Now that The SC is back home in Denver and 2014 is well established, I’ve been thinking about my goals in life and how to accomplish them.  What do I truly want to focus on that will make each day meaningful and closest to what I desire.  What do I desire?

As I contemplated this question, my outfit for the day began to evolve.  The Guess faux fur-trimmed jacket that I purchased at Off Broadway Boutique HERE, just a few steps from where I was staying with my friend in NY, seemed to fit for a day which included newly fallen snow.  Adding color with a vintage raspberry/grey velvet hat embellished with sparkles, estate sale sweater, vintage gloves, and vintage gold earrings brightened a day in Colorado that was short on sunlight.


When it came to the skirt, I chose this grey maxi, which appears somewhat blue in the lighting above.  Had my eyes deceived me?


Photos by the ever lovely Diana

But as I stood in my black Fluevog boots on the sidewalk surrounded by snow, the grey that I saw in the skirt when I chose it appeared, affected by the lighting. It became an analogy for my line of thinking.  My decisions are based on the lighting! When it comes to outfits, and when it comes to choosing a path to take me forward in life.  What do I want to highlight? What makes me shine brightly?  What illuminates my true colors?  What are my true colors?  Just when I think I know what I want, the lighting changes.  And so does my path.

I’m linking up with Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style, where the gathering of brilliant bloggers always lights up my day!

HAT ATTACK #7 will be featured on this coming Saturday, February 1st.

Whoever wants to can join in!  Just compose a post that includes any hat, headwrap, headpiece, fascinator, hair flower, headband or other adornment for your head that you love on Saturday, February 1st.  Participation will be open for one week, or until Friday, February 7th.  Follow the directions HERE provided on Style Crone to post your photo and hope to see you there!


  1. I fell the same way, Judith…though I don’t look as great as you…beautiful ensemble by the way.
    I feel led to make changes…and just need to define what those changes are going to be and make them work within our household needs.
    I will be so excited to see where you are heading…you are amazing and so inspirational!

  2. I love this analogy!! Yes, it’s all about what we choose to highlight, how things can look different with different surroundings. You look gorgeous.

  3. It’s so true; our goals, our needs, can change depending on what perspective we take – and the lighting! Your elegant and perfectly tailored outfit looks good in any light, Judith. So chic, and the bursts of raspberry red are gorgeous. Please take us along with you, whichever path you choose! xxx

  4. Lovely and thoughtful post this morning Judith! I do look forward to following along as the lighting plays and shifts.

    Great outfit for a Downtown Abbey morning after. You look beautiful. I’m keeping a close eye on the fit of your hat. I notice that it sits quite low on the head. Lovely!

  5. Great look Judith, elegant and ultra feminine! The jacket is so lovely, i love fur collars! Love your analogy too 🙂 all the best in2014! Hugs, Beata xxx

  6. What a beautiful and thoughtful post, Judith…I so agree with having a choice as to what we highlight in our lives.

    You look lovely, as always…

  7. Here’s something interesting that the son of a photographer told me: If you recall the Kennedy/Nixon presidential run, you will recall that Kennedy looked GREAT on TV, while Nixon looked like a used-car salesman in need of a shave! That was because they DELIBERATELY used different LIGHT FILTERS (a red and a blue) for the two men!

    I can’t remember which was which, but Kennedy always got the filter that made him LOOK GOOD, while they used the filter on Nixon that made him look GHASTLY. ( A photographer can, no doubt, tell you which was which!) Just have them take your pic twice one day with the respective filters in place , and put them side by side- and see for yourself what difference a particular colour filter can make to your appearance!

  8. What a great analogy for life.

    I want to remember this, especially through the low light days of a horrible winter that seems to have no end.


  9. Hi Judith! It is all about the lighting and thanks for a “not so shallow” post!
    I will think of a hat for this werkend! Xoxo

  10. I am so excited about Hat attack- love seeing so many hats together!! I have a question- I’ve been featuring hats in all my recent posts- can I link these up or does it just have to be one I post on the Saturday?!

    Your hat is absolutely amazing- I adore it- such a pretty colour and so elegant- goes so well with the gloves against the fur jacket!

    I like your approach to the direction your life is going to take- yes, highlighting is an important part to find your true colours and show those and carry them forward! Good luck with it!! I also adored your recent rainbow hat- that artist is amazing!!

  11. Hi Kezzie, It’s fine with me that you link with any of your recent posts! It doesn’t have to be your post on Saturday. Thanks for the question.

  12. That’s a mantra that will be easy to remember and focus on – it’s all about the lighting. Sometimes it’s easier to focus on the mantra than the path, but life is what happens when the path twists and turns.

