Daniel and The SC embarked on a stealth adventure in search of the perfect background for the hat with the mysterious and theatrical full face veil.  Sometimes asking for permission isn’t as much fun as pulling out the camera spontaneously at a moment of opportunity.  We found several locations in a historic hotel located in downtown Denver.


I’ve been attracted to full face veils since the moment that I discovered my first hat adorned with the possibility of looking at the world behind silk netting woven into compelling and delicate patterns.  Contrary to what seems intuitive, facial features appear emphasized and the world feels enhanced through its empty spaces.

IMG_2398This hat from the 40’s has been with me since the 70’s, when it was discovered at an estate sale.  It’s my favorite of its genre in my collection.  The veil, or netting, can be lifted for dinner or other purposes if necessary, but I prefer it in its natural state, tied under my chin and around my face, intact and worthy of its history.


Photos By Daniel

Reclining on an elegant sofa in a hotel hallway was the designated finale to a photo shoot that was as undercover as a full face veil, somewhat hidden away but obvious and curiously inviting.

Black satin jacket and ruched skirt – consignment shops, vintage hat with veil and rhinestones and vintage rhinestone trimmed gloves – estate sales, black suede boots – retail sale years ago, jewelry – gifted and estate sales.


To celebrate fashion’s senior moment, photographer, writer and documentarian Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style HERE and designer Fanny Karst have collaborated on a limited edition “Old Is The New Black” and “Old Is The New Gold” T-shirts.  The gorgeous Debra Rapoport, artist, Advanced Style icon and paper towel milliner HERE, models a T-shirt in the photo above.

Per Ari Seth Cohen, “Aging never goes out of style, but the fashion world is definitely having a senior moment. This season’s It Girls are all over the age of 60! We are thrilled to see so may brilliant, powerful, and gorgeous older women in campaigns and on the runway. To celebrate, designer Fanny Karst and I collaborated on a limited edition “Old Is The New Black” T-shirt.”

T-shirts are 100% Cotton Made in The U.S.A and can be ordered for a limited time here

I’m taking my full face veil over to Sacramento’s Share-in-Style HERE at Mis Papelicos.  It’s a party not to be missed!  I’m also linking up with Cherie’s Shoe and Tell HERE at Style Nudge and Sheila’s Shoe Shine HERE at Ephemera.


  1. Judith, I hope this comes over as a huge compliment, but I want to be just like you when I grow up. Stylish, unique, glamorous, and best of all, completely happy in my own skin. Thank you, for always reminding us how to be the beautiful women we are meant to be.

  2. I don’t think I knew about a full face veil which meant to be tied under one’s chin. Or maybe I knew from books, but haven’t seen one “in person” before. It’s really very special. Love your outfit and the presentation- the location is wonderful! xxx

  3. I love the sound of your stealth adventure – it certainly paid off, your photos are fantastically atmospheric.
    That hat is wonderful and so are you. xxx

  4. The mysterious veiled woman! I love the romance and intrique of hats with full-face covering veils. I have a fascinator with veiling and I really must find a reason to wear it.

  5. Consider, Judith, that not a few of us regard this black hat as the epitome of 1940s Hollywood glamor! It’s most definitely a big budget film noir property, RKO or Monogram couldn’t afford it. Shall we name it “Hedy Lamarr”?

  6. I love the romance of a tulle veil. I actually purchased some with the intention of making a hat…I had been inspired by someone that had added netting to a very casual beanie style hat, and I thought it looked so fun. Alas, I’ve not gotten around to it. Your photos are so fabulous. You always seem to know what to do with your hands! You’ve taken dance classes, perhaps?

  7. My very wise friend Carol W. told me over ten years ago that it is easier to ask forgiveness afterward than to receive permission beforehand. Some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten (although it is best used judiciously). Isn’t anyone in the veil production business anymore? It seems to me someone could make a fortune just by replacing veils on vintage hats.

  8. Judith, I enjoyed the video on Sixty and Me so very much. Just being able to hear your voice and talk about your travels was so much fun.
    You look especially elegant here in these photos.

  9. I love a full face veil. They are for women of mystery, and you are that too. This outfit with this hat is stunning; no wonder you and Daniel managed to capture so many artistic shots. I wonder if people walking past ever think you are on a modeling assignment.

  10. Your outfit is intriguing indeed Judith! You have an impressive collection of vintage, I wish I had kept all my treasures collected over the years, there are still some beauties hidden in my closet but I rarely wear them now. Just ordered my old is the new black t-shirt, had a fun chat with the French designer Fanny Karst this week, full interview over on my blog.
    Best, Alison

  11. I think you’re absolutely right about a veil accentuating your facial features – and, in your case, what a treat it is! You look like a femme fatale all in black satin. I never cease to be in awe of you 😉


  12. I am in love your veil and your rhinestone-trimmed gloves. And, your confidence and style in how you wear them are so refreshing. You occasionally see the veils used in style magazine photos, but not often. I prefer your photos!

    Thank you for linking up with Shoe and Tell Link Up!


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