There’s nothing that screams “holiday” more than velvet. And in my world, rhinestones during the day or evening are always a strategy for embellishment!

For this post I dressed in everything vintage. Just for the fun of it! The gifted Schiaparelli silk velvet and satin turban has been a hit with me for years.  I found the wine colored velvet gown and the fingerless long velvet gloves at estate sales, of course. And I’ve been collecting rhinestones since the 1970’s.  A little sparkle is always good for the soul.

These photos were taken before my trip to Minnesota last week.  My 97-year-old mother was in the midst of a medical crisis and my family was concerned that she was not long for this world.  I traveled to visit her at the drop of a hat.

She had experienced a series of small strokes, and when I arrived she had been transferred to a higher level of care and had suffered physical and cognitive deficits. However, over the next few days she adjusted to her new reality and was slowly back to going with the flow. She won’t be playing bridge again, but there are a few cards that she still has up her sleeve!  She really knows how to make a quick and miraculous holiday turnaround and the season will be festive and sweet after all!

Photos By Daniel

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Hat Attack #53

December 1st, 2017

December’s Hat Attack is an “ode” to vintage millinery finery.  This Coralie brimmed beauty with rhinestone pin has been perched in the hat room for years.  When I realized that it was the perfect accessory for the red vintage coat that I purchased from a friend several years ago, I knew that it was time to declare my love for vintage hats.

I love hats from every era if they call to me. Today I’m announcing from the empty stage at Denver’s Union Station that the way to top off an outfit for the holidays is to “put a hat on it!.”  Give me a microphone and I will declare it to whoever will listen!

Vintage rhinestones for day or evening are always right with me, and of course my vintage glove collection gets in on the action.  Red lipstick is just another accessory to add to the celebration of the season.

I wish each and every one of my beautiful followers a happy holiday season.  However you celebrate, or don’t, please know that I am grateful for your readership and for your comments. Style Crone would not exist without you, and I am grateful for your loyalty and kindness.

Photos By Daniel

A special thank you to Daniel for his ongoing support and sharing of his talent and skill.  We are growing together in unison and having fun along the way.

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Last week I was honored by a visit from Cynthia Pastor, the creative, kind, generous, stylish, compassionate and beautiful founder of the Instagram gallery sin60style HERE.  She and her photographer Emma were in Denver, and of course we met for a photo shoot.  As evidenced by the photos in this post, we had an outrageously wonderful time!

Daniel was in the driver’s seat, and off we went to the River North area of Denver, where the paint is never dry on the most recent rendition of street art. This area of Denver is growing so fast that it’s barely recognizable from one visit to the next.

Cynthia was stunning in her silver faux fur-trimmed jacket and pajama wear. She was art on art from one street to the next.  She never disappoints with her ability to create silhouettes, mix patterns and astound with her signature sunglasses.  She is wearing a top and bottom by BCBG, jacket by Top Shop, shoes by Kendall and Kylie and the necklaces is handmade from volcanic stones in Iceland.

Cynthia is from Long Beach, California, and is an interior designer and stylist. It shows in her creative self-expression.  We share similar interests and the love of aging with passion.

Laughter and frivolity reigned and Cynthia is even more clever in real life. This quality is prominent in the meaningful and poetic quotes that playfully accompany her Instagram posts. Intellect is a wonderful accessory to style!

In honor of Cynthia’s visit, I wore the vintage Michaele Vollbracht HERE silk “cat” tunic embellished with sequins, a vintage black headpiece also trimmed with sequins and vintage statement earrings.

I discovered the tunic at an estate sale some time ago, and in researching its origin, I came upon a photo of this dress as one of many pieces auctioned by Christie’s from The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor: Fashion and Accessories on December 15th, 2011 HERE. The price realized was $4,750.00.  I paid under $100 for this beauty. Imagine my surprise and my delight, as I had no idea of its value when I found it.  I just thought it was gorgeous and unique, and the awareness of it’s possible price tag doesn’t change that a bit.

