Photo by Nelson

Time to bring out the vintage black/white herringbone cape with rhinestone buttons, black velvet collar and red satin lining and top it off with a vintage black velvet beret to greet the freezing cold day. These items, along with the vintage black long fabric gloves were ‘finds’ at estate sales over the years.  The Style Crone finished off the outfit with gifted tall black heeled boots.  Capes are great for covering any number of layers during the bitter cold weather and have the additional ability to make dramatic sweeping entrances.  And since the definition of caper is ‘to skip or dance about in a lively or playful way,’ that’s exactly how I feel with Nelson ‘The Resilient’ back behind the camera lens.


  1. I love that your cape is lined in red. No matter how vintage it is, the pop of red makes it
    current. Thanks for yesterday’s blog and your referrals to the elder blog and advanced
    style. I enjoyed them very much, especially the article about SC.

  2. So glad that Nelson “the Resilient” is feeling better! Must be all that healthy lifestyle and the beautiful scenery that’s perking him up!

    Love from England,

  3. You are amazing – I don’t think I’ve seen any outfits repeated since I discovered
    this fantastic blog!

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