The SC and Mr. J drove to New Mexico from Denver for a short getaway.  Often referred to as the land of enchantment, our stay in Santa Fe lived up to its reputation. Spring was well on its way, evidenced by flowering fruit trees along our path.


Sculptures and a vast variety of art greeted us from all directions.  The food was influenced by many cultures and the people friendly and interesting.  It was well worth the six hour drive to reach this nurturing destination.

Hat by Erin Saboe of Denver and orange jacket discovered at a Santa Fe boutique, on black background.


A day trip to Taos HERE, home to numerous art galleries and historic sites, was about an hour from Santa Fe in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The Taos Plaza in the center of town provided a place to relax and watch the world go by at a slower pace than usual.


The mural facing the Plaza was too large to capture in full, but magnificent to behold.

Orange and fuchsia/red floral scarf purchased at a Denver boutique and estate sale red beret with jeans and Fluevog booties.


We spent a day exploring Canyon Road HERE, a world-renowned art district of over a hundred galleries, boutiques and restaurants located in a one half mile area within Santa Fe.


The magical wind sculptures were a garden of movement, color and creative design at Mark White Fine Art HERE.

Patterned fabric hat purchased at a Santa Fe boutique, green sweater found retail years ago, and Mieko Mintz reversible floral scarf all on black background.


Our final evening in Santa Fe took us back to Canyon Road for dinner.  The SC chose to wear “Denise,” a hat created by milliner and artist Carol Markel of Femme et Fleur HERE.  The pink jacket with subtle gold pattern was found at Ooh La La HERE, a consignment store in Santa Fe.  Orange estate sale gloves and earrings are accompanied by the familiar black background.


Photos by Mr. J

We had a fabulous time soaking in the gifts that New Mexico has to offer to seekers from around the world!  The SC wore, once again, the multicolored bracelet purchased at D Forsythe Jewelry HERE in Coronado Island and a gifted gold bracelet adorned with rhinestones.  Mr. J is wearing a sterling silver bracelet purchased in Santa Fe several years ago.

Thank you for your kind, touching and supportive comments on last week’s post, for which I am very grateful.


  1. You are such a stunning work of art yourself! I think that I always gasp when I open your latest blog post. It looks like a wonderful weekend.

  2. So much beauty in this post, least of which that wonderful last photo of two arm intertwined. What a great get-away- and thank you for letting us tag along.

  3. Your black canvas is the perfect ground for so many gorgeous and colourific pieces. The hats, oh my! But my favourite photo has to be the last one – the contrast, the harmony. I have heard that New Mexico is magic. Clearly it is.

  4. You look so beautiful, as always! And the photo with your gentleman is touching! Have an enchanting evening and post us a pick in evening wear, I can see you in an elegant black and white ensemble with long gloves!

  5. Fun outfits for touring around magical Santa Fe. Wonderful that you and Mr. J can spend time enjoying beautiful NM. You have such flair with the way you dress, very inspiring in the carefree and vibrant manner. We visited Santa Fe in September a couple of years ago. Did you see the folk art museum? If not, it is so worth a look on another trip. So much art in SantaFe, delightful!

    blue hue wonderland

  6. You are such a wondeful style icon! I love seeing your outfits every week, and hope to become such an elegant lady myself at your age. I’m in my late 40s now and I find it really important to have examples of stylish older women to look up to, sort of reassuring me world does not belong to the young only, that we can still achieve so much in our middle years and beyond, and we do not have to become invisible. Your blog is really important because of that. Thank you, Judith.

  7. Wow looks like a lovely trip.

    I loved all of your inspirational looks. Especially the bright coloured orange and red scarf. You have such panache.

    Love that last photo.


  8. You look utterly wonderful in every shot – the orange, the pink, Denise the hat, everything! I love the artificial garden and the last shot of your hands entwined makes my heart skip a beat. xxx

  9. Such a beautiful lady in such a beautiful place. You look completely fabulous, and you have a real feel for the muted but so-colorful palette that makes the area so special! So happy you two had some fun. Some day I’m going to spend more time there … only been through without much of a stop.
    Thank your photographer from me for such a lovely treat! I needed to see this today.
    Hugs to you, Judith.

  10. So glad you enjoyed my neighborhood. And you looked fabulous as well.

  11. You are never behind. True friends are always in each others heart.
    I so wish that we could meet one day, my beautiful, Judith.

  12. Santa Fe looks and sounds like a wonderful place to visit. And you look amazing, Judith, such fabulous hats and colours. The final shot is just beautiful, as are you. xxx

  13. First time visiting here and I must say that you look stunning! I really like your style and colorful outfits. Greetings from Finland.

  14. You look lovely, Judith – I especially like the multi-coloured hat with the pink/gold jacket (stunning fit on that!). So happy to see you loving your Fluevogs, too. I love that picture of you and Mr. J holding hands (? outside the frame?) – glad for you to have found love again. 🙂

  15. Judith… what a wonderful post. Too much to comment on. The great art, the fantastic picture in front of the mural (your scarf draped as in the mural… great styling), all your magnificent outfits… Fantastic.

  16. Judith, you do a marvelous job preparing yourself emotionally and physically so that you are ready for what life offers you. I am glad that you have stayed open to wonderful new experiences and relationships. We cannot control our losses, but you do a marvelous job of staying open to what is beautiful in life. I am very happy for you and wish you all the best.

  17. What an inspiring trip! The colors, textures, vibrancy, and all that beauty. Magnificent. I know you turned heads, especially in a town where art is appreciated. Your ensembles are perfect, and it sounds like you did well in the shopping department. Yay!!

    The last picture is wonderful. I’m happy for you. Plus, he has great taste; that silver bracelet is fabulous! 🙂

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