My home is more than a place to live.  It’s an environment that brings me great pleasure.  It surrounds me with its structures of memories and new beginnings.  I adorn it as if I were composing an outfit.

The dining room’s walls are the color of dark red wine and seem to make the food look more luscious during special events.  As I gaze around the space, I’m aware that almost everything has had a previous owner.  The antique chair, the glass covered deco table, and the hand painted Japanese box were all embraced by others over the years.  To share over time is sublime.


The wall of antique mirrors discovered at yard sales and estate sales is a special favorite.  The mirrors make the room appear larger and I love the concept of viewing pieces throughout the room twice,  in the spot where they physically reside and reflected in the sometimes imperfect glass upon the wall.


As for function, the mirrors provide instant correction.  You never know when you might need to adjust your hat!  Or clutch your pearls.


The SC is in a feather hat phase.  White feathers with black accents on white fur felt by Kate Ferretti caught my eye in the hat room today.  I wanted to wear the vintage pearl necklace and bracelet that I purchased at my friend Carolyn’s sale a few weeks ago.  They didn’t make it to her Etsy site HERE, but rather, are providing much holiday cheer paired with the feather headwear of the moment.


The original built-in hutch at the east end of the dining room has its own mirror, which reflects the chandelier that hangs over the dining room table.  More antique Asian boxes sit on the surface of the hutch, providing evidence that my brain is hard-wired for collecting!


Photos by the lovely and talented Diana

My friend Sarah of Sarah Ashford Studio HERE has been doing a series of decorative art mirrors.  I fell in love with this beauty and I admire it every time that I walk by.

Vintage feather hat, vintage red/orange gloves, vintage black belt and vintage pearl earrings – estate sales, vintage red/orange pencil skirt with pleats – The Vintage Studio HERE, off-white turtleneck – retail, and my beloved Fluevog boots that I can’t seem to take off for longer than a few minutes this season.  Thank you gorgeous Canadian blogger sisters!


These boots were made for walking over to the glorious Bella’s Shoe Shine HERE at The Citizen Rosebud.  Check out Bella’s red glitter shoes for a festive holiday treat!

Thank you to all who participated in Hat Attack #5.  I am touched by your creativity and beauty, and your ability to thrill with your headwear of choice.  Like my home, that too brings me great pleasure.


  1. Too right, Judith. One never knows when one needs to do an emergency hat adjustment or pearl-clutching. Laughing! Priceless photo. I enjoy the peek at your home and all your beloved treasures. You have so many feathers in your caps it’s a wonder you don’t just take flight. Beauty in every direction.

  2. Your hat is perfect for the setting. It’s like you’re a rare bird, feathers all fluffed as you relax in your beautiful home.

    I am in love with your collections of antiques and boxes already.

    I laughed at the thought of you clutching your pearls. You are wearing them in so many places! Where to start? 😀

  3. The instant I saw the first picture come into view I thought, “ROYALTY!” All the sumptuousness that I always adored in my childhood books is there, in the rich colors, the gold gilt frames, the fabulous texture of the feathers in your hat. You look like a queen, graciously inviting us in to share the loveliness you’ve created. AND, the queen has a sense of humor which makes her utterly adorable.


  4. You look GORGEOUS! And, your HOUSE is equally GORGEOUS! I wanna move in! But I’m sure you hear that ALL.THE.TIME. Your house sort of reminds me of Diana Vreeland’s apartment, but with less tchotchkes!

    I’ve been collecting vintage FUR hats; I have two nice ones, a sort of fur beret in dark brown mink, and another, more pillboxy-type, in a lighter shade of mink. Both had designer labels and were TOO SMALL for my rather LARGE I took them apart and removed the stiffener net from inside them. Now, they sit properly on my head! I know there are people who would have FITS at the idea of anyone ‘tinkering’ vintage anything, but it was either that or cut them up for something else, due to “inability to wear them”! Now, they look the same as they did; they just aren’t as stiff or as SMALL.

  5. What a lovely home! Seeing this helps me round the picture of your full style and visual taste. Our homes are just like our clothes, just another way to be creative and personal. I love this outfit and white hat, perfect for holiday cheer. All the elements feel like the beauty of wintertime.

    blue hue wonderland

  6. Supremely elegant, deep and reflective, finely feathered, sumptuous and welcoming, connected and shared across time, and wonderfully clutch-able! What an exquisite setting, and you outshine it all.

