I love traveling with Mr. J.  We explore new cities and countries together in harmony, seeking out diversity and the beauty of the areas that we visit. I find that it expands my understanding of differences and exposes me to new people, cultures, and lifestyles. Below I’ve compiled a list of the gifts that travel provides.  You may have other benefits that you’ve experienced in your life which I would love if you would share in the comments below.

  • Improves social and communication skills.
  • Creates memories.
  • Helps you achieve original and creative thoughts.
  • Broadens your horizons.
  • Enhances your tolerance for uncertainty.
  • Boosts your confidence:
  • Provides real-life education.
  • You experience the interconnectedness of humanity.
  • You realize that we all share similar needs.
  • Helps you have fun.
  • Helps you get to know yourself.
  • You realize how little you know about the world.
  • Sharpens the mind and changes perspective.
  • You appreciate home more.

It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to travel during this era of my life.  I usually follow a process before a trip, which includes searching for milliners and contacting them before my visit.  Finding unusual shops and artists happens organically.  One contact leads to another, and I always return home exhilarated, having met new, talented and interesting people who I continue to have relationships with into the future. For this I am incredibly grateful!

This summer we traveled to Atlanta, where I met up with my gorgeous blogging friend Jean of Dross Into Gold.,which I blogged about HERE. Knowing someone in a new city that has similar interests makes the discovery process easy.  Jean took me to Ready Trading Clothing during a tent sale. Judging by the crowd, this was a popular and well attended event.  Lee, the kind and generous owner of this shop specializing in naturally beautiful clothing designed and produced locally and in the US, supports artists and sustainability. I couldn’t resist some of her linen offerings!

Photos by Daniel

In the above photos I’m wearing a red linen tunic and patterned linen scarf as headwrap from Ready Trading Clothing.  My jewels and hand-made bag are from estate sales or gifted.  Fly London shoes and black cropped pants found at a summer retail sale finish off the ensemble that was a result of my Atlanta adventure.  I love wearing my travels, which evokes magical memories of journeys into the previously unknown.


  1. I love linen, and that tunic is fabulous! The bold color and shape set it apart. And the scarf worn as a headpiece…I’m going to have to try that!

    I agree with all of your points about travel, but I think “enhancing tolerance for uncertainty” is a really important one as we age and can tend to fall into predictable routines.

  2. Love all the color especially the red linen.
    The list of gifts you share about the benefits of travel is so uplifting – and true. I find that traveling has a way of keeping me smack dab in the present.

  3. I too love travel and manage to do it frequently. I’ve actually been on the road for 27 of the last 31 days; Atlanta, Savannah, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Utah, Italy and Ireland. Many time changes! In Utah I contacted two of my favorite companies and scored to tours! I had never thought to do that before and it was incredible. I love you blog and read it frequently. Thank you!

  4. I just love these photos of you. Your beauty combined with the outfits, and the color is truly magnificent. A favorite of mine for sure.

  5. Please share the shape of scarf you used as your head wrap, and how you tied it. I have been trying to achieve this look all summer and failing spectacularly.

  6. Thanks for sharing. Please never stop. Hélène from Montréal, Canada.

  7. Looking stylish and beautiful as always!

    I love how you have turned the scarf into headwear as well.. I would like to emulate that look!

  8. You look absolutely lovely in that colour which is so vibrant and stunning.

    I have mixed feelings about travel because I do find the actual travel quite tiring. And what you want to avoid is driving in the UK as it is so tiny but everyone just gets into a car and drives so consequently there are many traffic jams which make your journey really hot and long. So, for our next city-break in the UK we are going to use the train – that will be an adventure and also it’s kinder to the planet.

    Once I’m there, btw, I agree, with you that going to different places and experiencing different cultures opens the mind but it also makes you appreciate your home!

  9. You look wonderful. Your head wrap looks so stylish and the bag is just divine.
    I love to travel, to explore and experience things I can’t here in the UK. I’ve just booked a Greek Island getaway for after the festival season. I cannot wait to lie naked on a remote beach after what will be two months of live music, alcohol and all out hedonism! xxx

  10. “You experience the interconnectedness of humanity.”

    So true. And I learn how incredibly alike we humans are.

  11. Judith you look lovely in that linen top and headwrap. Linen is always so good to wear in Summer.
    I am enjoying overseas travel again after a break of over 30 years and find it a different experience to my earlier travels. but just as life enhancing. I totally agree with all your sentiments as to the joy of the travel experience. The only thing I might add is that we all need to keep in mind the locals and be good tourists and show respect to local customs.

  12. I have found that travel has given me a similar list of gifts as yours. I haven’t been to any exotic places, but I have enjoyed every place I’ve visited. Most of the time, I am travelling to visit with friends so I get to see how people live in the place I am visiting as opposed to being a “tourist”. Travelling tests my patience and ability to react calmly when things go awry and I think it makes me a better person.

  13. Gosh Judith, you style soooo well. Love all the details with this tunic, the two necklaces, the bracelet, the earrings, the bag. They all make up one perfect outfit. And of course the scarf as wrap. I smiled when I saw it, as I immediately imagined what it would look like if I attempted this… whahaha.

  14. I also love traveling and I always want to explore new places. And I also agree with your point. The gift list that you mention is quite perfect and helpful to everyone.
    I also have to say, the clothes you are matching are really perfect. Maybe I will try it in the near future.

  15. Oh, Judith! We could not be more flattered by this gorgeous post and how you have styled our Birkin with your flare and beauty! I loved reading your ideas on the benefits of traveling with intention. The Dali Lama’s imperative about traveling once a year to a place you have never been before came to me immediately after reading your post. My experiences with traveling in and around New Mexico for several years opened up avenues of thought, friendships, inspiration and possibilities that I had never before imagined. I love it when you remind us that travel “enhances your tolerance for uncertainty”! Life is always in flux and learning to live with change is probably one of our most difficult and important lessons. Thank you for sharing your special insight and significant style! xoxo

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