The SC, in her role as Hat Detective, has one last post from her recent Minnesota trip.  Hat maker Ella Ritzman has a studio in the back of an antique shop in Minneapolis, is self taught, has been making hats since 1989, and displays her creations on furniture springs which have been attached to the wall. I love fabric hats for casual wear, and was drawn to this orange number, which was hand crafted from vintage fabric.  This one of a kind beauty will soon be the focus of a ‘What to Wear to Yoga’ ensemble, reinforcing the motto that ‘There is a Hat for Every Occasion.’


  1. I appreciate seeing the treasure trove of hats displayed on the wall and tables around the two of you in these photos. — The orange hat in this photo is a nice pop of color as an accent for an all black ensemble, just lovely. — SC: please post the location of this shop for those of us who might be making a trip to the Twin Cities and enjoy visiting Ella Ritzman and her hats.

  2. I have enjoyed yours pictures, you know that hats are my weakness! The idea of hats for various themes, such as yoga is great, you should consider the idea of ​​more issues … for example, to go for a walk, to go to dinner, dress casual, and so on.

  3. Hello! I can’t believe it has been amost over a year since you’ve been to my little back room!
    I have been busy making new hats for the fall and I thought that I’d give you the shop hours/info for your readers that are planning a trip to Minnesota. Our little shop is open the firist and third weekends of the month. The web address for dates and hours is
    I love the reference to yoga as my neighbor/yoga instuctor will be selling some of my hats in her yoga studio.
    This last year has been quite a wild ride! Thanks again for the write up!

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