Daniel’s 103 year old mother died on New Year’s Eve Day.  In honor of her indomitable spirit, I threw on my New Year’s Eve outfit and Mr. J and I traveled to the “Empathy” mural not far from my home.

I’ve blogged about empathy before.  About its power to enhance relationships and provide the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.  About its capacity to facilitate healing during times of grief and loss.  I dedicate this post to my friend and photographer Daniel and to his mother Dora, who has over the years impressed me with her life’s story.


In the spirit of expressing myself through style, I’m shining the light on empathy with sequins and rhinestones. The estate sale grey knit sweater with large sequin adorned sleeves had been waiting for an illuminating occasion. The sweater has always made me smile, with its huge “glitter” factor, and has me wondering about who created this bold and cheeky piece.


Of course I found this sequin beret in my collection, which made me feel pleasantly like a disco ball when I entered the space of every one of the three parties that Mr J and I attended on New Year’s Eve.


I just happened to find another beret that was more sedate with its brilliance, which “reflected” the grey hue of the sweater as opposed to the shine of the sleeves.  Why not wear it today as another alternative to the mix!


Photos By Mr J

Every piece in this ensemble is either from an estate sale or consignment shop.  Every piece in this ensemble is an expression of this point in time, as I look forward to Dan’s return to his role as photographer for Style Crone and friend extraordinaire.


Street art created by Tristan Minton of Royal Stain HERE.


Captivating Crone Series

Today I’m featuring Dan’s mother Dora in my “Captivating Crone Series.”  Though I didn’t meet her in person, I felt as though I knew her through the stories of her legendary perseverance and resilience.  Her wit and her intelligence.  Her love for her family and her community.  She exemplifies values that are dear to me, and she will be greatly missed by those who knew and admired her.

 “Dora was an artist who enjoyed painting, needlework and other crafts. She was always dressed fashionably and took great pride in her appearance and wardrobe. An avid golfer, Dora played until she was 89-years-old and was a member of the Wisconsin River Country Club Women’s League. She was also a passionate bridge player and her name was often mentioned in the newspaper for her bridge playing skills. She was a member of the Stevens Point Duplicate Bridge and Towne Bridge Clubs until the age of 99.” ~From Dora’s obituary

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  1. What a nice blog post in honor of a beautiful lady. Her home town is only a little over an hour from where I live in WI. You didn’t mention the stories connected to her legendary perseverance & resilience, but I can just about imagine, as my mom was born in 1922 and will turn 94 in February. She’s got 9 more years to go to beat Dora’s longevity!

  2. Rest in Peace, lovely Dora. I can see where Daniel developed his eye for beauty and style- his mom! You look lovely, such a beautiful woman with such incredible personal style, but best yet, is that you use your style to remind us of spiritual qualities, of which the shine is keener than those brilliant sequins. Empathy is such a great thing to exercise, it truly connects us to our world, and makes it bigger. My condolences to Dora’s loved ones. Thank you for sharing her shine, as well as your own with us.

  3. SO SORRY for DANIEL’s loss…….and yours.
    Your sweater reminds me of one I had in the 80’s.As for the cap it looks DIVINE on YOU!What a wonderful idea to go out and be photographed on her last day…..
    YOU TWO made three parties in ONE night!!!
    YOU NEVER seize to AMAZE ME!!!!!!!!I was in bed asleep by 10:30 pm!

  4. Wow! She lived a long life.

    I am sorry for Daniel’s loss.

    Your empathy outfit is wonderful, a bright light in the darkness of loss.


  5. Rest in peace Dora. Thanks Judith for sharing her story through words and the art of fashion and for reminding us of how short life really is, even when the numbers say otherwise. Peace. Cheryl

  6. My sincere condolences to Daniel on this sad event.
    Your sparkle says so much in this context. It’s a lovely tribute to Dora and honouring of your friendship with Daniel.

  7. What a classy way to display personal style with a heartfelt celebration of her life;
    I am going to make it a point to learn more about the empathy board.

  8. Dear Judith,
    Your tribute for Dora is a shining example of celebrating a person’s meaningful life while acknowledging loss. My condolences to your good friend Daniel. Thank you for pointing out the wonderful role empathy can play in all of our lives–you are a “shining” star when it comes to the feelings of others.
    Here’s to you and Daniel photographing many great style moments in this New Year. May Dora rest in peace.
    Jewel xo :))

  9. May Dora’s name be for a blessing. Hers sounds like a life well lived and her face shows kindness. Condolences to Daniel. A lovely tribute from a lovely lady. You are an inspiration.

  10. Prayers and Empathy for these losses. When someone passes away, we all die a tiny bit, for the loss of their spirit. I am holding her, son Daniel, and you, Dear Style Crone all in white light of healing and love. May we all draw strength, wisdom, and courage from the examples of those who were once here and have shown us the way.
    Thank You for your Lovely Tribute, and the Beautiful Sparkling Light of your Sequins.
    Warm Thoughts and Love.

  11. My condolences to Daniel for the loss of his mother. It sounds like Dora led a full and creative life, and I imagine she would love your sparkling tribute to her.

  12. Judith, you write beautifully about this wonderful woman. And your shining homage to her beside the wall of Empathy is something she would surely thoroughly approve of. Prayers and love to Daniel and all who have lost this bright light in their life x

    Anna’s Island Style

  13. Great outfit! I recently found to my delight a black sequin beret in my local charity shop for $2.00! Yes! And a great homage to Dan’s mum as well…

  14. What a beautiful woman….thank you for sharing this.

    My dad died a few years ago at 99….also a vibrant and well-lived/loved person. My neighbor (whom we bought her farm from when she moved to town) is now 103 (and is in great shape)…this reminds me that I will visit her in the next few days.

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