Photo by Camille

Happy Thanksgiving from The Style Crone and ‘silk satin’ greetings from the appetizer area.  We have much to be thankful for. The results of Nelson’s scans are negative, so the cause of the abnormal lab values is unclear.  The mystery continues, but for today we rejoice in the gathering of family and friends and live in the moment of celebration.

I am grateful for everyone that I have met in the blogging ‘world’ over the past several months.  Thank you for checking in, your comments, and all that you give.  This has been a life enhancing experience!


  1. hey Judith,
    Love Love Love the outfit…the color is radiant the belt is pulling it all together…and who could forge the pose…ROCKON STYLE CRONE!!

  2. Judith, you look fabulous! I feel blessed being friends with you and your family and spending thanksgiving together is lovely! love Paula

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