    Beautiful outfit, as always! Your jacket may help me decide what to wear tomorrow – my own tweed jacket in burgundy. And Sue is right, your outfit looks very Downton Abbey-ish, and so elegant!

  13. This style reminds me of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, or vice versa… So beautiful, luxurious. Wearing raspberry sounds just as delicious as it looks. Yes, lighting is everything. Sometimes it feels like I have kaleidoscope eyes, not rose-tinted ones. Such a dizzying array of paths. Your lights will surely lead you into new satisfying adventures.

  14. Here in the frozen tundra of Central Indiana, your warm and colorful post has greatly improved my morning outlook! Brava! Let there be light! And, look, there are indeed cardinals among the drabs at the bird buffet…even the cats feel better about the forecast.

    This calls for marshmallows in the cocoa!

  15. That is such a well-thought out analogy! You never cease to inspire me with your posts. I love the raspberry accents and the fur collar on the lovely fitted jacket.

    With your open heart, and mind, you will always have love and great adventures in your life. I think I need to take a page from your book, and start thinking about what I really want to have in my life, and what steps to take to get there. XO

  16. The lighting analogy is wonderful. Now I’ll be thinking about what I want to highlight in my own life, keeping in mind that the light is always changing. I think what I love best about your ensembles is the beautiful play of colors and textures. You look beautiful in this snowy scene.

  17. I know one thing for certain: no matter what direction you choose in your own life you’re always a very bright light in mine. I’m in love with your color choices in these photos and I will shamelessly mimic them as soon as possible!


  18. Wonderfully said, the path does change each and every moment. Elegant jacket and worn with the raspberry, lovely. I love how your clothes fit you just right, this makes such a difference, doesn’t it? Your long skirt is inspiring me to get out some of mine. This makes sense in the winter. Have a great week Judith!

    blue hue wonderland

  19. Oh, how gorgeous you look! (Well, nothing new there!) The furry collar and the tweed jacket reminded me that I have those 2 compontents separately — I must put them together! See what an inspiration you are.

    I, too, seem to be evolving, although it’s seems to be not through choice, but by being constantly thwarted by the path I am going down. Maybe if it is so full of frustration and mishaps, maybe it is the wrong road? Goodness knows, it takes a right knock on the head to make me verve off course sometimes.

    Much love my dear! Cheers from England,
    Rose from

  20. Debating the color of lighting with people around the world using all kinds of monitors and all different computers and browsers is a thankless task. However as a photog I have a calibrated monitor, so I assure you that the gray skirt is exactly gray, not blue-gray.

    A wonderful outfit indeed!

    @Sufiya “(used different LIGHT FILTERS (a red and a blue) for the two men!)” those worked because in those days TV was black and white. For color film or sensors obviously this would not work. Putting a blue filter over a color film camera will just result in a blue tinted image.

  21. Delighted to see you in a maxi!! The proportion compliments the jacket perfectly. Your gorgeous contemporary ensemble echoes timeless glamor.

    Lighting, literally and otherwise, really does determine what we see and where we’re drawn, I agree. You are a perfect example, too, of choosing to see things in “a good light”, framing a challenge as a journey or opportunity.

    I hope your world is bright these days!!! You certainly look like it is. XXOO

  22. Very Downton Abbey! Regal you, as always. Love the little hint of tiara on your lovely hat. Every element works with all the rest, and as always, you give a fabulous lesson on how to plan an ensemble. Lest you ever wonder if you have a positive effect on the world around you, please know all of us learn something every time we see you and are the better for seeing you … pure inspiration. If that isn’t enough, know that just the creation of the kind of beauty that you make daily should be raison d’etra sufficient for anyone.
    The light is always perfect for you, Judith! I’m reminded that light and shade defines all form, and you always know what to do with it!

  23. Judith, your instincts as you navigate your wardrobe off the cuff are always so spot-on. Your outfit is a pleasure to see, as always. Looking forward to your next Hat Attack!

  24. You’re always a beacon of bright light in the blogging world and a shining example of how to live. Whatever direction you take we’ll be right behind you.
    Your outfit is glorious, I love the maxi length skirt and how that tailored jacket emphasises your perfect figure. xxx

  25. Indeed a beautiful ensemble and a perfect hat. Love the raspberry colour you threw in. With this maxi skirt, you can wear anything (warm) underneath it and look stylish.
    As for resolutions: mine is: (be) positive. Don’t fret, don’t get a fit, but.. go zen, take a deep breath, say Positive and try to approach things in a lighter manner.

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