The hat for February’s Hat Attack is a vintage peacock feathered Jack McConnell beauty that was gifted to The SC years ago by a dear friend.


When not on my head it rests on a hat stand on top of a secretary that sits in the dining room, which contains a few of my favorite hats on shelving behind a glass door.


I display my hats as art in almost every room in my home, surrounding myself with splendor.


I can’t resist a hat with feathered wings, which when worn, gives me the sense that I can fly into new and uncharted territory.  Perhaps wearing this hat for just a few minutes every morning would instill  courage as I approach my day.  A daily crowning, as described by Tamera of the blog Tamera Beardsley HERE.


A close-up reveals the hat’s intricate layering of peacock feathers, and has me wondering about the artistic process that went into its creation.


Photos By Daniel

This ornate piece of headwear is worn on only very special occasions, one of which is Hat Attack for the month of February.

I’m linking up with Rebecca’s Eccentric Glamour HERE at The Clothesline!  This is Rebecca’s second party, and she shines in this post.  Also joining the party at Sacramento’s Share-in-Style HERE at Mis Papelicos.

Now it’s your turn to throw a little headwear love my way!

Please display your hat, headwrap, headpiece, fascinator, hair flower, headband or other adornment for your head that you adore, give The SC a FEBRUARY HAT ATTACK  and kindly link to Style Crone somewhere in your post. Can’t wait to see the beautiful contributions that you share throughout the next week. Participation will be open through Saturday, February 7th.

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  1. I absolutely love your Hat Attack posts and I ADORE this hat! Another favorite that I recall you posting about had a lot of pins on it. I showed that post to my son because he always has a lot of artistic pins on his ball cap. Adore your blog, adore you.

  2. Yes, the wonder of the artistic creation that went into this headpiece still has me in awe. It is truly a work of art. Isn’t it wonderful that you can enjoy it both in your home as an accent piece as well as an accessory to compliment your beautiful cobalt dress. It’s quite breathtaking.

  3. Your hats truly are art works!!! I do so love them and not surprised they are displayed as you explain. I hope you are well and your lovely man too. xx

  4. This hat looks like you might have super powers when you wore it. Gorgeous colors. Love the blue wings. I love your blue accents with it.

  5. This hat is an absolute beauty, no wonder you keep it on display,it is indeed a
    stunning example of the milliners art. You must feel so very special each time you wear it.

  6. I’ve been admiring your hats for a while now. This one is truly a piece of art. I wish I had lived in a time where we wore hats for every occasion. I still remember my grandmother wearing her’s to church. Peace! Cheryl

  7. Oh yes! You need to strut a little when wearing this one. My sister who loves all things peacock, will be drooling.
    I have linked up another head scarf post. I don’t have many beautiful hats, but I can always improvise!
    I hope you like it. Looking forward to following you on my new toy…Instagram! 🙂 xo JJ

  8. MG! what beautiful hat Judith
    You have the most amazing hats around
    I’m always on the look out for a vintage
    I found one last week
    It’s too cold here to wear my beautiful hats, but soon i hope
    Congrats again on being featured too and isn’t crazy all those new followers we have on Instagram? Every time i check i have about 500 new followers!


  9. What a beautifully intricate hat! The feathers, the colours, the shape, the layered texture, and the wings – so stunning. Your hat collection must be a joy to behold, Judith! xxx

  10. That hat is magical – I can’t imagine how all the feathers were arranged together like that, and the little wings are delightful. You can wear hats that are pieces of art like this one, without having the hat wear you.

    I’m intending to get in on hat attack this month – come hell or high water!

  11. I can’t even begin to describe how that hat makes me feel! It looks awesome. WoW!

    Hat Attack? I have been stuck with my white beret for months now. Perhaps this is something that I need… I might join in…

  12. The Greek god Hermes had wings on his hat too. As messenger of the gods he was also a god of travel. Maybe this hat will have that effect… This is absolutely gorgeous. No matter how hard we try, humans can’t duplicate the stunning richness of the colours in nature, in these feathers, and the craft that went into this hat is hard to fathom. No wonder this hat is for special occasions. Thanks for hosting. (I was happy to see you mentioned in Buzzfeed!)

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