Museo Soumaya HERE

Rodin’s sculpture ‘The Thinker’ in the vestibule of Soumaya.

Hola!  Mexico was spectacular and The SC is happy to be home with a renewed sense of wonder. Mexico City was big, bold, colorful!  I was in awe from dawn to late at night thanks to the abilities and the knowledge of our delightful tour guide Monica, who informed us that we were in the middle of a city of 22 million.  Every minute was filled with new experiences; the distance and the activity created distraction and a softening,  yet provided the welcomed awareness that Nelson is with me always. Traveling requires focus and concentration as everything in the environment is new, which in this case for me included the language.  I was able to stay in the moment, but there were incidents that brought the reality of loss to my consciousness. The gifts that I spotted for Nelson. Pulling out my passport and remembering our trip to Panama four years ago.  A ‘mouth watering’ and unusual item on the menu that I knew he would love to try. Watching couples walk hand in hand or public displays of affection. But the moment would pass as I found myself attending to the beauty displayed before me, or the step in front of me that came out of nowhere.

The SC waits outside a restaurant for lunch!  The food in Mexico City was magnificent and many times we were serenaded as we dined, as shown in the photo above.  The salsas, the cactus paddles, the interesting and unique combinations of flavors.  And the best coffee that I’ve ever tasted in my life! I fell in love with the history of the city and the country, its people, the art, the architecture and museums, the markets, the parks and neighborhoods, the food, the pedestrian walkways, the music and everything that awakened my senses.  And the ever abundant display of scarves and shawls that enticed and entranced every step of the way. Head wrap inspiration had never been more abundant!


  1. WELCOME HOME!!!!! So very happy you’re back. Thank you for the vicarious pleasure of the trip. Looking forward to seeing more of your inspired headwraps etc.

    Much love,


  2. Welcome back, and glad your trip was enjoyable and enlivening. It’s been almost 20 years since I’ve visited Mexico City, need to go back!

  3. You are beautiful and I love your description of Mexico City; a warm welcome home to you

  4. So glad you are back and had a good time. I can imagine the new experiences mixing with memories making this a very special occasion. Your photo’s are great.

  5. Welcome back Judith (and thanks for your comment)! I’m so glad you enjoyed Mexico City. I was there about 10 years ago, and remember being in sensory overload. Did you go to the Archeology Museum or the Pyramids of Teotihuacan? I loved the food there, especially the cactus (nopalitos) salad, and the people were so warm and friendly, and immediately made you feel like part of their family. Looking forward to seeing some Mexican-inspired outfits!

  6. You are coming more alive with your memories of Nelson. It seems you are enjoying life more and easing into a good new life. These are beautiful words about Mexico City. Welcome
    home beautiful lady.

  7. Mexico remains one of my all time favorite vacation spots and I had the pleasure of visiting it 3 times many years ago. There is so much to see and I absolutely loved the silver jewelry which I continue to wear and receive many compliments on.
    I am so glad you enjoyed your visit and look forward to hearing more about this trip.
    Welcome home – We all missed you!!

  8. Oh yes, you ARE home! Welcome back! I enjoyed reading about your trip and I look forward to seeing all the inspirations you picked up while you were there, spirit-wise, clothing-wise, other-wise.

  9. Sounds absolutely wonderful. Mexico is still a country I would love to see. Perhaps I can combine it with my next USA trip…. Hopefully you will have some more images with us to share…

  10. You have some beautiful photos. I know the trip was a bit of a challenge for you, but it sounds as though–you were aware and handled them well. How many hats did you pack? And did you find that any women in this city 0f 22 million (I can’t imagine) were also wearing hats?

  11. I must have packed about 10 packable hats, because I never know which direction I will go. I saw very little ‘hat wearing’ in the city!

  12. Here you are wearing my favorite of all your hats. the hat you were wearing in that post on ARC’s blog when I first glimpsed the magnificent SC style! Hope this trip fed your spirit. Beauty, music, dance, architecture, land, color – they all do that so well, yes?

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