This vintage black and white English tweed suit belonged to my dear friend Tom who I shared an antique booth with in the 1990’s.  Every weekend we would enjoy the wonderful world of estate sales.  He was looking for sheet music and I was focusing on vintage and hats. It was an interesting combination for the booth, but it is also a very rich and special piece of my history.

Tom no longer wore the suit, and asked me if I was interested in claiming it and giving it a new life.  I was and I did.  I had it altered to fit me by a tailor who had the ability to create magic, and I began wearing the suit about town and to work.  Obviously expressing myself creatively was more important to me than a promotion!

The suit had been hanging in my collection for years, and when my gaze recently fell upon its splendor, I began creating an ensemble,  It hung in the door frame of the hat room, and I was inspired every time I crossed its path.  Over time I brought out the vintage black and white Ferragamo wingtips, vintage black and white leather gloves, my father’s vintage red patterned tie, one of my white shirts, and the white hat with black and white feather discovered at Lilliput Hats HERE in Toronto.  The vintage black beaded earrings were the finishing touch.

As for the black lacquered cane, it was used in my hat shop in the 80’s to retrieve hats from high level racks.  I continue to use it today in the hat room for the same purpose. For today’s post it serves as a playful accessory.

As with any outfit, there’s always an associated background.  South Broadway in Denver is known for its antique shops (nearly 100 packed into 18 blocks), restaurants and bars, music venues and boutiques. I felt comfortable as a female dandy strolling down the streets of South Broadway and I found an article which spoke to me on The Cut, “An Ode to That Rare Creature the Female Dandy.” HERE  The female dandies of the past talked about their love of dressing for themselves, which resonated with me. I have more possibilities for creating similar looks waiting in the wings. Isn’t it all about fun and self-expression?

Photos By Daniel

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  1. Terrific outfit. You look wonderful in it!

    I found that I kept staring at the tie…it was bothering me, but why? I decided the scale seemed off. Either it’s tied to hang too long, or the tie is too long for you to begin with. It should hang, and I think would look better, at about waist level. Also a slightly brighter red might better enhance you and that fabulous suit. Maybe coordinating red argyle socks to put point to it all, and to splash a bit more color? Or, go bright blue for a tie and socks.

    Whatever you decide, it’s your outfit, and it already looks great, enjoy!

  2. Besides dandy another word that comes to my is “flaneur” (defined in a google review as ” a stroller, a loiterer, someone who ambles without apparent purpose but is secretly attuned to the history of the streets (s) he walks – and is in covert search of adventure.” Whether you are wearing a divinely elegant evening dress or are strolling about town, you are definitely iconic as Susan B. said.

    I imagine that your confidence keeps you going when you stand out from the crowd. Is that your secret ingredient? Sometimes when I dress a little too ‘out there’ I find myself a bit insecure. Especially since I live somewhere (Portland, OR) where let’s just say fashion/style is not the highest priority. Don’t know what its like in Denver, but if you have every experienced this feeling, I’d appreciate your perspective on overcoming it. Thanks.

  3. Elegance, class, sexiness – LOVE IT!! The spectators are killer-diller, as are the gloves and hat. I love seeing women rock the suit, and you do it so well! Thx too for the link to the dandies article –

    You continue to inspire me 🙂 <3

  4. and oh yes – you could do what Fred Astaire did, and match socks with necktie. Also, for future man’s wear ensembles, you can also steal Fred’s “necktie or cravat as belt” idea – seen in lots of his films in color.

  5. Wonderful. I love it and would wear it myself if I had that elegant suit.
    you look very dashing in it!
    Keep experimenting!

  6. Judith , this is a splendid outfit- from that glorious hat to those amazing Ferragamo shoes. The link to the women dandies was very interesting, thank you.

  7. Oh my my, oh hell yes… to hell with that party dress!

    Frida Kahlo also dabbled with a bit of the dandy in her youth … Just like Frida, Judith, it’s your artistry that continues to inspires and intrigue !


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