This is the first summer since Nelson’s death over four years ago that I’ve focused on my garden.  I got a late start, which turned out to be an advantage, as many lost their floral displays in hail storms earlier in the summer.  For this tour through the garden, I brought out my boots after another rainy day in Denver.


I fell in love with grasses this summer, and love how they cascade from the large pot that has been empty for two years, after its discovery at an estate sale.


When I walk into my garden, I want to feel as though I’m surrounded by magic, which is also my goal for the feeling that I desire within my home.  Both are an ongoing work in progress.


This chandelier is the latest addition to the scene, which was purchased at a junk store for $30.  A touch of the bedazzled is as much fun in the garden as it is as an accessory to an outfit.


Because of the unprecedented amount of rain in Denver this year, some of my plants have thrived beyond expectations.


The “Goddess of the Rose Garden” oversees her Queendom on a misty morning.


As with my outfits, almost everything in my garden was purchased at an estate sale, except for the plants and trees.  This antique iron bed frame creates a “flower bed” next to a path leading to a more secluded area.


Just as style is healing, so is the sanctuary that surrounds my home, providing me pleasure and enjoyment during the warm months of the year.  Similar to life, it’s a work in progress and always transforming.


Photos Of The SC By Daniel, iPhone Garden Photos By The SC

I’m having fun watching my hair transition to white.  I like the two colors evolving in the back, where the layers create special effects.  Next week I’m sure it will be different, but I would like this look to stay around for awhile!

Gold metallic crocheted dress, gold jewelry and multicolored sequin knit cap – estate sales; black top – yard sale, tall black Fluevog boots – retail.

Thank you to Margaret of Sixty & Me HERE for the article, “6 Stunning Examples Of Fashion For Older Women” HERE and Sylvia of 40+Style HERE for the blog post, “How To Wear Leopard Print Over 40.” HERE.


  1. I LOVE your garden and I LOVE your hair. As you can see mine is all white and I have never regretted it for a minute. You’ll look fabulous.
    Love to see you blooming along with your garden.

  2. Thanks for the tour and ideas . ..I love grasses…like the never-ending movement..think I’m looking for headboards and chandeliers !

  3. You know I love the wonderful chandelier you found and it looks wonderful in your garden. You are braver than I am about your hair. I was more gradual about it growing out and surprised I didn’t grow out grey but some kind of combination. You look lovely in that sequined hat. It’s amazing how beautiful you look in hats.

  4. Thanks for the tour and ideas…I love grasses..the never-ending movement . .think I will be
    Looking for headboards and chandeliers !

  5. Magical garden! The colors, the flowers, the chandelier are fabulous. Beautiful you! I love your outfit. Your hair is adorable -like the soft down on an exotic creature. The red and white is enchanting. Thank you for so much beauty to appreciate!

  6. Beautiful garden, Judith. It has certainly flourished from the rain! And you look glorious too – I really like the transitional hair colors. xox

  7. My darling husband died Christmas Day, 2010, a few months before Nelson. It’s been a long, emotional journey to get back to where I feel joy and happiness once again. Part of getting there has been starting 1010ParkPlace.

    You’re far braver than I am, to let your hair seek it’s natural color. After chemotherapy 11 years ago, my hair grew back with lots of silver in it, but I fixed that. LOL!

  8. dear Judith, what a lovely garden. It appears that it has thrived as much as you have. Thanks for sharing with your followers. love your hair and your courage .
    merle weismer

  9. My friend had hair highlighted with blond and let that fade out. Her hair is now beautiful, white and silver. I was talking to her one day about hair and something about the way she looked at me made me ask her if she had it coloured. ‘I might’ she said and laughed!

  10. let that hair go the way it will – consider Helen Mirren – appeal is in the brain between the ears. I live in New Zealand – we have a lot of rain unlike Denver – but also a lot of light and sunshine.

    remember the price of love is grieving a great loss.

    Keep on keeping on being yourself –

    I’ve let myself grow white/ silvery too – what counts is how you put it together and the power you put into radiating something out.

    Good luck you seem like a mighty fine woman.

  11. Lovely garden Judith. I love the bling in garden and headgear.
    Grasses are also one of my favourites. I love photographing them. So graphic. These look like they would easily grace one of your hats. Perfect choice for your home! Xo Jazzy Jack

  12. Your fabulous headpiece steals the show, even from the gorgeous blooms.

    I can’t wait to see you in a full head of white.


  13. I’ll admit it, I read your post earlier today and it inspired me to go out and tackle our much neglected garden so thank you!
    A gorgeous space and a truly beautiufl outfit. Your hair really does look fab. xxx

  14. I love you garden, Judith! And your gardening goal is so perfect, for a garden, a home, and life in general. Very inspirational, as always.

  15. A bed frame and a chandelier in your garden are inspired ideas, Judith! What a lovely space, and you look like a beautiful 1920s flapper girl posing among the blooms. Doesn’t your hair look amazing? I’m fascinated to follow your journey, in this area as in all those you share with us! xxx

  16. Thank you for sharing you garden and its magic……how right you are, we need this in our lives!!! Love the hair….keep us posted.

  17. Beautiful garden! That is what you get with love and attention. And hard work.
    You look very good too. Very 1920 roaring. Of course a perfect styling.
    Your hair is looking almost like a feather hat too.
    I am curious to see what it is going to be like when it is all white.

  18. I somehow missed this post! You look very Autumnal in your earth tones in the garden. I love the sparkle of the chandelier (every garden should have one) and your hat. Not having a garden is one of the drawbacks of living in an apartment; I find weeding and planting to be very relaxing.

    Your hair looks so cool with the two colours intermingling. I’m curious to see what you look like with all white hair. XO

  19. Me, too, almost missed this one! That would be a huge shame. You are glittering and gorgeous in the garden. The hat is like a little flower top with dew drops. And I don’t need to say how much I love the idea of a chandelier AND a bed in the garden. Serious beauty infused with such fun, Judith!

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