Last week I received photos which were taken by Danielle Levitt HERE in NYC over two years ago, for a possible magazine piece.  The images evoked the feelings of excitement which accompanied a day spent with Debra Rapoport, artist, hat designer and woman of many talents.

The photo shoot took place in a mansion which was elegantly furnished and used for events and photography.  We spent the morning with hair and make-up artists, and were then photographed together and separately after assistants pulled from racks of eclectic pieces to represent the vision of the stylist. The vintage hat that I wore was from my collection.


Spending a day with Debra is like visiting a magical kingdom.  Her warmth, creativity and openness to adventure are contagious and she can light up any room with her beautiful inner and outer presence.  Debra recently participated in a TED talk in Amsterdam HERE with Ari Seth Cohen, founder of the Advanced Style Blog HERE and Advanced Style Movement.  Check out the video for instant inspiration.


Wearing a gigantic orange metal earring was a first for me (in the first photo) and the “blue claw as hand” (in the third photo) was also a unique phenomenon.  Debra looks amazing as always, with her face elegantly framed in headwear.  For the photo of the two of us together, we were taken to a diner adjacent to the mansion, and seated next to plates of fried chicken and cake.

The photos were never published in the magazine, but that wasn’t important to me.  It was the peak experience of the new that carried the day and has a place in my heart that I can recall at a moment’s notice.  A reminder to be open, take risks, expand and stretch.  Exactly my intentions for 2015.

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  1. So glad you shared these with us. It’s a definite reminder of the importance of living everyday to the fullest. Just as you said, expanding, taking risk, and stretching ourselves.
    By the way, I felt as if I were reading a magazine article.

  2. Judith, I have been following your blog for over a year now and while I love all of your creative endeavors, this shoot takes the cake. As a former photo stylist I can see how the contribution by Deborah took everything up a notch. Good styling is all about taking risks. These photos are beautiful, fun and, in a word, wild!

  3. The striped outfit is AWESOME. In fact it’s beyond awesome… it’s awesome times circumference! You really know how to live. Way to go, girl!

  4. You know how much I love your style but these photos are so brilliant in their ability to showcase other sides of who we are. I wonder what life would be like for you if you were to dress the style you have in the third picture. Different? The same? That’s what I find compelling, the reimagining. Of course I see YOU, but packaging sure adjusts our vision.

  5. What fantastic photos, Judith – you and Debra are Supermodels! I love the dramatic 80s make up and flamboyant styling. What a great experience; here’s to expanding and stretching! xxx

  6. How silly of the magazine not to publish them. They are great!!!
    I will return to watch the video. I never know they were in Amsterdam. What a missed opportunity.

  7. Oh my goodness! so very theatrical, but then what else to expect when in NYC. Looks like it was fun to go all out for style.

  8. Thank you for sharing these stunning images of you and Debra. No doubt an experience to remember, shame they were never published. I also found the Video fascinating and thought provoking.

  9. The first photo with the earring is dramatic, joyous, edgy and incredibly cool! What amazing photos and really great styling. I took a jewelry workshop with Debra at MAD Museum in NYC it was a blast! These are truly artistic photos so happy you put them out. I hope when you come to NY we could take some photos together!
    Accidental Icon

  10. The Style Crone does Dali??? Looks like a cover shot to me, Judith. I hope you’re recovering from the ‘flu. I, too, am rarely ill, but this virus flattened me on the sofa with the cats for a week. It is indeed a reminder that good health is a precious, precarious state of being.

  11. It’s so cool to see the results of that photo shoot! It brings back great memories of meeting you for the first time in New York after you and Debra and finished the shoot and I wondered what was up with all the makeup 😉 It’s refreshing and inspiring to see a creative shoot like this done with older women (although neither of you look even close to 60 in the photos – your skin looks amazing!). I would love to do something like this.

  12. I love the whole extreme fashion look shot in everyday places like the diner looking shot. It reminds me that it matters what you wear every day. These shots are fabulous!! Debbie @ ilovemylemonadelife.com

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