Recently I had the pleasure of meeting milliner Anna Mikhailov HERE, who is from Saint-Petersburg, Russia and was visiting Denver for a few days. In the photo above we are wearing her signature headpieces. I met Anna on Instagram, which to my surprise has provided a platform for me to meet hundreds of milliners from across the world.

I found Anna to be warm, bright, interesting, generous and beautiful. We spent our time together chatting about headwear, as you might expect.  Below I have included a small sample of Anna’s work, which demonstrates her talent, skill and artistry.

Through her art beauty makes it to the first place… Bliss of enjoying the Beauty is sheer, you only can feel it, catch a slight whisper of a silky touch. But once you get to see the beauty of Anna Mikhaylova artworks – it’ll never float away. You start to LIVE with it, breathe, feel… BEAUTY FROM THE FIRST HANDS by Anna Mikhaylova — shocking call to acknowledge the BEAUTY as our only possible reality….From Anna’s website.

The structured veil.

Perfect for the holidays.

During my trip to Italy and when in Rome, I discovered the fabulous millinery world created by Patrizia Fabri HERE Though Patrizia doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak Italian, we were able to communicate through the language of headwear. Like kindness, the love of hats is universal.  I felt sincerely welcomed and had a marvelous time trying on hats in her studio.

The photos below depict a sampling of the gorgeous headwear that is designed by Patrizia and created in her workroom.  Again, it was through Instagram that I became aware of Patrizia and her dynamic and powerful work.

Going vertical.


Without exception, every milliner who I have met over the years has been warm, kind, engaging, intelligent and intriguing.  It seems as though this form of magical artistry attracts passionate and wonderful people.  I’m thrilled to have found a way to see the world though headwear.  My role as hat journalist expands and grows as time unfolds, and for that I am grateful.





  1. I envision a photo exhibit or museum display of the works of these magical millers, plus a few Philip Treacy pieces, and all the mannequins / models are YOU. Stunning hats and stunning photos, but your innate elegance sets them off the best — thanks for sharing!

  2. Judith I am absolutely drooling. Especially over Anna’s dreamy creations. I adore hats but don’t think I look good in them or may I’m just to critical of how I look. Anyway I enjoy seeing you wear them and following your adventures. You and your blog always transports me into another world of beauty and wonder. I truly think you should do a book, then I could have all those beautiful hats and you in one place. Thank you for sharinsharing

  3. Those hats are gorgeous! One of these days, I will gather up my bravery and attempt to wear a hat. Maybe I just haven’t found the right one yet or it hasn’t found me! I love your blog!

  4. Just gorgeous! You look so beautiful in all the headpieces that you wear; your wardrobe and hair blends perfectly with what you choose.

    Unfortunately I cannot for the life of me see myself in them. I do wear hats sometimes and love them. I have a beautiful black cowboy hat, and a recently purchased “Gus” hat, which, is a semi-cowboy. I have wide brimmed summer/winter hats and a couple of small brimmed hats. I think perhaps my wardrobe is not conducive to wearing most of the absolutely stunning pieces that you show on your blog.

    I make excuses that my full wavy hair, which, is three inches below my shoulders, would look out of place. Then I make excuses that my style of clothes (whatever that means) aren’t the type to wear them.

    BTW, my husband and I dress nicely everyday, even if it’s to go grocery shopping, drink coffee somewhere, and definitely for dinner dates and/or happy hour.

    Perhaps one day I can take the plunge? Have you always worn these beautiful hats, or is this something you got interested in just in the last few years?

  5. All fantastic as usual on you! I adore Anna’s creations. Does she sell in the U.S.? If so can you let me know where?

    So much fun seeing these, and you are an stunning model.

  6. Anna’s headpieces are quite lovely, but I was almost too mesmerized by her fingernails to notice the hats!

    I love the drama of Patrizia’s hats! Every one that you wore was an extraordinary creation.

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