I seldom read fashion books, but when I learned that Alyson Walsh had written Style Forever HERE, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.  After all, I have been following her inspirational and highly entertaining blog That’s Not My Age HERE for years.  I had the pleasure of meeting Alyson in NYC over a year ago, and found her to be kind, witty and even more beautiful in person.  I wanted to know what she had to say!


When I met Alyson, she was wearing the vintage faux fur leopard coat that she refers to in her book as “The Beast.”  As a lover of vintage AND leopard print, I knew immediately that she was a woman of style, creativity and substance, and indeed I found this to be true.

Style Forever is a book focused on the Fab generation for those of us over 50, although it could be enjoyed by anyone of any age.  A writer for The Guardian and The Financial Times and with a history of working for glossy magazines, Alyson comes with a wealth of knowledge and the wisdom of personal experience.  The beautiful illustrations throughout the book are by Leo Greenfield HERE, who is known for his documentation of street style and culture.

The book spoke to me from the beginning with “The Elements Of Style,”  which included the concepts of wearing vintage no matter one’s age and the fine art of adorning with scarves.  I concur with the view that dressing with flair and individual self-expression is not limited by age or any other factor that presents itself in life.

I was fascinated with Alyson’s “Style Tribe” descriptions, from the casual glamourpuss to the ageless rocker.  The inclusion of each category’s style heroines and its essentials were skillfully researched and gloriously represented through illustrations.

I loved the quotes peppered throughout the book which me laugh and reflect, and the interviews of fabulous women over 50 were absolute page turners.  Though all were inspiring, my favorite was milliner, DJ and fashion muse Thelma Speirs. On being a milliner, she states that, “Hats are pretty joyful – they’re not much to do with anything but having fun and expressing yourself.”   That quote alone was reason for an instant Hat Attack!

There’s a part of me that has always wanted to be a DJ, and because of Alyson’s interview I am aware of someone in my age category who has made this a reality for herself.  Just as there’s a hat for every occasion, the same could be said of a playlist. The challenge of playing music that makes it impossible for anyone to do anything but express one’s self through dance is a true calling!

I was delighted to find an entire chapter dedicated to lifestyle, body and mind. Without health, life becomes more difficult, including developing one’s personal style.  I welcomed Harriet Griffey’s “Six Top Tips For Living A Mindful Life” and the focus on exercise and self-care.

These are a few of the many highlights for me in Style Forever, but I don’t want to give all its secrets away!  To enjoy this book as much as I did, it can be purchased in the UK now and will be available soon in the US:

Style Forever by Alyson Walsh ( Hardie Grant, £12.99) was published in the UK on 12 March: Illustrations: Leo Greenfield

Style Forever  by Alyson Walsh (Hardie Grant, $19.95) will be published in the US on 1 September 2015: Illustrations: Leo Greenfield.  Pre-order HERE.


Alyson, your book is fabulous!  I hope to meet you again someday, with book in hand, requesting an autograph for my copy of Style Forever.  

I’m taking Style Forever and its message of remaining visible across the age continuum over to Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style!



March 15th, 2015


Today I transition to the age of 72, and I’m savoring every minute of this era.  I’m floating through it, treasuring it, feeling it with every breath that I take and release. I’m awake and alive and deeply engaged with the life that has been given me.

The cubist bust form composed of hard plastic resin and developed for use in a retail environment by Nanasai Japan for Greneker was my companion for this photo taken at Mod Livin’ HERE.  I was attracted to its shape and how it dwells in space with confidence.


I’m filled with wonder and amazement with how my life is evolving.  I feel deep pleasure in the moment and passion for the future.  Though feelings of loss and sadness continue to visit at times, I believe this to be the human experience.  I’m coming to accept the mysterious continuum of feelings that accompany events in the present, reflections on the past, and thoughts regarding the future.

I seldom obsess about the changes that come with age or how long I will be here in my physical body.  I don’t know how it happened!  Was it the accumulation of years of yoga and daily meditation? Was it the passage of time that calmed the deep and turbulent river of grief?  Was it the love of those who surround me, both face to face and online, and the deep affection that I wholeheartedly return?  Whatever the precipitant or combination of all of the above, I embrace life with all of my heart. A shift has occurred and I feel it from the top of my hat to the tip of my black suede pumps.


From my gloved hands and arms to the drape of my silk velvet gown.


From my burnt ostrich feathers hovering from their velvet crown over my face like a veil to my pearl and rhinestone necklace created in 1982 by my dear friend Lonnie HERE, talented artist and deep thinker.  My gaze may be down, but in I’m looking up!


Photos By Daniel

I’m holding unto my hat, and I’m vowing to spend my time doing what I love to do. I’m ready to take risks and leap into the abyss, learn from mistakes that occur, move through fear when it inevitably arises and see where life takes me. Who knows what this year of inhabiting 72 will bring?  Whatever happens, I’m ready for the ride!

