Photos by The Style Crone

The Style Crone spent over two hours in Tziporah Salamon‘s apartment in NYC as she put together about 10 outfits before my very eyes with a “museum worthy collection of antique treasures.”  The above photos depict four examples of the ensembles that Tziporah built during her seminar.  As per the description of her tutorial, “She used her extensive wardrobe to demonstrate dressing as an art form.” I was transfixed as I watched the magic performed before me in the midst of a room beautifully decorated with a number of perfectly displayed precious objects. Every elegant outfit included a hat, so I was of course in a state of bliss as I photographed each completed work of art.  Tziporah was fun, gracious, beautiful, interesting and obviously a very talented artist.  Another unforgettable highlight of my adventure!


  1. how fortunate for the Style crone to get to be with you for 2 hours and to see your amazingly creative works of art in cloth! Loving your art of dressing!

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