Today I transition to the age of 72, and I’m savoring every minute of this era.  I’m floating through it, treasuring it, feeling it with every breath that I take and release. I’m awake and alive and deeply engaged with the life that has been given me.

The cubist bust form composed of hard plastic resin and developed for use in a retail environment by Nanasai Japan for Greneker was my companion for this photo taken at Mod Livin’ HERE.  I was attracted to its shape and how it dwells in space with confidence.


I’m filled with wonder and amazement with how my life is evolving.  I feel deep pleasure in the moment and passion for the future.  Though feelings of loss and sadness continue to visit at times, I believe this to be the human experience.  I’m coming to accept the mysterious continuum of feelings that accompany events in the present, reflections on the past, and thoughts regarding the future.

I seldom obsess about the changes that come with age or how long I will be here in my physical body.  I don’t know how it happened!  Was it the accumulation of years of yoga and daily meditation? Was it the passage of time that calmed the deep and turbulent river of grief?  Was it the love of those who surround me, both face to face and online, and the deep affection that I wholeheartedly return?  Whatever the precipitant or combination of all of the above, I embrace life with all of my heart. A shift has occurred and I feel it from the top of my hat to the tip of my black suede pumps.


From my gloved hands and arms to the drape of my silk velvet gown.


From my burnt ostrich feathers hovering from their velvet crown over my face like a veil to my pearl and rhinestone necklace created in 1982 by my dear friend Lonnie HERE, talented artist and deep thinker.  My gaze may be down, but in I’m looking up!


Photos By Daniel

I’m holding unto my hat, and I’m vowing to spend my time doing what I love to do. I’m ready to take risks and leap into the abyss, learn from mistakes that occur, move through fear when it inevitably arises and see where life takes me. Who knows what this year of inhabiting 72 will bring?  Whatever happens, I’m ready for the ride!

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  1. A very happy birthday, Judith! At 72, you are younger than most people half your age. Your outlook is a breath of fresh air! Many, many happy returns.

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday to a lady who is a wonderful example of how to enjoy life!
    You set a fabulous example- may your day and year be as wondrous as you are.

  3. Your words brought me to tears. I so wish I could express myself so clearly. Everything you wrote seemed like my own thoughts although they have never been put into words. Have the happiest birthday ever! Peace! Cheryl

  4. What a lovely meditation on a life well lived and living. Your eloquence and grace is reflected in how beautiful you look in these photos. Your constant evolution. and positivity is a daily inspiration to me. So happy to have connected with you. Have a wonderful birthday my dear!
    Accidental Icon

  5. Many blessings of the day and coming year to you. I cherish the inspiration you share, as I am not too far behind you on the chronological spectrum, and your gentle reminders to experience the days as they come are much appreciated.

  6. I am a 54 year old redhead and I love your blog; it is inspiring and comforting to me because sometimes I fear the years ahead as I age. Happy happy birthday to you!

  7. Dear Beautiful Judith,

    I wish you a very happy birthday and a year full of sunshine and flowers—–and wonderful hats and shoes and gowns, of course.
    Best birthday wishes from Invercargill, the southernmost city in New Zealand


  8. Happy Birthday, dearest Judith! You are an amazing, amazing woman, and I feel so happy and honored to know you, even if only through your blog. Love the photo with the sculpture very much! You look fantastic! xxx

  9. Happy, Happy Birthday!
    Such an inspiration! Love having you show the way through that 8th decade. . . I’m one decade behind you and also finding much richness at this latter half of a life.

  10. Happy Birthday, beautiful Judith…you are indeed an inspiration to us all, whether we be younger than you or older. I wish your exciting words of wisdom could be engraved on mirrors for women (and men) to remind them how to live life with passion, grace and beauty.

  11. Happy Birthday, Judith! You personify grace, through your strength, good humor, wisdom and beauty. Thank you for sharing this meditation on your birthday and inspiring us to celebrate life.

  12. Happy 20 yrs more than me almost exactly! May I be as filled with the wisdom of years as you are, by my 72nd year.
    Your grace in body and mind are a constant source of inspiration. You personify elegance.
    Your ostrich feathers would make me sneeze! But I love the look on you. So tender and fragile, moving to your every breath, sensitive to all movement.
    The silk velvet dress and pearl necklace offset your hat beautifully.
    May you gain much peace and strength in the next year! xo Jazzy Jack

  13. Happy Birthday and thank you for the beautiful wisdom from someone is approaching her 74th birthday
    Former fashion stylist/art director and now living each moment in any way I can.

  14. Happy Birthday! Your post is pure poetry and your photos reflect the art of your life. May you have many happy days on this earth!

  15. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday,Judith and may the coming year and the years to come be filled with joy. Your style and grace accompanied by your always wise words are inspiration to us all, thankyou.

  16. Happy birthday, Judith

    Your thoughts resonate with me here in Byron Bay, Australia. You give me inspiration to live for the moment, to be inquisitive and open to what’s ahead.

    Keep sharing your elegant style with us.

    Fond wishes Gail

  17. I love your posts and am always inspired by your energy and honesty. Happy 72nd. And if I can look half as good as you in 12 years time I would be one happy lady!! Keep on being so gorgeous!

  18. Thank you for these beautiful, inspiring words. I will keep them and constantly refer to them in order to chase away the fear and dark thoughts as I rapidly approach my 70th birthday.

  19. Happy Wonderful Birthday….it’s so nice to hear you wax poetically on the inevitable! On a fashion note, I love the sleeves on that dress! Did it come like that or did you add them on? I’m thinking that’s a great fix for some of my older friends that don’t like sleeveless tops. Jodie

  20. Wishing you the very happiest of birthdays, Judith! You look just stunning – elegant and chic and as ever, wearing such beautiful pieces. The feathers on the hat are exquisite, and the photos capture your wonderful style and poise. It’s great to know you’re approaching the future, whatever it holds, with excitement and delight! xxx

  21. Happy Birthday to you! You just get better each year, a constant inspiration, effortlessly glamorous, kind hearted, adventurous and go-getting. If I had half your energy and enthusiasm for life now I’d be delighted. xxx

  22. And this my friend … is exactly why you are one of my style icons. This is why following you … made my turning a new age this month a pleasure and a joy. You make getting older … an aspiration.

    Judith I send you much birthday love … and loving appreciation … for all that you do … and share.


  23. I love getting your posts in my e-mails. You are always inspiring me to look my best. You are simple elegant in everything. I hope you get this comment. I don’t think you have been getting my comments. I am 6 months younger than you and don’t look as near as young and beautiful but always trying.
    Check out a recent picture of me at my current post at Susan

  24. If you think 72 is grand, just wait till you see 78! I woke up one morning just before Christmas and looked in the mirror at 78years. It actually looked pretty good. My mother put me right one day when I became impatient with “old codgers” cluttering up the aisles of the supermarket near the retirement home where she and Dad were living in Florida. I was about 40 and in a hurry!

    Mom patted my shoulder and said, “Simmer down, Janet. Just remember, if you are lucky you will be that old some day!” Age, from that time on seemed like a bonus. Unfortunately, Mom was not as lucky as I have been. My seventies have been my happiest and most stress free years of my life!

  25. Happy birthday, Judith! Your joie de vivre is clear in your photos, not just in the clothing but the fearlessness or calm energy in them. So hang on to your hats – good thing you have so many – as you embark on this new stellar year.

  26. Happy 72 to you, dear Judith. Your posts always leave me misty-eyed with gratitude. “I seldom obsess about the changes that come with age or how long I will be here in my physical body.” I so look forward to being in the state of grace you describe. You are an inspiration to all. Thank you.

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