I just returned from a visit to Minnesota to visit my 96-year-old mother Norma.  Living in an assisted living facility, she continues to be an inspiration to me.  She loves to play bridge, and every evening in the facility, a group of residents gather to play cards. For this activity, my mother wouldn’t miss an opportunity to adorn her hands with rings from a collection which she has maintained over a lifetime.


Her white hair is her crowning glory, and since I’ve grown my hair out from red to white, I’m happy to say that our hair is now the same color.  She never lets a day go by without choosing earrings and other accessories to partner with an outfit from her closet.


Macular degeneration limits her eyesight and she walks with a walker, but it doesn’t interfere with her ability to enjoy life to the fullest and engage with a sense of humor. Enlarged cards facilitate card playing and she loves to listen to audio books. Totally independent with activities of daily living, Mom loves to tell stories of the past, but she lives in the present.  Currently the oldest resident in the facility, she is admired by her peers for her positive mindset and kindness.  She provides an example for all.

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  1. It’s clear where you get your beautiful smile and shining spirit! 2 Lovely Ladies insipiring all of us… And Mom has great jewelry, too!

  2. I want to be in the same assisted living faculty YOU choose because we will all follow your beautiful Mother Norma’s lead…what an inspiration…

  3. I too have a 96-year-old nearly blind mother living in another state. Mine is still in her own home! Mine is also beautiful. Her game of choice is Scrabble.

  4. Oh, I do love your mother’s rings and your hat! It certainly seems genes play a part in your elegance and I hope we see more of Norma in the future.

  5. I don’t know if the picture of you and your mother is recent but, if it is, she doesn’t even look close to 96! Both of you are beautiful women.

  6. The pictures are great, and your tribute to your mother is so true! I played cards with her on Tuesday, she was still euphoric about your trip to the farm. Seeing the cabin on the hill was certainly the highlight of the trip! I sure enjoyed your visit too.

    Love Janet

  7. So nice to see! I would love to be able to soon see my two aunts in Ohio and West Virginia, both in assisted living/group living homes, and in their 90’s.

  8. Two very lovely inspirational women! Your mother’s collection of rings is clearly impressive too!
    My mum is 92 and still living independently – I hope I have her spirit and good health at that age.
    Slowly catching up with everyone – it’s lovely to see you, Judith. xx

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