I’m linking up with Sacramento’s Share-in-Style at Mis Papelicos HERE and Cherie’s Shoe And Tell at Style Nudge HERE.


I’m delighted to be co-hosting Shoe and Tell with the gorgeous Cherie at Style Nudge HERE.  Cherie is a self described “stylist and life long collector of unique things.” It was an honor to be asked to contribute to her link-up featuring shoes, which are nearly as important to me as hats.

What better way to celebrate this event than traveling to Mod Livin’ HERE for another afternoon of photos.  There are an unlimited number of background opportunities at this location that have been spinning around in our brains since last week.  How could I forget this sculptural ceramic planter and the set of cabinets circa the 50’s by William Palmann?


These long buttery-soft vintage leather gloves have been waiting for the light of day for years.  What am I saving them for if not a Thursday afternoon hanging out at Mod Livin’. They have a luxurious feel to them as I pull them over my elbows, nearly meeting the velvet and sheer silk chiffon sleeves of the gown.  They play nicely with “The Jane” sectional sitting on the showroom floor.


The sun creates shadows through the window with its warm light, unto the orange sleeper sofa by Blu_Dot, cleverly named “The One Night Stand.”


Photos By Daniel

I last wore this gown to a holiday party at a friend’s home.  I can feel the warm energy of the memory today, as it makes its appearance accompanied by the burnt ostrich feather headpiece.  And for the gloves?  I’m ready to wear them again soon, and will be thinking about how they can accessorize another outfit in the future. I believe in wearing the good stuff now!

Everything that I’m wearing in this post was discovered at estate sales over the years, except for the pearl and rhinestone necklace, which was created in the 80’s by my dear friend and brilliant artist Lonnie Hanzon HERE.

I’m linking up with Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style.  Patti is wearing a Karina dress that looks like it was made for her.


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Hat Attack #20

March 1st, 2015


Hat Attack for March features this multicolored velvet turban by Lisogorsky. I discovered this beauty over a year ago when hat shopping in NYC with the fabulous Jean and Valerie of The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas HERE.  They always know the very best hat haunts!


I wore this turban once before on Style Crone HERE for my dear friend Diana’s croning ceremony, where I referred to this piece of art as an elevated crone crown.  Some hats are without question Hat Attack worthy and in need of a close-up!


Here it is in all of its glory, with its folds of draped multicolored velvet over felt.


Photos By Daniel

From the back, the turban is accessorized by my gifted vintage silk velvet top with rhinestone clasps which played in harmony with estate sale vintage rhinestone earrings.  The design on the wall is once again provided by Mod Livin’ HERE.  The fact that the color of the design was similar to one of the colors adorning the velvet turban is synchronicity at its best.

I’m linking up with Cherie’s Shoe And Tell HERE at Style Nudge and Sacramento’s Share-in-Style HERE at  Mis Papelicos.

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The Red Chair

February 23rd, 2015


Newsflash!  Daniel has recently become the freelance photographer for Mod Livin’ HERE , “the Rocky Mountain region’s premier outlet for contemporary and modern furniture designs and mid-century furniture and accessories.” This gig evolved from his photography for Style Crone, and he’s enjoying the change of pace, finding furniture as interesting as hats.  And outfits.  And poses.   Although furniture is less interactive and doesn’t participate in playful bantering.


In celebration of his new endeavor and the recognition of his talent, we traveled to Mod Livin’ for photographs.  The red chair, or The Diamond Chair by Harry Bertoia HERE, caught our attention, and I settled into its contemporary and luxurious comfort.

“If you look at these chairs, they are mainly made of air, like sculpture. Space passes right through them.”
-Harry Bertoia


The red chair deserved red lipstick as an accessory to reflect its vibrant energy.


Mixing leopard and cheetah prints captured the mood of this mid-century modern afternoon.


Crone hands and wrist embellished with estate sale finds, resting next to the vintage leopard print belt.


Photos By Daniel

Daniel’s photo of the red chair can be viewed on 1stdibs HERE and is for sale.  Style Crone was not compensated for this post.  My reward was the excitement of Daniel’s new and well deserved success and expansion!

Black 70’s jumpsuit, leopard print belt, and jewelry – estate sales, vintage cheetah print tall pillbox hat – consignment store, black boots – retail sale over a decade ago.

I’m taking the red chair over to Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style. Today Patti’s wearing a stunning coat of many colors!  I’m also linking up with Cherie’s Shoe And Tell HERE at Style Nudge!  I’m also taking my cheetah print and boots over to Sheila’s Shoe Shine HERE at Ephemera and Anne’s 52 pick-me-up: Dots HERE at Spy Girl.

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