I love this video tutorial by Deja Pseu of Une femme d’un certain age, one of my favorite fashion blogs. I have a huge scarf inventory, so it’s always helpful for The Style Crone to come upon new and clever ideas for scarf tying.  Now that I have this video to rely upon, I can refer back to it and practice until these new techniques are integrated into my “ties for long scarves repertoire.”  Another dementia prevention strategy!


  1. Aww, thanks!

    LOL @ “dementia prevention strategy!” Just learning to use the webcam and the video software gave my little brain cells a real workout! Hopefully I’ve purchased myself another few months of lucidity.

  2. I’m so grateful for these new tying methods. I love scarves and as the cold weather sets in I need new inspired ways to wear them! Thanks Style Crone!

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