For years I’ve heard stories about the beauty and the vortex energy centers of Sedona, Arizona HERE. Believing that there’s never a better time than now, Mr J and I left for a short stay in one of the most stunning places in the country.


To celebrate my first visit to this location with breathtaking views, I chose to wear animal print, which always has a way of enhancing any experience.


Daniel suggested that we check out the landscape at sunset from the site of the Sedona Airport.  I had no idea that my tiger print coat would reflect the colors of the mountains in the distance as the sun slowly disappeared from sight.


The next day I adorned myself in a vintage Norma Kamali baby leopard print turban with matching gauntlets, as we drove through the Coconino National Forest.  The expansive terrain unfolded endlessly at every turn.


On our last day in Sedona, we drove to the historic ghost town of Jerome HERE, which was a copper mining camp founded in 1876.  Today it’s an artist community, with shops, restaurants and galleries.  Much to my surprise and delight, I happened upon not one, but two vintage shops.  At Papillion Vintage I was greeted by racks of amazing hats, and my animal print chapeau was quickly replaced by several unique works of art.  Headwear appears in the most unlikely places, and they magically materialize no matter where I travel.

Photos By Mr. J


I will never forget the winter adventure in Sedona and the surrounding areas. From its red rocks and mesas to its vintage hats and delicious food and sights.


Mr J and I had a wonderful time inhaling its sunset mountain views and enjoying the mystical mecca HERE that has developed around the historically powerful energy of the area. I have never found the middle of January to be more fascinating, charming and intensely beautiful!

Short sleeved plaid jacket with leopard belt, tiger print coat and black patent leather belt – consignment store sales, leopard print hat – Erin Saboe,  black knit newsboy cap – Hortensia HERE, vintage Norma Kamali turban and gauntlets – hat shop in the 80’s, vintage black jumpsuit – estate sale, black background – yard sales, boots – retail sales.

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  1. I’ve never been there, but it just got bumped up a few notches on the must-see list! Isn’t it wonderful that your animal print choices worked so well in those surroundings? Your photographer did well capturing the moments. 🙂 TWO VINTAGE STORES? Yes please.

    As the Advanced Style set likes to say, “…living life to the fullest…”. So glad you are. XXOO

  2. What gorgeous photos.

    You always look like you are straight out of a fashion magazine.

    That coat looks very much like a jumpsuit combo that Melanie has worn. Have you seen it?


  3. What an incredible endorsement for Sedona, Arizona!! You looked stunning within that breathtaking landscape, Judith. I really enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!!!
    Jewel–armchair traveler (just for now!) lol 🙂

  4. Judith,

    I’ve read your blog for years and you used to comment on mine when I had one. Today, I find you were RIGHT HERE in Sedona! Would have loved to have met you in person! So glad you enjoyed your visit. It’s been a beautiful week. Hope you will return.

  5. Somehow you managed to select a travel wardrobe that worked perfectly with your surroundings. I have heard that Sedona is a beautiful place to visit, and these photos certainly confirm that. You and Mr. J have had some wonderful adventures together, and I’m sure there will be many more.

  6. Dear darling Judith,

    You look like a born and bred international traveller. There is something to be said for travelling through an airport with style and ease. And making it look uncluttered and easy. I have a feeling it is due to the type of luggage one uses, both for checked and unchecked. Also, the type of clothing one wears, for comfort but also must look elegantly refined. Can you please please pass on some of your travel wisdom? I have a big trip from Australia to UK coming up with my dad and stepmom in July this year, and we will be travelling around UK in a hire car too. I want to look well put together, and don’t want any airport fumbles. Please share your world wise ways with us?
    Been reading you for years now

    Much love
    Qld Australia

  7. Animal print was an inspired choice!
    How beautifully it works here.
    You are either tincy or Mr J is huge! 😀
    So glad your trip went well.
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  8. How do you do it? Just when I meed a lift, there you are! We have had the most exceptional times in Sedona as my darling Father lived there for a while! Your photos. wardrobe and spirt captured the natural beauty perfectly. Thank you for your sharing. So happy to see you enjoying it all and as for Mr. J….it is a keeper!
    xoxo You daring woman…Sheryl

  9. With all those unusual rock formations it’s pretty incredible to think we are on the same planet. I love your animal wear. Like Suzanne said, your coat reminds me a lot of a piece I got from Pao in the summer. Such good times.
    I’m glad this trip added brightness to your January. And that hats keep falling out of the sky onto your lovely head. Wonderful! You and Mr. J look very happy.

  10. How on earth do you do it? Whether you are travelling, walking distances, you always look so elegant. Is it the golden ratio of your body and face? Is that the reason wy everything looks so good? I love the checked jacked, the jumpsuit and the coat. Great picture of you as well with the baby leopard hat and the gloves. What a happy lucky stroke to find two such wonderful vintage shops when you don’t expect it.

  11. I can’t add anything original to what all of your adoring followers have already said. But Judith I shall say what an absolute joy it is to see you embracing life with utter elegance and style – bravo x
    Anna’s Island Style

  12. Your post brought so many fond memories of my time in both Jerome and Sedona with my parents. They spent their “Golden Years” in Phoenix and I loved driving over there and exploring Arizona with them. My mother was a fashion plate in her day, (She is now 92) so I am going to forward your pictures to her. It will certainly brighten her day.

  13. Oh, to only see more ladies dressed in such chic outfits when travelling! Love all your outfits, the tiger coat, gauntlets and hat in particular.

    I visited Sedona some years ago, and your post brought back such fond memories. The landscape there is magical! I also discovered that picturesque town of Jerome up on the mountain side and was also surprised and delighted to find a vintage store there. I came out of there with bags of goodies! It truly made my trip. Am glad you found it too 🙂

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