt with the message, “sc dictates….bloom where you are planted  –”  I burst into tears with the awareness of Nelson’s expression of love!  The Style Crone is a lucky woman!  Of course the tee accompanied us on date night, along with a 60’s white/orange/purple silk beret which magically called out to me in the hat room, pulling all the colors of the outfit (including the paradoxal nail polish)  to the top of my head.  The photo is a bit light, but it was a very LIGHT day!


  1. Judith, what a wonderful gift Nelson gave you! I hope you and Nelson share a wonderful day tomorrow for his birthday! love Paula

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