Photos by Nelson

The Style Crone received these lovely flowers from dear friends for her birthday, which inspired the wearing of the Lloyd Allen black/red 80’s cape made of sweatshirt fabric for lunch with adored friends. This cape was purchased at Neusteter’s Department Store during the hat shop days, and it was the outfit of choice for many a rose delivery!

During the days of Les Chapeaux, the rose delivery service was created by my business partner and The SC as a way to market our hats, provide another source of income, and have an extraordinary amount of fun. We delivered a beautifully wrapped long stemmed red rose, dressed to the nines in a hat, gloves, and the chosen outfit of the day. At the moment of delivery we recited the message that was desired by our client, presented the rose and a card with the inscribed message to the recipient, and made a dramatic exit. Our deliveries were ordered for celebrated receivers in restaurants, work sites, and other locations across the city.  It was a form of community theatre and I loved creating a ‘special moment’ and the element of surprise.  So when I see red roses, memories of rose deliveries flood my thoughts and in this instance, the red and black cape was included in the recollection!  Capes are on my mind!!!


  1. This is a great picture. You will forever be the rose lady to me! Can’t wait to see what you where to dinner with me tonight. Love you momma!

  2. I have to confess: I’m jealous! I LOVE boots, coats, capes etc . It was 86 degrees today here in Atlanta and it’s only March!! Hot weather just doesn’t work for me. But I can get vicarious pleasure from your outfit (thank you !!) and I love the accompanying story.

  3. How elegant and lovely the delivery of roses sounds. I am only sorry that I was never privileged to see the Style Crone during those wonderful days! Again, Happy, happy belated birthday to such a beacon of loveliness!

  4. How gorgeous you look, and what a lot of fun you must have had with the deliveries! I think the cape works so well because of the red border. That really makes it a piece of theatre, instead one big black shape. Another show-stopper!

    Love from England.

    And happy birthday to Jean too! What a multi-coloured flock of birds we are!!

  5. I didn’t notice those gorgeous roses at first, I was dazzled by you. That cape is so elegant and styled to perfection. xxx

  6. Someday I want to print out pictures of your looks and plaster them all over the area where I get dressed…just to remind me what beauty, style, class,and dignity can look like…you epitomize it all!
    I so wish there were still businesses like the one you were with…we have lost that unique personal touch in retail America and it is so sad. It would be fun to have a small town full of businesses like this…friendly neighbors who loved and supported those businesses…and the joyful atmosphere that can come from that!!

  7. I am trying to picture you doing this performance art. The red border on this cape must speak volumes as you move. Just lovely.

  8. I particularly like the cape’s cowl. I love a large collar and wear them often. It is a wonderful frame for the face!

  9. Ah the Rose Ladies…I think I still have a card from you two at the height of this time in our lives! It may be time for a rein”carnation”!

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