Photo By Daniel

The connections and friendships that develop over time with the wonderful people who I’ve met through blogging and with Instagram have been incredible gifts that would not have been received without the extraordinary power of the internet. To meet some of these like-minded beauties in real life has created memorable experiences that I would never have thought possible.  Many times we share similar interests, but no matter where on the planet they live, the time spent together is always magical and spirited.


In May I was graced with a visit by Sarah Jane Adams of the Instagram site saramaijewels HERE and of the website Saramai HERE .  On her site she sells the gorgeous jewelry that she designs, which evolved from her passion and many years of experience with handling and selling antique pieces. Check out her interview on Sylvia’s 40+Style HERE to learn more about this amazing woman who is “a little bit vintage, a little bit street.”

Sarah is from Australia and was accompanied by her husband David, the gentleman who takes her magnificent photos.  They flew in from NYC, stopping in Denver to then drive to Las Vegas for a jewelry show.  They had many stories to tell about their recent adventures in NYC and Philadelphia and of their many years spent traveling the world. I was all ears!


Photos By David

We share a love for yoga, so Sarah and I indulged in an early morning class at my studio before she and David left on their road trip. Sarah is authentic and real in every way and even more beautiful in person.  Her gorgeous white hair tops off every creative outfit that she composes.  When the light hits her hair at the perfect angle, it appears as a halo framing her face.  It was a meetup to be treasured and remembered always.


Photo By The SC

In July I was honored by a visit from Jean of Dross Into Gold HERE and her Instagram site  HERE.  Jean was in Denver to catch the Jazz And Wine Festival in Keystone HERE, where her husband, jazz musician Joey Sommerville HERE, was scheduled to perform.  Unfortunately, his flight was cancelled following an earlier performance in Ohio, and he didn’t make it in time for the Colorado show.

Our plans changed because of this shift, and we focused on our common love of exploring estate sales and thrift shops.  Instead of traveling to the mountains and taking photos at the concert, we talked about everything under the sun, explored Denver neighborhoods, and went with the flow of the day.  Photography took a back seat to enjoying the moments that we shared and finding treasures along the way.


Photo By Jean

Jean caught me in “estate sale mode,” with a pile of purchase possibilities draped across my arms. It was a whirlwind weekend of fun and fabulous finds.  Jean is gorgeous, kind, fun and engaging; she’s the first blogger that I met after launching Style Crone and I continue to be amazed by her style, skills and artistry.


Photo By Daniel

Jean is a talented upcycle artist, discovering fabrics and pieces in thrift shops and then creating new designs from previously loved garments.  She generously gifted me with this handcrafted hat and the “better than infinity scarf,”  both of which I’m wearing in the first photo on this post and the image above.  I love the textures, mix of colors and creativity of her designs.  She has an “eye” for the unique and beautiful and I enjoyed every moment of her visit.

Along with Jean”s creations, I’m wearing black cropped cotton tuxedo pants from a consignment store and heeled open-toe pumps and jewelry from estate sales.


  1. I like the photo you took of Jean. I love her style. I love seeing you so vibrant and alive and full of elegant style. It makes me so happy to get your blog in my e-mail.

  2. love all the patterns and textures. Used to print , weave and sew garments for a long time. I appreciate the mix and use!
    Nice to see Dross into Gold too!

  3. I too was lucky to meet Jean. She is a talented artist and a caring soul, and our time together flew too quickly!! I immediately recognized your hat as one of her amazing creations. Everything she makes is destined to become a treasured piece.

    Blogging is wonderful for bringing people together. I’m happy that you have had such positive experiences with your meetups. I hope we meet someday too.

  4. I was going to say “how did you find these two complementary items?” But it was Jean who found them!! Wonderful. Meeting new people through blogging is indeed very nice.

  5. Hi Judith,
    I am enjoying receiving your posts very much, I wonder if you can tell me what estate sales are?, I don’t think we have them in Australia, we have garage sales and op shops and consignment stores but I associate estate sales with grand mansions selling antiques and very expensive jewellery are they different in America and how do you hear of them, I am fascinated and have seen you wearing some great clothes and jewellery that you bought from them.
    Love your blog and am looking forward to seeing your new hair.
    Warm regards,

  6. Meeting friends is one of life’s true joys. The joy shines through in these photos. Looking wonderful in Jeans treasures, her choice of colours perfect.I hope to travel in the near future and meet some of my online friends.

  7. I’d love to meet you and Jean and take the estate sales by storm. Look at all your finds, my heart’s racing just looking at that opulent fabric! xxx

  8. Oh my, you found some treasures at your recent estate sale! These are wonderful photos, and memories. Blogging can enrich our lives in ways we never thought of. xox

  9. The best thing about blogging for me has been the connections I’ve made with kindred spirits like yourself. I hope to meet Jean one day, and Sarah too. How wonderful that Sarah was able to stop by for a visit on her way to Vegas, and bond over yoga!

    Jean is so talented when it comes to creating with fabric – I love the hat she made for you.

  10. I can’t stop smiling back at you when I look at these beautiful pictures and remember my visit. It was perfect in every way, from the weather to your gracious hospitality and I have enjoyed decorating with my treasure trove of estate sale finds. On every level, you are a wonderful kindred spirit and I appreciate you so much!!!

    I love the pictures of you and Sarah too. Her husband really captured the energy of the two of you, with beautiful smiles on both your faces.

    Can’t wait to hang out again. XXXXOOOO

  11. Having met your guests ourselves, we can heartily agree with you on both counts.

    LOVE Jean’s upcycled hat and scarf on you!

  12. How wonderful to have the opportunity to meet up with both Sarah and Jean – bloggers make fantastic pals, with shared passions and a gift for friendship. You all look beautiful, and happy to be in each other’s company. Such a treat! xxx

  13. Blogging certainly seems to open the door to new friendships and I’m just starting to lay down the foundations of a few. You lead a truly blessed life enriched by meetings such as these. And the act of sharing them on your blog is so generous too.
    Anna’s Island Style

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