Photo by Nikki

We threw a party at Sienna Wine Bar for Camille in celebration of her forthcoming birthday and her return to Denver. The house was packed with many dear friends, the music was divine, and dancing was included in the frivolity.  It was a sweet spot in time in an intimate and elegant space and Camille and The SC are showing Nelson a little love and devotion.

Camille was beautiful and radiant, inside and out, in a dress designed by her friend Tess of 50 Dresses, and there were many vibrant and festive outfits in the room.  It was truly an evening to be remembered and more about that hat later!


  1. Best wishes to Camille on her birthday. You, Nelson and Camille
    simply glow with love – how beautiful is that!

  2. Dear Judith!!

    A fabulous photo! Truly a moment to treasure.

    Thank you for your kind response the other day. We will be coming to your town in June; my husband will be playing a jazz festival. Hope to see you and yours there!

    You look radiant and your family is so lovely. In the meantime, I think of you as I create my ensemble for the day. Thank you!

    All the best,


  3. I’d say “who’s lucky?” but it appears all three of you are! All the very best to you all.

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