The SC and Mr. J traveled to San Francisco last week for a visit with friends, fun, frivolity and a health related appointment on the side.

My new strategy for carry-on involves the wearing of scarves as skirts.  I have a number of large vintage square silk scarves that I acquired at estate sales, and I can’t think of a better way to display their patterns than to wear them over a simple black background.  Add a hat and accessories, walking boots that fit for the temperate weather and voila.  No need to check a bag!


Pocket watches are the theme of this vintage estate sale scarf, which has been in my collection for  years.


We explored many areas of the city, including the waterfront.  My San Francisco scarf came along for the ride, along with the Laurel Fenenga San Francisco collapsible hat perfect for travel, purchased at a Denver boutique in the 80′s.


A highlight of our adventure was spending time in Berkley with Mr. J’s friends, Barry and Debora Barkan HERE, who for many years have been involved in changing the culture of aging through their organization, Live Oak Institute HERE.   Their mission is “to develop communities that help all elders, even those who are the most isolated and disempowered, learn, grow, develop and shape their future.”  One of their projects, the Elder’s Guild HERE, focuses on conscious aging for the greater good.

It was a privilege to meet this creative and brilliant couple, and to learn about their lives and impressive body of work.  I’m continuing to integrate what I discovered regarding their “elder definition” HERE and their vision for change.


Thank you San Francisco, for your tantalizing restaurants, diversity of people, panoramic views, introduction to Home Made Jamz Blues Band HERE, sophistication and humanistic view of the world, and the opportunity to unplug and unwind.


Thank you and a tip of the hat to Mr. J, for taking photos and for introducing The SC to fascinating friends.

The SC is off to participate in Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style, where Patti is “mad for summer plaid!”  I’m also sharing my yellow hat with the creative Anne’s 52 Pick-me-up: Sunflower HERE at Spy Girl.

HAT ATTACK #13 will be featured this coming Friday, August 1st.

Whoever wants to can join in!  Just compose a post that includes any hat, headwrap, headpiece, fascinator, hair flower, headband or other adornment for your head and join the party.  Participation will be open for one week, or through Thursday, August 7th. Follow the directions HERE provided on Style Crone to post your photo and hope to see you there!


White Out In City Park

July 21st, 2014


The SC and Daniel traveled to City Park just a block from home to wander its summer vistas, explore the gardens and laugh along the way while taking photos during an overcast July afternoon.  I’ve explored City Park on Style Crone several times over the past years, and today I visit its vast beauty in celebration of my four-year Blogiversary.


I can’t remember a time when I’ve composed an outfit in white.  Wearing black is an easy background for me to embellish with whatever catches my eye in my closets.  It’s familiar and comfortable.  However, this summer I’ve noticed a number of bloggers adorning themselves in white, so I decided to give it a try.  Shopping my own closet provided me with pieces that I had not thought of putting together, be it not for the community of bloggers that are a constant inspiration.


Perhaps it was the color white that I wore from head to toe in nursing school in the 60′s that created resistance to the concept of wearing it in my life in the here and now.  The utilitarian shoes.  The white hose and uniform with my name in blue letters stitched above my school’s insignia in blue and yellow on the pocket of the bodice. The large white fabric hat representative of my school of nursing, heavily starched into shape and extending upward, pinned firmly into my hair sprayed hair, no matter the caregiving task or medical procedure that was part of nearly every day over 50 years ago.


However, my consignment store Pucci hat bears no resemblance to the headwear that I wore as a nursing student in the 60′s.


The silhouette that it creates from every angle is very different from the nursing “headpiece” that wandered the halls of a large teaching hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the early 60′s.  But the colors and the pattern are reminiscent of that era of time.


I have my memories of wearing white a half century ago and the experiences are a part of who I am today.  I treasure and honor most of what I recollect.  Whether painful or filled with great pleasure.

My ensemble today is a contrasting expression, as I focus on caring for myself instead of caring for the many that crossed my path over the years of my career.  It’s a transition that is unfamiliar and at times confusing, but overwhelmingly I feel curious and excited about life’s unfolding journey.


I’m finding my 71st year to be filled with much to savor.  A time of growth, expansion, learning, listening and an opening to the new.  Which includes a “White Out” in the park.  And the beginning of another year of expressing myself with outfits and words, written or spoken, on Style Crone and in my life in 3-D.


Photos By Daniel

Pucci hat – Minneapolis consignment store years ago, white silk blouse with yellow trim – Zoe’s Consignment Denver HERE, white cropped pants – Florida retail sale two years ago, metallic bag, vintage Vera scarf, white/black patent leather heels, vintage silver earrings and bracelet – estate sales, ring with moonstone – d Forsythe Jewelry HERE, crystal pendant and watch – gifted.

