Susan Wick: Wild Women Never Get the Blues opened at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art HERE, with a reception on October 1st, and runs through January 3rd, 2016.  I attended the opening, accompanied by friends, and was mesmerized by the exhibit which fills the entire museum with its creative and inspiring displays of Susan’s art.


Susan was surrounded by the admiring crowd who gathered to attended the event, including her partner of many years, Micky Zeppelin HERE.  Their smiles were contagious and reflected the energy that was present and available for all to enjoy during the evening’s celebration.


The back of Susan’s tunic was as beautiful as the art that was on display on the wall in the photo above.


“Showcasing 50 years of the prolific and eccentric work of Susan Wick, this exhibition will feature a site-specific, immersive installation with a selection of paintings, drawings, artist books, ceramic works, knit works, puppets, and masks, among many other objects.”…The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.


“ ‘There is no chronological tale of Susan Wick,” says Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art curator Mardee Goff. “Her practice is movement: She’s always moving one thing to the next and coming back to things, and energy is her greatest medium.’ ”….Susan Froyd, Denver’s weekly newspaper Westword’s Art and Culture Editor HERE.


“The wild undertaking essentially attempts to re-create Wick’s house — a 1906 warehouse in RiNo — in the museum, whose home also dates back to 1906. Goff, who calls the living portrait of a show a “ ‘domestic installation,’ ” led a crew in dismantling and transporting the inside of the house and studio — a true Wick work in progress — piece by piece to Boulder. “ ‘Once you’ve been to her space and experienced it,’ ” Goff notes, “ ‘you want the whole world to experience that, too.’ ” …Susan Froyd HERE


The photos included in this post are a small representation of the magnificent art that now fills the museum until January 3rd.  If you are in the Boulder area anytime during the exhibit, it is a show not to be missed.


The museum will host three free “Teatime With Susan Wick” events inside the installation on the first Wednesday of every month, on October 7, November 4 and December 2. The tea will be provided by The Boulder Dushanbe Tea House HERE.





In celebration of the event, I wore my vintage Dior turban, consignment store tunic and brown skirt, and estate sale vintage YSL pumps.


It was easy to laugh with Mr. J amidst art and the interesting people who filled the rooms of the museum!


Susan’s friend Chere Mah, textile artist from Berkley, California, was stunning in handmade jewelry with silk background.  Chere is in the process of writing a book filled with glorious photography, The Lei Mah Collection: A Family Album in Silk, which I’m hoping to purchase as soon as it’s in print.


Janine Gastineau HERE, multi-genre vocalist from Boulder, was bold and beautiful in zebra print tights. She has a new solo album coming out, and I won’t miss the release party at Dazzle Jazz Restaurant and Lounge HERE on Sunday, November 8th, 2015.


Debra Rapoport, regular on Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style HERE and one of the seven women featured in the Advanced Style Documentary HERE, traveled from NYC to attend the opening.  Susan and Debra have been dear friends since meeting as students in the Berkley, California, graduate degree program in textiles during the 60’s.

Thank you, Debra, for introducing me to Susan!  I met Debra through the wonderful world of blogging, which means that I wouldn’t know Susan if I hadn’t launched Style Crone in July of 2010.  Blogging has opened up my world, and like yoga, helps me to expand and grow!


Hat to hat with Debra!  Debra HERE, visual/performance artist and hat maker, wore her extraordinary hand-made chapeau created with paper towels.


Debra’s fingers and wrists were adorned in a glorious array of unique pieces of color and design!


Photos By Daniel

Debra’s partner, singer and songwriter Stan Satlin HERE, was all smiles as he made his way out the door of the museum following the opening.  Who wouldn’t be in good spirits after viewing Susan’s art?  I guarantee you that I will be back, because I will need several visits to absorb and appreciate in full the many magnificent pieces which comprise the exhibit,  Susan Wick: Wild Women Never Get the Blues.

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  1. an AMAZING exhibit, an amazing evening! So great to finally experience Susan’s art, and I plan to see this exhibit again more than once to fully absorb it all – just magical and whimsical and powerful. Lovely to see the inspiring Debra Rapaport again too, she is such a force! Daniel’s photos really capture the event! Judith, you looked like you stepped out of a Kandinsky painting that night, in all your gold & green & autumnal finery – and I so appreciate the shout-out for my music! xoxoxo

  2. Thank you for introducing to us the magical world of Susan Wick. I’m seriously thinking of making a trip to Boulder to see this marvelous exhibit. You look gorgeous in your vintage turban. What a fun day!

  3. Being a cultural barbarian, Susan’s art is art I don’t understand. But my friend Anja would love it. So I will forward your post to her to enjoy. My awe lies in the white tunic blouse of Susan and in your outfit (splendid, so well balanced too) and in all the adornments of Debra.

  4. What a wonderful event! I can feel your enthusiasm and enjoyment fizzing off my screen, Judith – you are clearly energized by kind and creative souls who love art and life. Interesting pieces, stylish friends, and you look as elegant as ever; I do love to see you laughing! xxx

  5. Magnificent! Susan Wick is indeed a wild woman, and clearly a true artist. Her pieces dazzle with their energy and colour. I even see a pink Groggy coat in there – be still my heart – with a superb knit face mask. For that alone I am a disciple. Haha! The knitted heads on the wall are mesmerizing. Congratulations to Susan on this wonderful show.

    You look stunning, Judith. I love the photo of you with Mr. J. Clearly the positive energy of the event has rubbed off on everyone who was there. Debra and Stan, Cheree, Janine, and of course the star herself, Susan, with Micky.

  6. Can’t wait to see this exhibit when I visit Boulder, my old home town, in late December. Your photos are enticing and looks like there will be a lot to see and savor. Thanks for sharing

  7. Your outfit looks like a piece of art – so well put together Judith, as usual. I love the photo with you and Debra’s back of your hats.! What a wonderful event, thank you for sharing.

    Thank you also for linking up with SHOE AND TELL on Style Nudge!


  8. Wild Women are the most fun to hang out with – what a cool event! I enjoy the sense of whimsy in Susan’s art and I can see why Debra and she are friends. Great photo of you laughing with Mr. J, and Debra looks lovely.

  9. Hello, Judith! What a fun evening for you all, and you looked especially beautiful. What a great combination. You seem to be aging backwards, as always. So happy to see you out, about and in the midst of all that creative energy!

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