Photo by The Style Crone

Vintage silver cupid pin with jewels-gifted by Nelson for Valentine’s Day in the 80’s

Last Thursday Nelson decided to discontinue chemo as  the side effects have become too overwhelming to tolerate and his tumor markers continue to soar.  Yesterday, on Valentine’s Day, another painful medical procedure indicated that his cancer is making itself at home in his body and has no intention of loosening its grasp.  He does not want more procedures.  He wants to live out his days without brutal interventions and so life will unfold as it will.  Nelson is relieved to have made these decisions and to know that comfort is the goal from this point forward.  The Style Crone feels extreme sadness and tears flow at the ‘drop of a hat’ as the ramifications of these decisions become clear.  But today he is here at home with his sense of humor, his insightful perceptions, and his will to continue to experience life to its fullest.  Our love story is not over!


  1. I sit for long moments after reading this. I struggle for words, but none are profound enough–at least, not the ones within my grasp. I carry you both in my heart. I send my love.

  2. It’s interesting how we have never met face to face, but through your vulnerablity I can feel every tinge of pain with you…I would love to carry this along your side….rejoice in each moment with him…rejoice in his smile…none of us know how long we have here in this world…so each moment should be precious to everyone. You, my sweet friend, are just more aware of it….Your love story will never end…You are a woman of strength and a shining beacon for us all; my prayers are without ceasing for you and Nelson.

  3. How priveledged we are that you have let us into your life. Yes, life can go at any moment, but most of us never notice that truth. So each moment and each little scrap of joy and pleasure should always be accepted gracefully and treasured. At least Nelson knows that he has loved and been loved, left his mark on so many people in such wonderful ways, and he will have you til the end, whenever that may be.

    I wish there were something I could say that would make it “all better”. I think all of us who follow your blog feel that way. Although we are all over the globe, we are all with you, and hold you both in our hearts.

    Love from England,


  4. I’m so sorry to read this. It’s my first visit to your blog and I’m sending love and positive vibes to you and Nelson. xxx

  5. Your LOVE STORY is REAL and you are an excellent communicator of how events unfold beyond our control and the courage needed to participate in life. Thank you for sharing your love story with us. You are a blessing to all who come in contact with you.

  6. I’ve only recently discovered your blog but feel like I’ve known you a long time. Your personality and devotion to your husband shine through every post. I’ve been through this process with loved ones and know that while you understand and sympathize with his decision, your heart is breaking. It’s small comfort but please know that friends you’ve never met are thinking of you and sending you both much love.

  7. Hi, SC. I follow your blog. What you are doing here is amazing in every way! I have known you for years here in Denver, though not well, originally through our mutual friend Fran who brought me to a party at your and Nelson’s house in the 1980’s, where I remember dancing into the night, especially to “We Are Family.” The most recent time we’ve crossed paths was at Siena just a few months ago. I am getting to know you better through your writing and the artistry of your style. Your love story is about two very special people and a very special love–thank you for sharing it.
    Love to you and Nelson especially as you are going through these next chapters of your love story,
    Martha in Denver

  8. I guess there comes a point when we must acquiesce~and am following the continueing love storey–Pam said it so well~my best~Paula

  9. There is only one happiness in life – to love and to be loved. – George Sand

    Dedicated to you and Nelson, an elegant and inspirational couple.

  10. You give me such hope and comfort in the midst of all this sadness. Blessings to you and Nelson. Lokah samasta sukino bhavantu.

  11. Each time I read your blog entries and admire your photos, I am deeply touched by the vivid and moving expressiveness of your words, of your style, of your life, of your emotions, and of the love that you and Nelson share.

    Thank you for inviting us into the Style Crone’s journey, and for sharing it so openly and beautifully with us. You and Nelson are truly an inspiration, and a reminder of what life is all about. Your love story is evident in every word, every action, every photo, and every memory that you share with us. The Valentine’s cappucino personal delivery story is absolutely the most romantic gesture I have ever heard! : )

    You, Nelson, and Camille are in my thoughts, and I send hugs of comfort your way.

  12. My heart aches for you and Nelson. You are both so brave in facing each and every challenge of every day.

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