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One year ago today I launched Style Crone.  In honor of my blogiversary, I’m wearing a vintage 1930’s fabric hat with feather and a ‘poof’ of looped threads, purchased from Couture Allure (click here), an elegant website and blog for lovers of vintage clothing and fashion.  Jody is very knowledgeable, and her website has some of the finest vintage available on the planet. Buying vintage makes even more sense today; over and above its obvious beauty, we are recycling and loving our mother, the earth.

This hat has me ‘coming and going.’  I love it when there are two hats in one, just by making small adjustments.  And the touch of metallic in the fabric adds another dimension.

This past year has been the most intimate, profound and overwhelmingly painful year of my life. Nelson was an ever present force as I launched Style Crone and as I continued to blog with his devoted support.  He wanted me to continue, so he remains with me as I move forward.  In celebration of this day, thank you to all who read, support, encourage, comment, and send loving thoughts.   You are an appreciated formidable component of my internal/external scaffolding


  1. Happy blogiversary! It seems several mature bloggers began about the same time. I recently visited a museum exhibit in the Kansas City area which featured hats worn by African American women, entitled “Crowned in Glory”. I’d like to send you the book I bought there, if you would drop me an e-mail message.

    Does this hat have a veil?

  2. Judith, you look so marvelous in the hat! Thank you for the mention and happy blogiversary! I look forward to reading your blog and marveling at your fashion sense for years to come.

  3. Happy blogoversary! I did not realize that we both started a year ago…I really was under the impression that you had done this for years…you are such a professional and classic! Hope this time is meaningful and full of new directions for you!

  4. May your scaffolding never rust. Congratulations on the 1st anniversary of the blog. Keep it coming! XO L

  5. Congratulatons on reaching this one year milestone. I have been with you for only a few months, but I find your blog to be a real source of inspiration. I started following The SC because of the outfits and hats, but I continue to look forward to each post because of the thoughtful commentary on living with conscious awareness and bringing a sense of style to what life presents each day. I admire your choices for inhabiting the world, fully experiencing your partnership with Nelson, and the courage you display with your outfits. I look forward to this next year with you.

  6. Happy Blogiversary. I, too, am surprised at how young your blog is. You write so beautifully and you are inspiring me to reach towards hats.

  7. Happy anniversary of the blog, you know all this side of the Internet want and support you in your pain and your new stage of life. Love, love your hat enigmatic!

  8. Happy Blogiversary! Know that many of your ‘fans’ are interested in all facets of your life. It is always apparent you do everything in style, including mourning the loss of your truelove. You have much to teach us.

  9. Congrats. You continue to grow and inspire. I, for one, have been deeply touched by your journey and thank you for your willingness to share. GREAT hat for the blogiversary.

  10. Happy blogiversary! A whole year, and what a year it has been. You are the essence of style and grace and we are all so grateful that you’ve taken us along on your journey. Looking forward to many, many more blogs. You’ve touched so many, in ways you don’t even know.

    Lots of love from England,

  11. Wow. I thought you had been at this much longer – you have a rare and unique and deeply perceptive voice, Judith, and I hope you keep this blog alive for a very long time. Your vision and perspective are a real gift to the world and we have much to learn from what you are living, and the way you live and express that through the beauty of vintage style. I always had a keen fascination for fashion, because I feel that the way we dress reveals so much about who we are. Your blog and your life are such a beautiful expression, through the metaphor of dress, for healing, persistence, gratitude and awareness. What else can be said except THANK YOU.

  12. Judith,
    I often think of your entry on April 17–about the dime we keep turning on. Three weeks ago my husband and I left Abu Dhabi after a call from his his only sibling, a brother in Chicago, who has been diagnosed with a massive glioblastoma. The prognosis is months. I have stayed on here after my husband’s necessary return to Arabia to assist in whatever way I can and to share time with these people I love.
    Your blog, which has been a source of courage, inspiration, insight and glamour over the last year, is never far from my mind as we face these new challenges. I find your words echoing in my head so often. Thank you for this gift. Happy anniversary and many more.
    Love, Margaret

  13. Happy anniversary! You and your blog have certainly had a positive and wonderful impact on me and many others. I am sure Nelson is so proud of you!

  14. hello!
    I love hats
    I think that hats are powerful
    Today just I`ve know your blog and it´s makes me happy
    is very important for me, please you must continue
    I like Style Crone very much! Congratulations!
    choosing your outfits, which always included a hat!!!! it´s fantastic, you are fantastic!!!!!

    a hug from Bilbao

    sorry my bad english

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