October’s Hat Attack features ELY.B – Eleonara Bruno Hats HERE and Instagram HERE. I initially met Eleonora when she began following me on Instagram over a year ago.  When I knew that I would be in Florence, I contacted her and we arranged a meetup.  The time that we spent together was one of the highlights of my trip to Italy.

Eleanora’s headwear is magnificent. She is a feather specialist and wearing her headpieces makes me feel powerful and infused with magic.  This is what headwear can do for you if the milliner or hatmaker is talented, skilled and creative.

Luca Iannuzzi HERE and Instagram HERE shot photos and video during our afternoon at Eleanora’s atelier. He has a photo/video production house which specializes in advertising and personalized shootings for brands, especially fashion.

I enjoyed his playful and gentle demeanor, which were perfect compliments to his creativity and skill.  He established instant rapport, sought out interesting backgrounds and his kindness brought out the best of me. Most of all I had fun with two young creatives; intergenerational relationships are gloriously life enhancing.

This bold and stunning straw turban traveled home with me.  Eleonora rolled it up in tissue paper and it now lives contentedly in the hat room.  I can’t wait to take it on its first outing.

Eleanor’s feather work made me feel as though I were a regal extension of her imagination.  As though I could take flight and glide gracefully to my most dear desires. This exhilarating experience will always be with me.

Eleonora also creates headwear for occasions that don’t call for feathers.  I was especially attracted to the yellow and black felt hat in the background in the photo above. There wasn’t a piece in her atelier that I wouldn’t be proud and thrilled to wear!

I had every intention of blogging during my time in Italy. My computer was packed securely in my carry on.  However, as the days unfolded I became aware that I wanted to live in the moment and savor every experience that came my way.  All of my energy was focused on the here and now. Fortunately I have many photos that documented my adventures, and I will blog about my trip later. Today I am excited to begin my story about Italy with Eleonora Bruno and her enchanting headwear.

Eleonora Bruno Bio and photo above.

An artisan brand of hats launched in 2010 which uses feathers and materials from controlled and possibly recyclable sources. “Important hats for intelligent minds” : this is the philosophy coined by the Florentine Eleonora Bruno, born in 1987, and it perfectly defines the work of the designer, and the typical customer.

Eleonora trained at Polimoda, but has always had a strong passion for art and drawing that she deepned  through courses. Among the various awards she has won, in addition to being selected by Vogue Talents, Eleonora Bruno was one of the eight finalists in the H&M Design Award 2013. Her imaginative creations have been photographed by Anna Dello Russo and Karl Lagerfeld for their fashion shoots for Vogue Japan and Harper’s Bazaar.

Eleonora’s hats can be defined as “compositions to wear” :large floral elements, woven straw and unexpected colour contrasts boasting a very exuberant style. The brand combines the artistic studies of the founder with her personal and imaginative vision of hats. Her creations are unique pieces often inspired by nature, exotic birds with beautiful feathers and the marine world.….Eleanora Bruno Website

Photos by Luca Iannuzzi (photo above)

Thank you Eleonora and Luca, for a memorable afternoon of unforgettable headwear and frivolity.  I will be watching as your careers soar.

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  1. WOW, just WOW!

    I am so glad that you choose to be mindful and in the moment. Sometimes we take that phone wherever we go and get lost in social media. This way you get to reminisce about your real experience and savor in the delights of memory.

    I love the atelier shots and all of the creativity and can’t wait for you to experience the same joy when you visit my atelier next week!

    YOU ARE AMAZING, I am happy to call you my fashion friend and share experiences along the way. Brooks

  2. OMG! These hats are incredible….brilliant….and the evidence of a visionary! What creative work! You look gorgeous in every one of them and this designer was fortunate to have such an perfect model!

  3. Judith, nobody does it better!
    You remind me of the beautiful, graceful and fierce firebird, bursting forth with powerful plumes! You make elegance seem so effortless !

  4. In that first photo, I’m not sure if that’s a cloud or angel fluff on your head. Absolutely stunning! As are all of the hats in this post. My goodness, I’m surprised you didn’t move into her studio permanently with so many ethereal delights. What a talent! And Luca’s talent shines just as bright.

  5. Eleonora Bruno creates pure joy while celebrating the beautiful. Thank you for sharing the obvious magic in Luca’s photos.

  6. Fun, fun, fun! My absolute favorite (for how fabulous it looks on you) was the one you brought home. And that white feather concoction was sublime on you! Can’t wait to read more about your trip.

  7. What simply divine hats. The first one is simply mind-blowing. You look lovely as usual and what a role model you are. Thanks so much.

  8. You’ve done Eleonora proud with those fabulous photos, and my, how gorgeous are those hats! I look forward to seeing you in the hat you chose.

  9. Yay! I finally made it to link up with you Judith! I’m actually wearing a hat! You know I’m always admiring your Insta page. And just look at the feather creation! Wow! xx

  10. Those hats are to die for! Every single one of them are just amazing. My favorites are the white feathers in the top picture, and the one you brought home. It must have been nerve wrecking getting that from Italy to the US! But you look fantastic in all the pictures, and it’s not just the photographer’s work! I think enjoying life is the best beauty product – so absolutely a clever decision to leave the electronics be!

  11. What an amazing place to visit on your vacation! You do manage to find some of the very best hat stores wherever you go.

    So many wonderful pieces and you manage to make each one look like they were made for you, the sign of a real professional model.

    I also believe it is a wonderful thing to live in the moment and blog or IG later. I did that on the weekend at a vintage show.


  12. I think that when you travel there is a magnetic force that draws you to the most creative milliners, and them to you. I love these flights of fancy that Ms. Bruno has created, and she couldn’t have asked for a better model. In the first and second photos you could be a magical being from a fairy tale – I love the white feather piece.

    I’m so glad you had a wonderful trip and chose to experience each moment as it happened instead of trying to capture it for social media. I’m excited to hear about your Italian adventures.

  13. How utterly incredible! These really are works of art and you look utterly spectacular wearing them.
    Isn’t Italy wonderful? We need a repeat visit! xxx

  14. My goodness Judith… what a stunning pieces. You took home a great hat but indeed you could have taken them all (if you were a millionaire). Great photos. And what a lovely experience in your holiday: photographer, fab backgrounds and fab hats… it doesn’t come much nicer.
    PS very good that you lived in the moment on holiday! Wise woman.

  15. My, what a wonderful time you had playing dress up with all of those hats Judith! I love the extravaganza that are feather hats and think of all, these could fit my personality best. I agree with you that it was the right thing to live in the moment and forget about the tug of social media – personal memories are much more important.
    Thank you for the joyful post and many thanks for the opportuntiy to link up with you this month too!
    Anna x

  16. Oh my, you were born to wear hats. I, on the other hand look dorky if it’s not just the right hat. The black turban you came home with is a winner. How lovely to see such beautiful creativity in hats. A real treat. Now if they could only make me look good in a hat. That would be a challenge.

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