One of the highlights of my NYC adventure was the tea party hosted by artist and milliner Carol Markel of Femme Et Fleur HERE and artist and hat maker Debra Rapoport of Better With Age, Better With Syle HERE at the home of Carol and her husband, artist Richard Cramer.  The tea was in honor of Jean Barrett of Dross Into Gold HERE and moi.

It was a delightful gathering of creatives and this post will focus on the wonderful and kind people who gathered for an afternoon (and into the evening) of frivolity.  Other bloggers present at the tea have included images of the table covered with delicious treats and Carol and Richard’s artful home.  Please check out the links throughout my post!

The group above includes several of the attendees; from left to right: Marsha Carlin, Jean, Carol, Debra, myself and the elegant Joyce Carpati, a regular on Advanced Style HERE.


Carol was dressed in her party finery, including a hat from Paris that was pulled from the top shelf of a closet in the middle of the party. Now you know that we were partaking of something other than tea!  She is also wearing the infinity scarf gifted by Jean. I love her mix of colors and her playfulness.  Carol blogged about the tea party HERE.


Debra was a vision in her outfit, which was handmade, gifted and thrifted. Her hat was made with papertowels and her neckpiece was handcrafted on the very day of the party.  Now that’s talent in all of its glorious spontaneity!


Mr J had a fabulous time at the tea, as evidenced by his warm smile and mischievous expression.  He is the perfect travel companion and I’m grateful to have him in my life.


It was wonderful to see the warm and talented Jean Barrett of Dross Into Gold.  Jean was the first blogger that I met after launching Style Crone and is always glamorous in her beautifully upcycled ensembles. Everything she wears is handmade or thrifted, and her hat is truly a work of art. Jean blogged about the party HERE.


It was a delight to meet the gorgeous artist and talented photographer Feda Eid of The Electic Photographer HERE, after following her incredible blog and Instagram posts.  Her red dress and earrings were handmade and she blogged about the party HERE, including photos of the amazing food and festive surroundings.


Feda, Jean and Richard shine together in this photo.  Richard is an accomplished artist and art teacher, and shared some of his remarkable stories during the afternoon.


Jewelry designer Diana Gabriel models the stunning jacket that she discovered at Off Broadway Boutique HERE.  I love everything about this look, from her edgy haircut to the shoes on her feet.


Artist Elke Kuhn made a grand entrance in her red large brimmed Patricia Underwood hat, accessorized by bracelets and beads.  She really knows how to put together black and white, topped off with the perfect amount of red.


Jean, on the left, and Valerie, on the right, of the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas HERE, add fun, style, magnificent hats and humor to any event that they attend.  No exception here! I loved standing “tulle to tulle” with Jean and her hat by Amy Downs HERE. “Tulle to feather” next to Valerie was quite the treat too!  Read their post about the tea party HERE.


Jean, one of the Ifs, snaps a shot of the fabulous Nonnie Balcer, who wore a lovely pale blue suit and black wig for the event.


There was art of many types at the tea party.  Outfits, hats, jewelry, scarves and the treasured art of connection. The dresses in the above photo are designed and created by Carol Markel. I know this post is about people, but I couldn’t resist including an image of the brilliant colors and geometric shapes that popped before my eyes.


Debra and her partner, singer and songwriter Stan Satlin, are always a visual wonder.


Shopping for a hat in Carol’s “Hat Shop In A Box” was a thrill!  I purchased one of these beauties, and it will be featured as July’s Hat Attack!


I’m finishing just as I started, with another group photo.  It includes the image of Carola Vecchio,  third from the right, who is not only wearing a hat, but holding another in her hand.  I love it when someone brings two hats to a party.  Many thanks to Carol and Debra for an afternoon to be remembered always!

I began my NYC adventure at the Frida Kahlo Exhibit with the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas HERE, in my vintage floral kimono with vintage man’s shirt, vintage red chiffon skirt and red embroidered shoes. I wore this composition again to the tea party.  The only new addition was the vintage green headpiece with attached green tulle, which can be playfully thrown around in any direction at a moment’s notice.

