My photos do the talking as I go with the flow of adventure!

As we walked along the Seine we discovered the “Love Lock Bridge.”  Since 2008, lovers  have attached padlocks to the bridge and tossed the keys ino the Seine, leaving the bridge at risk due to the weight of the locks.  Currently there is a campaign to free the bridge of additional padlocks so as not to cause further damage .


Taking the train to Versailles provided stunning views along the way.


We met a beautiful young woman from Chile who has been traveling the world, mostly by herself, for nine months.  She had many interesting stories to tell and made our trip even more enchanting than it already was.  I was inspired by her courage and we exchanged contact information.


My photos of Versaille are not adequate to capture its grandeur and opulence.


I’m including a few photos from my endless camera roll.


Statuary was everywhere!


Layers of scarves kept me warm throughout the chill of the afternoon.


A walk in the city of Versailles provided a meeting with this stunning and charming woman.  I loved her style and radiant presence.


Back in Paris, we spent an afternoon in the Museum d’Orsay, which is housed in a former railway station.


As we walked into a cafe for dinner one evening, the first person who caught my eye was this gorgeous woman wearing a fascinator with a feather that gave me an instant “Hat Attack.” She was in Paris from Ireland with her husband for the Prix  de L’arc de Triomphe, Europe’s most prestigious horse race. As you might expect, we instantly engaged in hat chat.


Monsieur J sporting a hat and a warm smile.  We travel well together, which is a true and wonderful gift!

i will be returning home soon, and will be back to reading and commenting on my favorite blogs. It’s been a fabulous time!





  1. oh what a delightful experience! You both travel so well , and make an engaging couple. This shall remain as # 1 on my bucket list. Enjoy!!!

  2. Judith, your scarves and hats are practical and high fashion in the same moment! You really do have the Parisienne je ne sais quois! And like attracts like…you have met some lovely and interesting women along the journey!

  3. Versailles is an amazing experience, isn’t it? So pleased to hear that you and the dapper Mr J make good travel companions (I foresee many more adventures for the two of you!) and as always, you are the epitome of elegance and chic. I love that you are meeting all sorts of interesting people along the way, I bet you are so friendly that you chat and make friends wherever you go.
    Please excuse a minor rant – all those damn padlocks ruining that bridge! They appear on so many bridges all over the place now, and spoil them – why on earth do people do it? Mon dieu!
    Safe journey home, Judith. xxx

  4. It’s a pity the locks are so heavy. I wouldn’t want to be padlocked to anyone but I understand the romantic notion at play here.
    You have the survived the test with Mr. J – you are good travel companions. It’s probably a bit like a house reno test but a trip to France is much better. Ha! I really love your artful B&W shot of Mr. J. You look at peace in your photos. And how wonderful to meet new friends.
    Yes, have a safe journey home.

  5. Lovely and inspiring, both the photos of you and Paris, the city of dreams and creativity!


  6. Judith, I am just so happy to feel and see you so incredibly in love with life, with Paris, with yourself and your man. I have loved your journey – it has energized and inspired me more than you will ever know! xx

  7. It makes me smile to see you and Mr. J enjoying and engaging in Paris. So like you to make new friends of all ages. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos, and safe travels home. xox

  8. Your trip sounds and looks fantastic and love the outfits, I bet you bought lots of new scarves in france, there are some fabulous styles. I have been to Versailles a couple of times, and there are still parts to explore. One of my pleasures in the town of Versailles was the ‘ out of this world patisseries – cake shops ‘ I was obsessed with taking photos of them!!!

  9. I have enjoyed watching your hats and scarves travel around the world! Oh, and you and Mr J 😉 Truly a privilege to share your time away. Looking forward to more pics when you return! Xo JJ

  10. I’m so happy that you’re both enjoying your trip and hope that you start panning another as soon as you return (like we do!)
    It seems like you’ve found the perfect travel companion in Mr J.
    Wonderful photos and some very stylish people. xxx

  11. Thank you for sharing your trip with us. Your new acquaintances all look so stylish and interesting, no wonder they were happy to chat with you! Have a safe journey home xx

  12. I am so glad that your dream trip was all you had hoped, and that you have found a sympatico travel companion in Mr. J. Travelling together can often make or break a relationship.

    I regretted not fitting in a trip to the Museum d’Orsay when I was in Paris. You will have to tell me about it! I didn’t make it to Versaille either, but that was ok. I admire the young woman from Chili who has been travelling by herself. It takes courage, and an adventurous spirit to travel that length of time by yourself. Of course you would meet lovely people on your trip – like attracts like!

  13. Hello from germany! Thank you so much for your blog! You are one of my biggest inspirations! I am 45 years old and have a lot of more weight, but you show me how to celebrate life and now I am wearing all the beautiful things i hided in my wardrobe!

  14. I love all the people you met!!! You had a wonderful time and you are as chic as all the Parisians, I love seeing pictures of you, dear Judith!x

  15. Looks like an amazing time, meeting lots of interesting people along the way.

    I must tell you that I attended an estate sale this past weekend and thought about you. There were over 300 hats there. They were part of a collection that had been featured in the National Post ( a national newspaper here). They were spectacular. I had several in my hands, but let them go knowing I would never wear them. I need to know the size of your head to see if we have the same size. Otherwise I might have picked up a couple for you.


  16. You are looking the part in every picture. So glad you are enjoying yourself. And indeed, it is a wonderful gift that you can travel together so well. Loving each other doesn’t automatically means travelling together goes well.

  17. I love the posts and photos. It is nice to bring along some elan while traveling. I would like to mention that Chile is a country and chili is a dish. Happy travels!

  18. What a joy! Loveliness everywhere!! So happy for you and Monsieur J. I’m enjoying your travel wardrobe, especially the hats, of course. I’m vicariously savoring every moment. XXOO

  19. I’ll have to visit that hat shop the next time I’m in Paris. About the bridge with the locks, there are plans to remove the locks and enclose that area with glass. When I was in Paris in June a section fell because of the weight of the locks. They may seem romantic to tourists, but are pain to the government……

  20. Traveling in France is a feast for the fashionista’s soul! Also, a bridge in Paris is about to collapse under the weight of love? That’s hilarious!

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