It’s been over a year since Mr. J and I traveled to Italy, which was one of those trips of a lifetime.  However, every time that I travel it becomes my favorite adventure, even if it’s somewhere in Colorado. It’s all about mindset and the willingness to be open to the unknown.  But for today, I’m reflecting on Rome.

I loved everything about Italy.  The culture. The people. The food.  The architecture. The museums. The history.  And the fashion.  Every city and location in this breathtaking country was impressively beautiful.  Nevertheless, my favorite destination was Rome.

This dress was discovered in a small boutique adjacent to the Spanish Steps.  Made in Sicily, I was enamored with the garment’s resplendent colors, patterns, and the sumptuous silk fabric that fell to “just above the floor” in a flourish.  I was immediately smitten and it now lives amidst my collections, reminding me of the feelings that I had when I first laid eyes on its beauty. This dress also enticed me to dream of a visit to Sicily in the future.  Have you ever noticed how one destination leads to another?  And there’s no charge for a dream!

The statement earrings were found close by my favorite boutique in Rome, in an antique shop somewhere along our path.  There were so many pieces that called to me, but this pair stood out in the large selection lying seductively on every surface.  I could have remained in the shop for hours, but I can still remember how all of my senses were engaged during the short time that I scanned through the enormous inventory scattered before me in every direction.

The remaining pieces which comprise my composition also have special meaning.  The royal blue satin structured beret was purchased over a year ago in a NYC vintage shop and the vintage royal blue gloves and the vintage black slip are estate sale finds.  The black suede heeled boots were discovered at a Denver consignment shop, which sadly is no longer in existence.  The bracelet is a handmade piece by the glamorous Chicago milliner Loreta Corsetti.  Her creativity knows no bounds!

So ends my tribute to Rome and its many pleasures. I don’t know if I will ever return, but it really doesn’t matter. I was privileged to have the opportunity to explore the many gifts that this Italian city has to offer. The memories remain vibrant and I can access them whenever I please.

Photos By Daniel

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  1. Dear Style Crone, Following your blog, I am introduced to elegant, grand and luxurious clothing. However, your personal charm is center stage . Thanks for sharing. Judy

  2. I ordered the black-and-white top from Marigold that you modeled so elegantly back in October. I still have not received it, am unable to track it, An email to Marigold has yielded no action. Just thought you might be interested in how one of your recommendations is being handled. I do not hold you responsible in any way, but would think an endorsement by you should be handled better by the vendor. You look lovely as always and have motivated me to start wearing hats!!

  3. This outfit accents your beauty in the best way, and the fabric looks so sumptuous and creamy. Absolutely lovely!

  4. I’ve never been to Italy and don’t know if I will get there, but like you, I find something to love everywhere I visit. I think this is one of my favourite photo collaborations with you and Daniel. It’s a brilliant combination of luscious colours and striking poses.

  5. I am so sorry to hear this! This post was actually for Balefire Goods ( a Colorado-based jewelry store that I love – they hosted an in-store trunk show with Marigold Shadows earlier this Fall. Can you please email me your full name? While this mistake is not that of Balefire Goods, we can still pass along your message to Marigold Shadows. I can be reached at: Thank you!

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