The South African barbershop sign was installed in our bathroom on the first floor after I purchased it at an estate sale years ago.  The entire room was created around its beauty, its colors, its grand presence. African art next to Latino art next to Asian art next to African American art next to Anglo art.  Harmony in close quarters similar to riding a NYC subway!  A reflection of the life that Nelson and I lived together.


  1. I have seen many examples of barbershop art in photos, and love it. It’s a treat to glimpse your decor, which I’m sure is another extension of your artistic being. I also have a small powder room painted a similar shade of green, with a Romare Bearden print over the commode, and an embroidered swag from India (can’t remember the proper name for it) over the mirror above the sink. Will enjoy seeing more home and garden shots when you feel like sharing.

    Much love!! ……..Jean

  2. It is bold and vibrant! I am impressed that you found one with just three hairstyles pictured. When I have seen similar signs it always seems to feature a dozen or more.

  3. What a splendid little corner of beauty, Judith… I hope you are feeling well. -Linda

  4. What a cool piece to fashion an entire look around! I love it…I would love to find something like this for my classroom. Though I have it designed to look like a professional newsroom…a creative artistic message such as this one would add so much. I love this idea that you & Nelson sent out together!

  5. Sorry for not commenting earlier. My computer is being naughty again! Love the colours of the artwork, and thanks for a glimpse into your home. Lime green and hot orange/red: great combination!

    Much love from England,

  6. May the colors lift your spirit whenever you see them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. love and prayers!

  7. I’m with melanie–art can lift the spirit. Something you have been doing your whole life–nourish your soul. Love, Paula

  8. Your African barbershop sign is not from South Africa. It is from West Africa.
    This nice board was painted and signed bij the artist that signes with the name JOEL.
    Under his name he wrote Adjame. That is the name of a neighbourhood of Abidjan, the main port city of Ivory Coast.
    Concluding: your board, by NOEL is from Ivory Coast (Abidjan, Adjame), West Africa.
    Best regards,
    – esger duintjer –
    The Netherlands

  9. Dear Esger Duintjer, Thank you so much for the information and the correction. The person that I bought it from told me it was from South Africa, so I am happy to know of its true origin. It was generous of you to take the time to comment on Style Crone. With Appreciation, Judith

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