Wearing the same outfit twice was a packing strategy, and it was also the first time that I wore the kimono.  It’s been in my closet forever, and was waiting for the perfect opportunity to flaunt its florals at two extraordinary events in NYC.  This gives credence to the concept that if a piece can be worn once every 20 years, it’s a keeper!

In NYC With Advanced Style

June 20th, 2015


Photo By Ari Seth Cohen

It was a thrill to meetup with the brilliant Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style HERE and Debra Rapoport, artist, hat maker extraordinaire and regular on Ari’s blog.  I was honored to have this photo appear on Advanced Style HERE several weeks ago.


Mr J and I had great fun roaming the streets of the Upper West Side with these two creative, warm, accomplished and interesting people.


Photo By Ari Seth Cohen

The last time that I saw Ari and Debra in NYC, Debra and I applied lipstick after lunch. I think it’s become a ritual, as documented in the above photo.


Debra creates or upcycles almost everything she wears, unless it’s thrifted or gifted, and this closeup reveals her talent and boundless creativity.  Many of her hats are made from paper towels and much of what she designs is made from trash.  Read more about Debra on her website Debra Rapoport, Better With Age, Better With Style HERE.


I love this handsome photo of Ari, with his blue glasses and expressive face, which reveals the creator of The Advanced Style Movement to perfection.  Besides Ari’s blog, you can find his book Advanced Style HERE and The Advanced Style Documentary HERE.

I am wearing a teal feather toque which was discovered at C. Madeleine’s Vintage HERE, a long teal/turquoise skirt upcycled from a gown from the 50’s, a black top from a yard sale, and vintage pumps with beaded trim purchased at an estate sale.


My glorious trip to NYC began with the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas, a visit to The New York Botanical Gardens HERE in the Bronx  and The Freda Kahlo Exhibit: Art – Garden – Life HERE.  Jean and Valerie have blogged about our adventure HERE, with a beautifully written and detailed post which includes more photos of tropical beauty, information on exhibit features which we didn’t have time to visit and images of additional Frida inspired outfits worn by garden visitors.


Valerie, on the left, and Jean, on the right, frame Frida perfectly in their creative ensembles of the day. Valerie wore a deep orange Ivan Grundahl sleeveless dress, an Osamu Mita woven throw, Pleats Please blouse, antique ethnographic necklaces, and knitted cuffs with Frida’s portrait (cut from socks).  Jean wore a black sleeveless voile shirt which she adorned with cascades of bakelite and prayer beads.


Jean donned Trippen boots, that’s me in embroidered red fabric shoes, and Valerie wore flats made of Kuna Indian molas.  Our diverse choices of footwear withstood hours of walking as we made our way through the Enid Haupt Conservatory, which showcased plants and flowers reflecting Frida’s intense interest in the botanical world. We strolled through the rainforest, the desert and then to Casa Azuel (Blue House), all of which reimagined Frida’s garden and studio in her lifelong home in Mexico City.


I wore a floral silk kimono and man’s silk shirt (both from the 20’s), a Maeve Carr straw hat from the 80’s and a vintage red double layer chiffon maxi skirt.


I was fascinated by the headwear that Valerie and Jean wore, and wanted to share as many perspectives and views as possible.  Valerie wore a Japanese tenugui (hand towel) as headwrap and Jean wore an Ignatius hat.


Along the way we were surrounded by a wonderland of natural beauty which enlivened our senses.  The above photo is only one example of the magnificence that was on display.  The Mysore Clockvine is native to India and its color combination will most surely find its way into an outfit in the future.  I already have something in mind!

IMAG0859Valerie snapped a shot of Jean and me in the midst of foliage which comprised a rainforest canopy, accessed by a stairway.


We spent time admiring a recreation of the pyramid which was located outside of the Casa Azul, where Frida lived with her husband, muralist Diego Rivera.


This photo by the Ifs captures the representation and details of another side of the pyramid; the original was designed by Diego Rivera in 1941.


The other visitors provided as much visual delight as the gardens.  In this photo, Erica stuns with her colorful tropical print sundress and hair flower.


