Last week I had the honor, privilege, and pleasure to walk the runway for the extraordinary Denver designer C. R. Lee at the Prince George Ballroom in NYC during New York Fashion Week.  It was a transcendent experience to work with such an incredible creator and her talented and innovative team.  Everyone that was involved with this dream-team was kind, accomplished, creative, and supportive.  I am continuing to integrate this experience and I have many exquisite memories.  

Instaram links to: Clothing by designer @c.r.leee, Earrings by @shamioshum, Hair by @edgillespieg3, Makeup by @kbaker, Nails by @mainstream_nails, Photo by @kevinmockphoto.


This seasons collection was inspired by the free and daring spirit of 80’s and 90’s punk culture. The freedom to be to do and say what we feel. The SOPHISTAPUNK collection features tough details like safety pins, paint, hand distressed fabrics and chain paired with the sophisticated and luxurious fabrics like silk, velvet and suede the C.R.LEE brand is known for. The Juxtaposition where tough and refinement meet make each piece a true piece of art and celebration of independence.….C.R. Lee website

There was a reception after the show, and in the photo above, the team was gathered to celebrate and to express appreciation to C.R. Lee for the opportunity to work together and participate in her well planned and expertly executed event.  

Thank you to my friends who attended from New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, and Denver. It was wonderful to have this group cheer me on and share in the exhilaration that I felt.  It’s great to be 75 and feeling alive!

Instagram links from left to right: Dayle of @artfulcitystyle, Jean of @drossintogold, Carol of @carolmarkel, Diana of @dianagabrielnyc, Valerie of @idiosycncraticfashionistas, Susann of @dooleyjuly4, Jean of @idiosyncraticfashionistas, Carolyn of @cfineran.




  1. You look absolutely smashing. I love what you are doing and what you have become. So proud of you

  2. You are FIERCE on the runway! What a fantastic experience for you; I love what you were wearing. I always look forward to seeing what new adventure is in store for you.

  3. Love it! So inspirational-to see you modeling, to see a designer do well! You are doing a great job of following your dreams and inspiring others!

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