Photos By Daniel

Thank you Cynthia and Emma, for a memorable and joyous visit, which would not have happened without the wonderful world of Instagram and the Advanced Style Movement created by Ari Seth Cohen HERE. Denver enjoyed every minute of you!

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Several years ago I posted a “gown series” with images photographed in a mid-century modern furniture store.  It was the perfect backdrop for vintage style. In the spirit of this tradition, the photos for today’s post were taken in the Antique Annex HERE, a vintage wonderland located on South Broadway and Iowa in Denver, Colorado.

There’s an outfit for every occasion, and the Annex deserved a vintage ensemble, which I “shopped” for amidst my collections. The fringe trimmed dress was discovered in a NYC vintage shop that no longer exists and the feather turban and rhinestone jewels were discovered at estate sales.  The long black velvet gloves with rhinestone trim were “confiscated” from my hat shop in the 80s.

The eclectic, charming energy of the Antique Annex is all in part to its six Coopers, all of whom embrace their own unique, creative, and artistic abilities, making it a vintage sanctuary for everyone’s own distinct style. You will find beautiful furniture, home accessories, lovely jewelry, and uncommon objects from all over the world in every nook and cranny.

This multifaceted team of vintage artists is made up of Jack and Jon, who have been in the business for 75 years, following the legacy of Jack’s parents who were antique dealers. Their unique style consists of a varied selection of items ranging from the traditional, the mod, and the utterly unusual. Gwen has been in the business since the 90s, fully embracing traditional and conventional styles, as does Jennie, who began collecting decades ago.

Larry specializes in retro and unusual items, a passion he embraces as he journeys into his mid-40s. Jennifer began collecting 8 years ago, but has always had a passion for mid-century furniture and atypical items, treasures that can’t be found anywhere else. These six have an ever evolving sense of what’s relevant, combining the wonders of the past with the applicability of the present. There is something for everyone at the Antique Annex!

In the 1990s I was a vendor in an antique market, also on South Broadway in Denver. I sold vintage clothing and accessories, specializing in hats.  The Antique Annex brought back fond memories of a very special piece of my history. Wandering amidst its treasures dressed in fringe and feathers was a trip down a well-traveled lane of my past.

Photos By Wren Duggan

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Over two years ago I began collaborating with the talented and accomplished Denver icon, designer Brooks Luby of Brooks Ltd HERE and have blogged about our adventures in the past on Style Crone.  It has been an honor and privilege to model for her photo shoots, a piece featuring her mother-of-the bride couture in Novelty Bride Magazine and her pop-up shops. This past weekend I modeled for the presentation of her designs at Massif Fashion Week HERE. Over this period of time we have become friends and have spent endless hours talking about fashion, aging with passion and the unfolding escapades of our lives.

Brooks’s most recent designs are the luxurious and versatile hammered velvet tunics in the photos displayed in this post.  They have been created in two luscious colors and four designs/styles.  They are versatile and can be worn for many occasions, both dressy and casual.  Accessories and a change of background pieces allow these magical tunics to shine for almost any event.


The velvet tunics are inspired from Brooks’s Town and Country Resort Collection.  They can be worn in the city dressed up with slender pants, long skirts or leggings and look great with leather.  They can go countryside or mountain top with jeans and boots.  The tunics are the perfect top to accessorize with a statement necklace or two. The sumptuous velvet is an easy fit, soft to the touch and drapes beautifully over body curves.


The tunics are easy to care for and can be machine washed and laid flat to dry.  One size has proven to fit most. They also come in mesh, which are not shown in this post. The mesh tunics feel and drape like chiffon but are very durable.

Photos By Daniel

Both the velvet and mesh tunics are available for purchase on Brooks’s shoppe page HERE (scroll down page for styles and availability). Now excuse me while I throw on my tunic and rush off to my yoga class! From there I’m catching coffee with a friend without needing to change a thing!

Photo by Kiersty Bell Mallory

With Brooks Luby at her studio in our tunics.

This post is not sponsored, but rather a tribute to a friend.

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