As I write this post I’m in NYC enjoying every moment in real time.  I’m traveling with Mr. J, visiting friends and enjoying the “City Of Dreams,” always looking for a great hat.  Today’s photos were taken at Heather Stoten’s magical Millinery Workshop HERE during the time that she was creating my hat for Camille’s wedding.


This hat is dark navy made from a paribuntal straw brim and dyed banana fiber crown with feather trim.  I wore it with a background of several shades of black.


The second piece of headwear is a cloche draped with spotted tulle trimmed with a silk taffeta bow, which sits low on the forehead. It encourages playfulness with a bit of mystery on the side.  In these photos my eyes are completely hidden from view.

I’m always up for trying a new look!  Experimentation can be one of many strategies for living life to the fullest.  It encourages the brain to develop new pathways and is an outstanding way to have fun.


 I will be back soon, commenting on my favorite blogs and with photos from my trip!  Thank you to all readers and commenters and sending love to all!


Photos By Daniel

Hat Attack will be up as usual on June 1st and hope to see you there!


  1. As always these hats look as if they were made for you. I also love the second one but I am curious how you are supposed to move with it. As your eyes are hidden, you cannot see much yourself either.
    Both black jackets are super too.
    Have a lovely time in New York. You do know that Patti is there as well, don’t you?

  2. You look fabulous as always. A good friend and fellow LA designer Claudia Grau has a niece and daughter who have a hat company in New York called Satya Tweena. They bought the factory that made Marsha Akins hats. Maybe you can check them out!

  3. As always you look fabulous! The navy on black is perfection! Love the hats and the look! I am excited because I got a new hat this week and can’t wait to show it to you on Hat Attack! Have a great day! Peace! Cheryl

  4. Both hats are gorgeous, Judith, as are both black jackets. You wear black – and navy – with such aplomb and elegance!
    Ooh, New York – might you meet up with Patti and Sandy? Have a lovely time! xxx

  5. My hat of choice is the navy. Handsome hat. Gorgeous on you. Hope you have a splendid time in NYC.

  6. Judith, both of those black jackets are just gorgeous! Have fun in NY. Are you going to see Carol Markel? She would be so fun to meet, and you of course!

  7. How stunning!! You look fabulous, as usual. Your black and navy ensemble struck a very reminiscent cord w/me. I can remember, in my early twenties, putting a black and navy outfit together, and Mme Mère said, “Non, non, cela ne se fait pas.” It isn’t done. You can’t wear navy and black together. To which I replied that if Yves Saint Laurent could do it, so could I. That was the end of the conversation.

    Cheers, M-T

  8. It looks like you are having a great time with these hats and your outfits and your photographer. That’s the whole point. Plus, you look absolutely gorgeous in each of these combinations. I know you’re having a great time in New York. I saw a great photo on your IG and on the IF’s blog. Live it all up!

  9. Judith you look wonderful in both of these hats with your detailed black jackets, just perfect. Enjoy your time in New York, always a pleasure to reconnect with old friends. If the photos I have seen on IG are an indication , you are .

  10. Stunning hats as always. Enjoy your time in NYC. Did you know that Patti is there right now as well?


  11. I want to know where YOU found that SKIRT you were wearing on ADVANCED STYLE!!!!THAT was STUNNING!
    You certainly are enjoying LIFE.IT clearly shows in your photos…………BRAVA!

  12. The navy hat is fantastic on you, as so many hats are. Marvelous jackets as well – your wardrobe is full of beautiful pieces of wearable art.

    Loved the photos of you and the IF’s on their blog and your IG accounts. Looked like you were having a great time, and it made me yearn to be there.

  13. Oh, those hat forms! I just want to run my hands over them, they have such a lustre and I can only imagine all the gorgeousness that was constructed on them, such as the lovely lids on your head! Elegance with smiles. So beautiful, Judith. I’m glad you’re have a grand time in NYC.

  14. Setting the bar for style in NY – not many can live up to your example! Hats and jackets complement each other beautifully, but it’s the wearer that adds the magic x

  15. I’m terribly behind Judith, but I want you to know that you’ve so enjoyed your photos 🙂 You have the best jackets to go with those wearable pieces of art! The black and navy mix is so incredibly elegant.

  16. Trés chic Madame!!

    Seriously, you really wear a hat (any hat) so well!!

    Love also that you often have the perfect pair of gloves to complement the hat.

    I, too, have a hat and glove addiction! Just bought a fabulous pair of black ‘fishnet’ elbow length gloves….and feel so glamorous wearing them. Will have to get the hubster to take a few photos and do your ‘hat attack’ thing!



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