  7. You obviously live by William Morris’s motto – have nothing in your home that is not useful or you do not believe to be beautiful. And you fit in perfectly with all that beauty!

    I love those large pearls!

  8. What a fantastic room!! I love the mirrors. Your feather hat is fabulously elegant, and the clusters of pearls add a touch of exuberance.

  9. What a sumptuous dining room, Judith, it’s a beautiful space. You have wonderful taste, in decor as well as clothes and accessories! The feathered hat and the pearls are gorgeous, and I love the drama of the orangey-red against black. Beautiful. xxxx

  10. Your dining room would be a delight to dust and polish — which is my highest accolade for a room of fluff grabbing plaster and wood.

    The fleur-de-lys stenciled (?) onto the face of the foxed mirror is a brilliant solution!

    Pearls and feathers and fur, la, la! One does need a cat, you know, dear Judith, to complete the suite of tactile delights…

  11. Come on, explain what a hutch is? You’re the second blogger to mention them in the last 24 hours and I only know them as where rabbits are kept!
    Glorious home, as elegant and well presented as it’s owner! xxx

  12. Your mirror wall is one of my favourite things in your house – you have exquisite taste in all aspects of your life!

    I’m not a big fan of wearing pearls, but those gumball-size clusters are very cool, and very clutch-able. You are very fetching in feathers.

  13. Your home is just as special as you are. I love the way you created such a beautiful and warm environment. You are truly an artist in all things wonderful!

  14. Oh Judith, you look so lovely! (As always!) I think you should come over to my place and “have a word” with my awkwardly shaped living room/dining room. Nothing seems to make it “work”. Also, I don’t have the patience to play with it anymore.

    I’m into a red phase at the moment too. I bought a red pleated skirt (floor length) for only £2 at Primark. It’s a store that practically gives things away after a certain period of time. Believe me, I wasn’t looking for a red floor length skirt, but I think it might just be my Christmas outfit.

    Much love from England,

    Rosemary from

  15. At first I thought you were in a posh hotel, then when I started to read I realised it was your home, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I love it, I love mirrors, and I love how wonderful you look in it.
    As you know we are moving to a new house on Monday. At the moment we are in total chaos, but the feeling of we will be home soon is warming.

  16. Oh, Judith! You look SO great (as always)! The photos of your dining room look beautiful, but don’t even begin to do it justice – just like most of the photos of you. 🙂 Nothing could ever really accurately capture the beauty of you, your spirit, or your lovely home. I miss you soo very much! Best wishes to you, Camille, and the rest of your family and fabulous friends during the holiday season.

  17. Judith, first off THANK YOU! You deight my senses inside and out- I love your style, and your way of dress. I love your style- the way you interact with the world, with me. To take part in HAT ATTACK is a pleasure, as is to share your love of wonderful toppers. This “feather phase” becomes you. You are an angel, and now you have your wings. Thank you for sharing your shoes, your shine with SHOE SHINE. You are indeed a bright light and shooting star.

  18. Wow, that is what I call a dining room. Such a beautiful room combined with your impeccable taste…. gives you this result.
    Love the hat. I am actually looking around for a hat now. Thanks to you.

  19. Your home is breathtaking, all the mirrors add such mystery and sophistication to the dining room. And you are perfectly dressed to match its grace and chic. The fur hat adds more than a dash of Hollywood glamour!

  20. wow what a perfect and glamourous look! i love that hat, you look like a hollywood diva of the golden age of hollywood. amazing

  21. Mirrors are so much fun – love the picture of you adjusting your hat. That is what we really look like pre-blog pics 🙂 I have a mirror in the hall where I’m always trying to make sure that nothing’s inside out or gaping open before I try the self-timer pics – yet something almost always is.

    I am giving you and Butane Anvil’s lovely chickens Best Feather Garb!

  22. Hi Judith!

    Wow from what i see your home looks spectacular – You got to love those old houses and plus your decor enhances all the history!
    We live in a hundred and + home with high ceilings and all it’s glory !

    I have a lovely feathered hat that i found this spring, should seriously think how i would style it –

    Take care



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