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The book launch for blogger, author and documentarian Ari Seth Cohen’s new book Advanced Style: Older and Wiser HERE took place on Tuesday, April 26th at Strand Bookstore HERE in NYC.  Not wanting to miss this exciting event, Mr J, Daniel and I traveled to NY.  The evening was even more amazing than we expected!


Photo By Daniel

With the gorgeous Valerie Von Sobel HERE on the cover, the book exceeds all expectations.  The pages are filled with inspiring images of stylish men and women from across the globe.  Ari continues to change the perception of older people with his photography and creative projects. The book includes a foreword by Simon Doonan; the witty and fascinating Creative Ambassador-at-Large at Barney’s, writer and fashion commentator.


Photo By Daniel

The launch has been expertly covered by the bloggers Jean and Valerie of the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas HERE and Sylvia of 40+Style HERE.  This post will be filled with photos, which reflect the fun and colorful evening, filled with people who expressed themselves beautifully with their artful ensembles.


Photo By Denton Taylor HERE

After remarks by Ari Seth Cohen (on the left) and Simon Doonan HERE, three of the women featured in the book read from their essays included in Older And Wiser.


Photo By Daniel

Beatrix Ost HERE had the audience transfixed, wearing her signature turban and a gorgeous hand painted skirt.


Photo By Daniel

Lana Turner read from her essay wearing one of the most amazing pieces of headwear on the face of the earth.


Photo By Daniel

Ilona Royce Smithkin, age 95, always inspires with her words and creative flair.  Singing “Que Sera Sera,” she had the audience in the palm of her hand.  As usual!


Photo By Daniel

Following the program, Ari Seth Cohen signed books, wearing a very special green and silver jacket.


Photo By Daniel

Irene Coyazo signs her page in the book for an admirer.


Photo By Daniel

Artist extraordinaire Debra Rapoport HERE is dressed in accessories of her own making.  Her hats always have me swooning!


Photo By Anne Balcer

Talking with the stunning Sarah Jane Adams HERE, world traveler and Instagram star HERE, who is writing her own book about clothing as a form of communication.


Photo From Merle Schwartz Weismer’s Collection

I was thrilled to meet Richard Aloisio, New York Times Art Director, who has an amazing gallery on Instagram HERE and artist Merle Schwartz Weismer HERE, who is wearing a hat created by Debra Rapoport.


Photo By Denton Taylor

Blogger Valerie of the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas HERE wore a tall straw chapeau that provided an instant “hat attack” the moment that I laid eyes upon its splendor.


Photo By Daniel

Blogger Lyn Slater of the Accidental Icon HERE always wears the most fabulous large earrings and sunnies.


Photo By Daniel

The talented designer Patricia Fox HERE stands next to a gentleman who is a master pattern mixer!


Photo By Denton Taylor

From left, Maureen Gumbe HERE, Colleen Heidemann HERE and Pearl Harbour HERE (carrying a handbag of her own design), stun the crowd outside the Strand!


Photo By Daniel

Hat designer Nikki K HERE (on the left), wearing a headpiece of her own design, stands next to Lana Turner, offering a closeup of her magnificent headwear.


Photo By Daniel

Artist Richard Cramer and I admire his wife Carol Markel’s photo in the book.


Photo By Denton Taylor

Blogger, artist and milliner Carol Markel HERE wears a hat and beads of her own design.


Photo By Denton Taylor

Instagrammer Dayle of Artful City Style HERE stands to the left of the Baroness HERE, who is wearing a fabulous green latex suit of her own creation.


Photo By Daniel

From left, Ari Seth Cohen HERE, artist Sue Kritzman HERE and jewelry designer Diana Gabriel HERE enjoy the evening as the crowd wanes.


Photo By Daniel

From left, two of the dapper gentlemen included in the book, urban dandy Ignacio Quiles HERE of Sartorial Pairings and Bob Miller HERE, smile for the camera.


Photo By Daniel

Joyce Carpati, in her beautiful signature pearls, displays her photo and essay, as Rosebud, to the right, flashes a radiant smile.


Photo By Daniel

As the evening came to a close, many of us formed a line for photos.  Tutti Bennett HERE on the left and her husband Paul Bennet HERE, second from right, came all the way from Australia for the event.


Photo By Denton Taylor

Thank you to the star of the event, Ari Seth Cohen, for a wonderful evening filled with warm, talented and creative people of all ages.  It is an honor to be included in the book. The Advanced Style Movement continues to inspire us all to live our lives to the fullest and challenges us to fulfill our dreams at any age, no matter what they may be.

Thank you to Heather Stoten of The Hat Workshop HERE for creating my gold silk turban, which accessorized the vintage red silk gown adorned with sparkles. The turban has been filled with joyful memories which will remind me of this magical evening over and over again from its perch in the hat room.

