My home and garden renovations are completed for now.  I had a list of goals to accomplish by last week, as I was interviewed and photographed in my home for a monthly online magazine covering style and beauty here in Denver.  It was helpful to have a date in mind to provide focus and motivation to finalize projects that I have wanted to do for a long time.

At the age of 76, it was important to me to surround myself with beauty now. Why put off something that could enhance my life on a daily basis.  What was I waiting for?

I will blog about the interview when it’s published in August. I found it to be fun and energizing.  The bonus is that my home has been provided with tender loving care.  Built in 1907, it needs intermittent upgrades and maintenance to continue to reveal its true beauty.

I have always loved living in what is called a Denver Square.  There are many homes in the city with the same floor plan, which were built in the same era as mine. Just as I love wearing vintage, I adore its sense of history and its character.  It needs care as it ages, and I love to provide that, as it gives back to me much pleasure.

My personal space reflects my style, and like composing an ensemble it is another form of self expression. An analogy for life, taking care of my home is an ever unfolding process of change. I’m excited to share what I have been focused on for many months.

I plan to blog about my home over the next few posts.  Or however long it takes to do a virtual tour.  I will explore each room, accompanied with an ensemble.

Photos by Nicole Marcelli

These photos were taken at the Denver Botanic Gardens, which provides unlimited beauty at every turn. I’m wearing a vintage silk organza dress by Pat Sandler – thrifted, jewelry – estate sales, heeled sandals – consignment shop, and a Patricia Underwood hat – from my hat shop in the 1980’s.


  1. Hi Judith….Can’t wait to see your home renovations. I’m sure they turned out as lovely as you seen always to “turn yourself out” so to speak. You have handled your life changes beautiful and with grace


  2. Love your photos on this post! Congrats on your interview and the home rehab ,,, can’t wait to see your ensembles “mise en place”! You are looking as lovely and stylish as ever!

  3. Judith,
    You had me at blue hat this time. Elegance and grace says it all. Homes are an intimate reflection of our inner being. How wonderful it will be to see yours. Thanks for generous sharing.

  4. Carole. UK.
    This was what I needed to hear today. At 74 and with a sick husband I have decided to give my kitchen a total revamp and now I am feeling scared and wondering if I have gone completely mad. By usual standards I should be downsizing. Thank you for making me feel less alone.

  5. What a beauy of a dress. Thrifted!! How I wish they had such things in thriftshops here in the Netherlands. Alas, no such thing.
    Looking forward to “seeing” your house.

  6. I have read your emails explaining what you are doing, but for whatever reason, did not realize I could click on something to get to the actual blog page! Senioritice I guess!. I am so touched by your entries and really appreciate how open you are about what is happening in your life. I turned 67 this year and just started teaching sewing as a second career! Showing such care and loving to yourself is a great gift! Keep on Lady!!!

  7. I”m eager to see how you’ve enhanced your home, and hope you name the skilled craftspeople who made it possible.

  8. Lovely photos, as always, but now I am looking forward to seeing how your elegant style will be reflected in your home!

  9. Judith – just wanted to say ‘hello’. I’ve followed you since almost the beginning and you never fail to astonish, uplift and inspire me. I am British and wish we had such thrift shops as you do. We have charity shops but in the past 20 years, they have got very savvy about anything valuable or gorgeous and price accordingly :-(( I’d love to find the sorts of things you do. Anyway, I’ve just broken my wrist while on a trip to South Africa. Need cheering up and this post with your promise of a home tour has done this. Go well.

  10. Hi Judith, You look wonderful and I enjoy your frequent posts. It was so good to hear from you and I am happy you are enjoying life. You are inspirational with all that you are doing with your travels, blogs, photos and home. I love, love, all your fashion; hats and all. Loving your garden at your home!

  11. This is my first venture into a blog about an older fabulous woman! I will be moving house soon to a Do Up and recently had the inspiration to do my house renovations for my FUTURE – the future home for me as I turn 70. This is as an alternative to feeling like it is a chore and a pain. Its all in the attitude isn’t it!

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