Photo by Nelson

The day started out with relative calm as Nelson did photo shoot prior to his physician appointment. However, later in the day an escalation of symptoms pointed straight to the ER as our only choice and now an inpatient hospitalization for more tests and evaluation.  The Style Crone’s estate sale Pucci jacket provided comfort throughout the day and into the night.

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  1. Oh, SC. My thoughts are with you and Nelson. Please keep us updated.

    You look wonderful as always. You amaze me.

  2. well, my love, you look stunning no matter what, and Nelson must cherish the thought of his beauty all dolled up…you two are poetry, yes, even a full length film, in gorgeous color and high definition. We are holding aloha in our hearts for you in Kauai for New Year’s. Lve c

  3. Checking in again before (a very late) bedtime. I thought about you and Nelson often today. Am not the kind of person who prays TO a diety, but I do pray FOR people. Maybe that’s just meditation. Whatever you want to name it, I’m sending it out for you.

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