Linking up with Catherine’s #iwillwearwhatilike HERE at Not Dressed As Lamb and Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style.


  1. I have TEARS in MY EYES!!!!!!!!!YOU were ALL IN THE SAME ROOM!!!!!!!
    Wonderful photos DANIEL……….love YOU and ARI at the end JUDITH!
    I went to the LA JOLLA Book signing and will be writing up my POST SOON.
    It was INDEED EXCITING and SO interesting to hear the stories!!!!!
    BEAUTIFUL POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh. my. goodness.

    First, thank you, Daniel, for taking all of these fabulous photos. Thank you, Judith, for this amazing post. I love the photo of you laughing with Richard, so candid and lovely. You look like a movie star and your gold turban is a fitting crown. I would have been overwhelmed in this environment!

    Ari, look what he has brought together. Amazing. AMAZING. Just a few short years ago, who would have thought this possible?! Hugs.

  3. What a fabulous collage of fiber loving humans!!
    There is almost no way to stand out in that crowd…everyone is so unique and lovely!!
    Judith, you look lovely in a most classy & formal way!
    I want to say that I love your hair in it’s natural color of white/grey!!

  4. oh my, oh my. The emotions just jump out of the photos. What a glorious event, movement, experience. Thanks everyone. Thanks Ari for gathering it all and putting it out there for us all to see. Thank you Judith. mmwwaa!

  5. What an AMAZING Group of People with Incredible Creative Brilliance!!!! I have been following these wonderful blogs for some while now, and they just get Better And Better! Maybe one day, I can attend such a gathering in person. Anything is Possible!
    Everyone looked Fabulous, and Judith, you were Stunning in your Red Dress and Gold Turban. I am always inspired to try new things as a result of what I see in your photos.
    Thank You for the inspiration and the wonderful sharing.

  6. Such a fabulous event and so happy to be there and see you and all the lovely Advanced Style women. So glad for Ari and his success with the book.

  7. Hi Judith, thanks so much for including me in your post! Only wish we had more time to visit! I have so many relatives and friends in the city, as NY is my hometown, I have to squish. Selfishly, I made it to the Cooper Hewitt Triennial and was able to check out their immersion rooms to create my own designs. I also visited a friend who had a gallery opening in Chelsea, I hope you had a nice time in the city. Hope we get to meet again soon!


    I feel like I was there!! Wonderful !!

    Jewel. Xo. :))

  9. Judith, you looked divine – that red dress is amazing. I’ve always admired Ari Seth Cohen and his take on older women – and very much looking forward to getting a copy of his new book. (I shall put it on my wish-list for my up-coming birthday!) And you have some wonderful photos on this post – love, love, love all these beautiful women.

    Thank you for being such an inspiration and for this brilliant post x

  10. What a wonderful post my dear … It had me in tears … just thinking of the magnitude of such an event. Thank you for sharing such a splendid evening … and for linking to all of these spectacular creative souls … yourself included!

    Sending much love and gratitude your way.

    Tamera Beardsley

  11. I just finished reading a dumb article on how to dress edgy over 50. I knew I was going to regret reading it too.
    Then I came here. How refreshing! I hope one day everyone will feel free to express themselves without being judged by others.

  12. Thank you Judith for sharing the photographs of the amazing women and men who dressed up to celebrate the launch of Ari’s latest book. I would have loved to attend but the pictures of all the colorful and imaginative clothes the guests wore was the next best thing. You looked stunning as usual! Thank you to Daniel for taking so many great photos.

  13. What a stunning event! I was so thrilled to be able to meet Ari and several of his book’s featured subjects at one of his LA book signings. It was marvelous!

  14. You look so regal in your red and gold! Daniel did a great job photographing the event, and I’ve been devouring the posts written about it so I can live vicariously through those of you who attended. All my favourite women in one room!! Lana’s hat was spectacular, and I loved the photo of you and Sarah Jane in your wonderful red outfits – two very different, but equally fabulous styles.

  15. Judith, you looked positively smashing at the Advanced Style event. Red and gold is a powerful combination that truly set you apart from the rest of the fabulous fashionistas! I can totally imagine you looking just as stunning in that outfit with our statement cluster earrings.

  16. Aaaahhh!!! Pure joy to see these shots. I love Daniel’s eye and you must have had so many pics to choose from!! I can’t possibly single out any the fabulous people there, some of whom I’ve met, and others that I’d love to meet. The energy and emotion must have been over the top.

    You are radiant, glowing, and utterly your elegant self. So happy for you in this moment!!!! Isn’t it amazing to see where life takes us? XOXO

  17. This was such a good post. Thank you for all those lovely pictures. I get the feeling as if I am starting to know all these fabulous ladies.
    You looked gorgeous (as you do), a grand lady.
    And I think Ari has changed his way of dressing, hanging out with all these paradise birds. He doesn’t want to be inferior haha. Really he looks very good.

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