I was thrilled to be introduced to Sandy Long by Jean and Valerie, who was wearing the most spectacular hat which topped off her colorful outfit.


I loved everything about this woman’s outfit, but was of course focused on the crown of flowers that adorned her hair.


Valerie and this woman dressed in turquoise and prints shared a few laughs as we strolled along the garden’s grounds.


Outside the entrance to Shop In The Garden HERE a woman demonstrated traditional backstrap loom weaving, dressed in a beautifully embroidered top.  The gift shop provided an opportunity to browse through Frida-inspired items, which functioned as another gallery within the gardens.


To top off the day, we enjoyed cocktails at Cipriani, a restaurant at Grand Central Station, which is where our journey began hours earlier.  This photo depicts the gorgeous bakelite that Jean is famous for wearing and Valerie’s wrists display her Frida cuffs made from socks, which you can create too, by following the directions on this post by the IFs HERE.

There’s never a dull moment when hanging out with these two generous, warm, witty and creative women.  They embody the vibrancy and beauty of a city that opens up my world more fully with every visit.


I’ve been home from NYC for a week now, and have been reviewing photos and preparing posts about my adventures. However, I found that I was unable to move forward without devoting today’s post to Lynn Dell, The Countess of Glamour.  Her story became a part of the trip because I learned of her hospitalization during the time that I spent in the “city of dreams.”  By the time I returned home she was gone.

It was a surprise to me because she seemed invincible.  But I have come to know that disbelief lies in wake when a beloved soul leaves us behind to collectively weep.  Bold, beautiful, energetic, full of life, glamorous, charismatic, powerful.  When she entered a room all eyes were upon her.  Almost always wearing headwear and accessorizing with flair, she was a continual and evolving work of art.


Photos By Ari Seth Cohen

Brought to life by Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style HERE, through his blog, book and documentary, the world came to know her as a symbol of aging with style and glorious self-expression.  The tribute that Ari wrote HERE is deeply moving and the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas wrote a beautiful post in her memory HERE.

I was enamored with her ability to live life to the fullest and of her accomplishments. As the proprietress of Off Broadway HERE, a boutique on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, her window displays were dramatic and enticing.

I had the privilege of meeting Lynn several times over the years, but didn’t know her well.  I admired her from afar. I began frequenting her boutique in 1999, when my daughter Camille moved to NYC to attend college.  She was usually sitting near the entrance as I passed by, greeting customers with an endearing smile and a compliment, always making me feel special.  I loved going to the back of the shop, which was filled with previously worn treasures.  I usually found something wonderful to add to my collections.


Photo By Daniel

This skirt was purchased at Off Broadway during my most recent visit.  Lynn wasn’t sitting in her usual spot as I entered the store. From this point on, I will always remember her when I wear this long, full black beauty, cut on the bias with scalloped hemline.  It’s perfect for twirling and it reminds me of her, with its wide-reaching swirls of luxurious satin.  It’s generous enough to allow star pose in prayer position, in honor of a spirit who profoundly inspired me.  She will always be remembered for the life that she lived, changing how our culture views aging.  It was an honor and a privilege to have been in the presence of Lynn Dell.

I’m taking my Off Broadway skirt over to the gorgeous Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style.  Miraculously, I ran into Patti in NYC over a week ago, and will be blogging about that cosmic meeting over the coming weeks.







Hat Attack #23

June 1st, 2015


June’s Hat Attack is one of my all time favorites, which was discovered in Miami at C Madeline’s HERE, a vintage shop of epic proportions.  Their vintage hat collection is outstanding and this sculpture attests to its excellence.


This teal feather covered toque has a special perch in the hat room.  Its feathers have been stripped with the tips left intact, and when not out the door for a special occasion, it thrills me every time my gaze lands on its splendor.


Photos By Daniel

Now it’s your turn to throw a little headwear love my way!

Please display your hat, headwrap, headpiece, fascinator, hair flower, headband or other adornment for your head that you adore, give The SC a JUNE HAT ATTACK  and kindly link to Style Crone somewhere in your post. Can’t wait to see the beautiful contributions that you share throughout the next week. Participation will be open through Sunday, June  7th.

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