Photo by Nelson

Coral vintage hat, coral beads with tassels and blue shirt-estate sales.

The Style Crone went to a book signing and had a great time with friends.  Sometimes fetal position sounds like a good idea, but as I get dressed up and ready to go I feel uplifted.  And this coral hat, newly released from it’s hat box confinement, was really ready to “hit the streets.”  So how could I say no?

Tags : shirt


  1. Judith, I have been following you on the Style Crone since you told me about it on the day of the testing. Of course I very much enjoy seeing and hearing about all your creations. An
    additional pleasure is reading the blog as your writing is so lovely, expressive and sharing….revealing a talent of which I was unaware. I think of you and Nelson more often than you might imagine, sending bundles of strength and love to you both.

  2. Judith, you look beautiful, I love your outfit! I’m glad to hear you went to a book signing with friends! Take care of yourself… love Paula

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