The SC was inspired by this 60’s off-white tower of straw which has been providing entertainment from its perch in the hat room for several years.  It was purchased at an estate sale and I’ve often wondered about the mysteries and adventures that had been absorbed in the past by this crown of glory.  How could I honor its splendor with an outfit that reflected its collection of neutrals, including the slivers of black in its wide ribbon trim?  So with my tongue in my cheek, I set out on the journey of creating an ensemble for the love of a hat.

For the first day in months, the weather allowed the addition of an estate sale off white shrug layered over an off white and then black tank.  The silk snake-print patterned skirt purchased at a flea market played with the consignment store snake-print heeled sandals which adorned crone feet.  The over sized pearl earrings and strand of pearls were also discovered at estate sales.

Photos by Diana

This is not the hat to wear to the theatre, but it would be fun to wear to lunch with friends who have a sense of humor at a restaurant with white tablecloths with a little wine on the side.  Life is too short not to tip my hat with a wink and a smile.

Close up of hat with reptilian shoes and skirt.

The SC has been working on the pots which frame the front porch for months, since the pansies that my dear friend planted in April took a hit during the intense heat of the summer.  By the time I finished the plantings this past week (a little late, I know) fall flowers had replaced summer in my favorite garden center, so mums and ornamental cabbages were added to the regal ornamental grasses and sweet potato vines awaiting a touch of color; the intact piece of the primitive goddess that took a fatal tumble off a shelf in the back garden found a safe refuge tucked within the foliage.  Even planting pots has become a work in progress!

Thank you to the generous Idiosyncratic Fashionistas HERE for the support of The SC and other over 50 bloggers on the Huffington Post’s ‘Fashion Over 50’  piece last week and for their mention of Bella’s list of +40 bloggers on The Citizen Rosebud HERE.  The line-up of fabulosity is getting longer by the day, all worthy of recognition and applause!

The 60’s tower of straw is linking up with Patti’s Visible Monday HERE!


  1. The tower of straw is magnificent, Judith! If possible, it makes you appear yet more elegant. The “still life with shoe and skirt” is frame-worthy. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful pics with Visible Monday.

  2. You’re looking lovely and fresh in your garden. Another great hat too. This cream color looks wonderful the way it showcases your natural colorings.

  3. There is something quietly to the color white and when it is paired with white becomes exactly as beautiful as you can do it – and of course I love the hat it gives a kick to the white

  4. Very ladylike and charming. I love the descriptions of how you go about putting your look together. Enjoy your beautiful garden!

  5. Calling them ‘neutrals’ when you put it all together in an ensemble just doesn’t seem right, Judith. It’s so much more than neutral. It’s supra-neutral! Every thing looks beautiful together, as it always does, of course. The tiny prints and textures of shoes and skirt and hat are divine. Congrats to Huffington Post for recognizing the Style Crone and other over 50 fashion bloggers.

  6. You have made all these pale neutral shades so chic, and not a little sexy, Judith! Must be the snake print bringing out the Lamia in you! (I’m thinking of the sexy femme fatale in the Keats poem, rather than vampiric child-eating demon, just so you know I’m not being rude!)
    Fabulous hat as always.
    I love that little goddess peeking out of the pot, she looks at home there.
    Congratulations on your increasing fame, Judith, it’s well-deserved, of course! xxxxx

  7. Congrats!! The perfect outfit to celebrate your accolades! The composition is superb, which is no mean feat considering the extraordinary hat! I loved the closeup of those divine shoes as well.

    I think your lovely goddess is very happy in her bower.

  8. You look so elegant! This is such a perfect outfit! And that hat! It reminds me of the old top hats but with a feminine twist. I shall have to go find the Huffington Post article – how exciting!

  9. SC, you look too fabulous for words here. So, so beautiful. I love everything about this outfit and I am drooling over that skirt. It looks so soft and comfy. Reptilian shoes… love that. xo

  10. You dress like a beautiful dream! I love the hat, the pearls and the sssssshoes!
    Thank you, the IF’s for the mention, and congrats on making the Huff Po list. I know you make my top list of all time favorite style-sitas every day! xo. Bella Q the Citizen Rosebud

  11. Oh my that shrug is gorgeous, Judith and you look stunning as usual! Congrats on making the HUFF PO list….you, une femme, and Sacramento are three of my all time favorites. Good to see you get the recognition!

  12. That’s a lovely hat- and a fabulous pairing. I’m once again astounded at your ability to find such interesting and unusual hats- and to pair them with outfits so nicely.

  13. That is an extraordinary hat, and you’ve built an beautiful and complementary ensemble to showcase it. Love your planters too! Mine are needing some work again.

  14. What a marvelous hat–and I love the neutral styling. And your planter is so much more alive than those at our house!

  15. Judith, your pairing of the hat of towering cheekiness with the shrug of incredible sleeves is just awesome, as is your mix of subtle prints and textures. Your elegant humour is wonderful.

  16. I can’t think of anyone who deserves fame and recognition more than you, Judith.
    I always think of neutrals as being quiet and unassuming and that’s the complete opposite of your killer style. That hat’s a work of art and the goddess in the pot is very lovely. xxx

  17. I was thrilled to see you, the IF’s and Joni of Walking Colours, lauded by the Huff Post! You look incredibly chic in your creams and reptile print, and that is one fabulicious hat – I adore the wide ribbon trim and the way the brim narrows along the sides and back (I don’t know what that shape is called?).

  18. You always look like a very elegant, regal lady. Congratulations on being featured in the Huff Post. Your blog has always been one of my favorites.
    Your outfit is a breath of fresh air. It is just so light and lovely.

  19. What a beautiful outfit! I love the shrug, it looks both comfortable and stylish. The hat is of course amazing, I don’t understand how it stays on! The snake prints are just perfect with the off white. It’s such a lovely outfit, reflecting the colours of your flowerpot.

  20. Hi Judith!

    What a stunning outfit! love the mix of textures – it looks so chic and as well comfortable
    This hat is stunning – i see them once in a while- love the form –

    Take care lovely lady

    Ariane xxx

  21. you have softened this summer and now blooming in your garden. Thank you for sharing the process!

  22. Such a lovely hat, but I’ll admit that your shrug has me covetous. Shrugs are among my fave items of clothing.

    Your flower containers are gorgeous, too. My container kitchen garden got a little intense summer heat, but was in more danger of drowning in what appeared to be a new monsoon season in the South 😮

  23. The day you put up this post I tried on a hat almost identical to this one. It was in a vintage shop. It was gorgeous, but expensive, so I’ll admire it from afar, until someone buys it. This is a stunning ensemble. I think of horse races and the Great Gatsby when I see you here.

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