Last week I learned that Style Crone had been hacked.  I wouldn’t have known but for a caring email from the fabulous blogger Alyson of That’s Not My Age HERE, who noticed that when attempting to access my blog, she was diverted to an offensive site.

I’m not sure how long this had been going on, and was horrified that it was happening.  It felt invasive and out of control, and I immediately called the site which hosts my blog.


After many days and hours of talking with the helpful and concerned staff at the hosting site, everything seems to be resolved.  I apologize to those of you who read Style Crone, if you had a negative experience during this period of virtual assault.  I have installed increased security measures and am hopeful that I am protected from further violations.


This is the first time that anything like this has happened throughout my five and one half years of blogging.  I was informed by my hosting site that hackers have become automated and search for vulnerabilities throughout  the internet, and attack at will.  I now realize that I need to more fully protect myself from online perpetrators. Has this happened to you?

I’m well aware that there are nefarious people in the world, but I refuse to live my life in fear, coming from a space of hypervigilance with the expectation that danger exists around every corner.  I will be protective of the site that brings me so much pleasure, but I will continue to blog and am even more determined to live my life to the fullest in every area that I choose to explore.

Thank you Alyson, for taking the time to let me know that Style Crone had been compromised.  It’s wonderful and reassuring to know that the blogging community that I’m proud to be a part of is a major support and swings into protective action when one of us is in harm’s way.


Photos By Daniel

The above photos were taken in Boulder, Colorado, on a chilly spring day, next to the Dushanbe Teahouse HERE and the surrounding blossoming trees, which were on vibrant display.  Sometimes Daniel and I like to expand our horizons and travel to locations outside of Denver.  Exploring new territory is but one way to confront an intrusive event.

Vintage black and white Diane von Furstenberg dress – estate sale, Amy Downs black felt hat with black and white striped trim – The Hat Shop NYC HERE years ago, black Issey Miyake top and black patent leather belt – gh2 consignment Minneapolis HERE, black heeled booties – retail sale, jewelry – estate sales and gifted.

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  1. Oh my goodness, that’s horrid Judith! Thank God your friend told you! I hadn’t seen it but it must feel awful to be violated in that way.x

  2. Oh no!! That is so awful, Judith. I had a web expert install a very good fire wall on my site a few weeks ago. Each time someone (or something) attempts to hack my blog, I get an email. I get at least one alert- and more often than not – sometimes 4 per day!! So scary. Maybe talk to someone about getting more protection if you haven’t already.
    That DVF dress is absolutely stunning on you! Gorgeous photos.
    Kindly, Adrienne

  3. That dress is stunning! And that hat frames your face in such a lovely way.

    My web developer said that malicious “bots” are attacking everyone’s websites. I’ve taken some extra security steps, but remain vigilant too.

  4. So sorry to hear about this virtual assault, but so glad you have it somewhat resolved and will continue your fabulous blog. I have gotten to the point that unless I recognize a name or number, I refuse to answer the phone. I receive at least 4-5 ‘junk’ calls per day. Anyone who knows me can leave a message and I will always respond. It is unnerving to practice so much defensive behavior, but it seems to be the price of living in a modern-technology age. Thank You for your steadfast determination to continue and not be undermined, by those with nothing constructive to do with their lives.
    Your Outfit is Totally FABULOUS.
    Warm Regards,
    Chris Klein-Goss

  5. You have a good perspective Judith—there have always been bad people around, and we do what we can to steer clear of them. But living in fear of them makes a very sad life!
    The computer is a fabulous machine…all of the ways we can gain information and communicate with others. Unfortunately there are those who abuse it—so annoying! (My husband has a conspiracy theory that the hackers are those who work for the anti virus companies). Hopefully this will be the last time it happens to you!!
    I love that tea house—did you have tea there also?
    ps-you look positively fabulous!!

  6. Thank you beautiful and courageous friend for reminding us of the dangers that lurk in our wide open free world…and something we all need to be mindful of, for it doesn’t matter if they are hacking our websites or worse, our minds, we need to protect ourselves. Thanks for shining the light and not hiding. May your life to continue to be all shades, not just black and white!

  7. I am sorry that some people are so stupid that they can’t find better things to do in life than annoy others. I’m glad that you were able to resolve the problem. Your outfit is stunning as usual. I have fond memories of visiting that teahouse. Cheers, Kelly

  8. So sorry you were a target, Judith! Sandy said our anti-virus software fends off “thousands” of hacking attempts every day! So one is bound to get through some day. We do have each others’s backs, don’t we?
    That’s a most beautiful dress and jacket; I hope you had time for a tea. xox


  9. Unfortunately it’s the world we live in….sad …
    And yes I’ve been in Europe , south America and Africa . ..begging for money to come home..not…..
    No worries

  10. So sorry to hear you were a hacker victim. It is what I am currently studying in my computer info science class.
    Knock on wood, I have not had any bad experiences with my blog.
    I LOVE the outdoor photo shoots – I have one coming up later next month.

  11. My husband helped set up a site for trafficking survivors… and it was hacked to go straight to a pornography site. Can you imagine how awful that was for the survivors? People can be so horrible.

