The Hat Twins

Photo by Scott The twins, Nadia and Aidan (Nadia spelled backward), tried on hats at the yard sale.  They were very beautiful, delightful, and polite.   I love to see the younger generation adoring hats and will do all that I can to ensure that milliners have a place in our culture for years to come.  There is a hat for every outfit, except during yoga.
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The Yard Sale at Tom’s

Photo by Scott Wearing hat from consignment store and scarf from 5 Green Boxes The Style Crone is selling inventory and ONLY took 3 hats off the sale rack and they will be back in the hat room where they belong!  That was a close call.
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The Style Crone at Mesa Verde

Photo by Nelson. Wearing hat by Diane Harty and jacket from a little shop on Broadway, NYC. Nelson and The Style Crone went to Mesa Verde for our anniversary.  Colorado is beautiful and magnificent, but this national park was magical.  The cliff dwellings were a step back in time and a reminder of ancient civilizations.  SC doesn't usually do casual, but there's an outfit for every adventure.
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A Place In The Hat Room

Photo by The Style Crone The beautiful blue beaded cocktail hat immediately found its place in the hat room.  It needed the long neck of the manikin head to showcase and display its details.  And it's now amidst many hat companions!
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Welcome to Style Crone

Photo by Neva. Wearing belted coat dress - vintage Victor Costa - estate sale. I was planning to launch Style Crone on my 67th birthday in March, but life happened.  So today I will launch with a photo taken on my 67th birthday!!!  I received three vintage hats from a friend, and this blue beaded cocktail chapeau was my favorite!  My birthday gathering was in a bar/restaurant that was a theatre in a former life; I remember attending performances in that very space in the 70's.   I'm happy that the building is still standing and so am I!
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Welcome to Style Crone!

Hello! I'm really excited to get this blog up and running over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for the adventures of Style Crone...
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