The hats designed by Patricia Underwood are exquisite.  For 35 years she has used the finest materials to create interesting shapes.  During the hat shop days in the 80’s I loved to go to her showroom to buy for our store.  Everything about her studio was enticing and of the highest quality.  This black fur felt hat with red suede trim escaped from the hat shop and found a permanent spot in The Style Crone’s collection.  Which is where it should be!  And I do have to confess that I have more of her designs, which I’m sure will make an appearance on SC at some point in the future.

“One cannot be neutral in the presence of a hat. It sends a message. When I think about the design of a hat, I consider what that message might be, and what is inside the head upon which the hat might sit. For it is with our minds that we manage and manipulate the world. The first element of design is how the hat will frame the wearer’s face. The gaze is usually directed to the face and the eyes and the person sporting the hat has to be comfortable with the likelihood of attracting the attention of perfect strangers. I try to imagine myself as the woman who will wear a particular design and thus consider how serious or frivolous the hat should be. In design there is a fine line separating a lovely adornment from one that is slightly ridiculous, but the true character of a hat is how it is worn. Personal style and state of mind are what make a hat mysterious or alluring or demure. Hats create amazing possibilities.”
-Patricia Underwood


  1. I’ve had a life long love affair with hats. I do so wish I’d had the pleasure of visiting your shop.

  2. Well, I did wear an egg-yoke yellow beret to church yesterday, with matching yellow leather cut out racing gloves. It DID draw a compliment, but I consider berets the timid person’s hat. Interesting, but doesn’t draw too much attention. I’m not brave enough for the full SC hat experience yet!

    Love from England

  3. I LOVE reading Style Crone….everyday. You look marvelous. You and Nelson are perfect for each other and I know you will have a long, wonderful, healthy life together.

    In one of your blogs you mentioned that your hair is cut in order for you to wear your beautiful hats. My hair is one of my “assets”, so to speak and is currently shoulder length, and I’m letting it grow. I would love to wear hats, but alas, I think it may be too wavy and long.

    Other than cutting my hair, do you have any hat suggestions for me?

    Keep on, keeping on sister

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