    But you, my dear, look amazing, as always. I can only ever dream of being as elegant as you are.

  12. I am so sorry that happened and glad to hear they resolved it for you. On a good note, you just look prettier and prettier. That top picture is worth hanging or painting…just stunning! You are such an inspiration to me of strength and courage. Thank you!

  13. Judith, it just happened to us over the summer and took months to fix. Please email my daughter Jodi and she can advise you how to handle the situation and protect yourself from further attacks. It was a real bugger! So sorry it happened to you as well.
    ~ Dorrie

  14. Hacking, terrorist attacks, credit card and identity theft….all nefarious deeds to attempt to instill fear. But, like you and many others I know, I too refuse to relinquish my gift of life to fear! I am enjoying looking at these photos of you in black and white, angular patterns, set against the backdrop of both cold, black iron and soft white blossoms. The hat reminds me of a style era I love…the 20’s. Thank you for this very uplifting post.

  15. More gorgeousness! The pic of you with your skirt flying is a thousand times more elegant than anything I’ve seen in VOGUE. You are truly special! Also, you seem even more radiant than ever! Could it be the grandbaby? Xoxo

  16. Also your inspiring attitude. “Exploring new territory is but one way to confront an intrusive event.” 🙂

  17. Dear Judith,
    I am not surprised by two things–one being that the world will always have people in it that intend harm toward others and two that the world holds more people who are good, kind, strong, loving and who will not be brought low by the difficult, sometimes devastating acts of these perpetrators. You are a wonderful example of someone who refuses to live a life marred by fear. I am so glad that your fellow bloggers are watching out for you and each other. I am not a blogger but I so enjoy the insights and beauty that you and many others share. Thank you–for your openness, your bravery and for reminding us that being free is a gift worth fighting for. You look stunning in these photos. Strength is stunning.
    Love, Jewel. Xo 🙂

  18. I’m sorry to hear your site was hacked. That is the world we live in now. I’m glad it was rectified quickly. Cyber crime is growing so quickly.

    You look wonderful here. That photo at the table is stunning.


  19. I am so sorry this happened to you. I was not aware. I applaud your attitude as you are so right, we can not live in fear. Your post, as always, was an inspiration. I so look forward to what you will be wearing next. Life is way to short not to celebrate in dress! Someday I will send you a photo of my “costume” attire, for I also love to to feel good in beautiful attire! Thanks for doing this dear Judy. Always your, Sheryl

  20. Greetings, you look most fabulous for someone who had a bad week! Seem to me it is up to the host of the blog to prevent these attacks, not you (unless you password was compromised). Glad to see you are back in business and better than ever!

  21. First things first, dear Judith – what an absolutely STUNNING ensemble!! I’m a huge fan of black and white outfits as it is…but this dress-jacket-hat combo has you looking ready for the cover of Vogue magazine!! Secondly, I’m so sorry to hear that Style Crone was “hacked;” it’s truly unfortunate that we share the planet with individuals who take pleasure in damaging someone else’s creative efforts. Thank goodness there are ALSO guardian angels like Alyson around!! XOXO

  22. I’m pleased that you are up and running again, Judith, back in business. These photos are fabulous, you look stunning. This is a gorgeous outfit and you look more elegant than ever. Keep on blogging! x

  23. What a wretched violation!! I didn’t notice it being so bogged down with work that I haven’t been able to make the rounds, but I would definitely have told you if I had. I’m glad you’re back to a pure state. And looking absolutely FABULOUS as well. I’m glad you could use this catalyst to explore positive territory.

  24. What a confounded cheek, Judith. thank goodness it was spotted by Alyson and you were able to sort things out.
    Your photos are wonderful, love the hat and the swishy skirt and the sunshine. xxx

  25. You look amazing in that outfit especially the hat that completes it. So sorry to read about the hacking but pleased it is sorted and you will carry on the great posts.

  26. What a crappy thing to happen, but at least it was sorted out without too much damage done. I guess most of us are at risk from some sort of Internet abuse -I’ve not had any problems with my blog, but my email account has been hacked a few times. And the moral of the story? Don’t let the bastards grind you down!
    As always, you are an elegant vision, Judith – so beautiful in monochrome. Xxx

  27. Simply gorgeous!!!

    don’t worry about the hacks…’s over and done with….

  28. Golly, I had no idea that this kind of thing can happen. Isn’t it heartwarming that you were told so that you could stop it? This kind of thing seems to be the price we have to pay for modern technology and it’s fast pace in the name of progress. Horrible, but true. All the advice is good – move on as quickly as possible.
    As ever Judith you exude an ethereal elegance like no other can. Your ensemble is so beautifully put together. You’re like a model on a photo shoot – which you pretty much are!

  29. Beautiful ensemble, really out of this world. You will have turned heads!! I love it.
    I am sorry to hear you have been hacked. It hasn’t happened to me (yet) but it is very worrying.
    I still don’t get any emails when you publish a new post, so ai will subscribe again. Let’s see whether that helps.

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