How magical that Sacramento’s Share-in-Style HERE theme this week is white!  I’m taking my ensemble directly over to Mis Papelicos to join in the fun.

Edit – Linking up to Sheila’s Shoe Shine HERE at Ephemera.  Thanks Sheila, for this glorious shoe party!


I love lace in all of its permutations.  Especially vintage lace.  The delicate lace top in these photos had been hanging in my closet for years, waiting for the perfect composition.  There was a small hole in the back beneath a shoulder seam, which was insignificant to my eye, because vintage has its flaws.  However, when I gently pulled the sleeves on, the lace covering the underlying nude fabric disintegrated in several areas.  Imperfect and a bit tattered though it now appeared, I decided to go with it as is.


In the midst of this decision, I thought about a story that a dear friend told me years ago about weavers in various cultures who intentionally weave flaws into their art.  I have always remembered her words and was fascinated by the concept.


Today I’m practicing imperfection HERE and studying its beauty. “The best way to get better is to stop worrying about perfection and, counter-intuitively, begin practicing imperfection because it will actually get you closer to the goal of perfection.”  My garden and my home are in a constant state of evolution and imperfection, similar to my life.


I’m not ready to let go of this “lacy” piece of vintage art.  It accompanied me out to dinner on Friday evening with a black taffeta vintage bolero jacket.  It reminded me that life is far from perfect and that if I strive constantly for perfection I will never start anything new.  Style Crone would never have been created.

The disintegration of the lace stimulated my creativity and took my thoughts in a playful new direction.  At least for the moment.  And that’s all that we ever really have!


Photos By Daniel

Vintage black lace top, vintage straw hat with taffeta bow and trim, and vintage Robert Clergerie silk fabric covered heels – estate sales; vintage black jet dangle earrings and vintage silk embroidered skirt with ruching and silk ribbons – gifted, lace hose – don’t remember!

I’m taking my imperfections over to Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style, where Patti is wearing a gorgeous dress that she purchased from Bella’s Etsy shop HERE.  The blogging community is a never ending resource for the new and inspiring.

The SC is linking up with Anne’s Spy Girl 52 Pick-Me-Up HERE, with the theme of Fairy Tale.  This vintage lace top’s destiny is to live happily ever after!


The SC was thrilled and honored to be contacted by Sacramento of Mis Papelicos HERE to be her partner in Share-In-Style: Denim, which is her link-up project that takes place every other Monday.  How fortunate that I had composed this ensemble for the last evening out to dinner with Mr. J in Vail several weeks ago.  It was barely unpacked from its last adventure.


The gorgeous and creative Sacramento is wearing a fabulous denim dress for her Share-In-Style event!


My denim contribution is a pair of skinny jeans that I purchased at a retail sale years ago. I’ve worn them in the past on Style Crone, and if I were a more efficient blogger, I would provide the links.  I focus on details with outfits, but let others go in the process.  There’s so much living to do and decisions to be made about priorities!


The estate sale vintage black velvet bolero jacket embellished with rhinestones plays nicely with the small rhinestone encrusted clutch,  estate sale vintage earrings and bracelet.  The SC’s gifted watch has become her constant companion.


Photos By Daniel

The estate sale vintage headpiece trimmed with rhinestones was worn two months ago HERE, which was recent enough for me to find the link without difficulty.  Rhinestones have the ability to travel from day to evening or dressy to casual without a moment’s hesitation.


Photos By Daniel

The SC’s outfit has been grounded with consignment store Prada black suede booties, which I’m sharing on beautiful  Sheila’s Shoeshine HERE at Emphemera.  I’m also linking up with Spy Girl’s 52 Pick-Me-Up HERE, which is about ‘transportation’ this week.  Anne always provides interesting challenges!

Though summer has arrived, the weather in Vail was chilly in the evenings, and the black turtleneck purchased retail provided welcomed warmth.

Now it’s your turn to share your denim style!  Thank you Sacramento, for the opportunity to participate in your bimonthly creation.

Hat Attack #12

July 1st, 2014


Hat Attack is celebrating its first anniversary and in honor of this milestone, The SC is wearing a hat created by Diane Harty HERE from Frisco HERE which is a short drive from Vail and is referred to as  the “Main Street Of The Rockies.”  I stopped into Diane’s studio with Mr. J on our trip down the mountain several weeks ago.


July’s headpiece is the “Halo,” made of straw and stripped rooster feathers.  It is a major “face-framer” and makes me feel alive with its dramatic movement.    

“I am a one person studio, specializing in hats constructed on an antique straw machine.  Most of my hats are created from strands of braid 5 to 12 mm wide.   This requires a specialized, antique chain-stitch sewing machine.  My pieces range from the basic sun or cap style hat to abstract or representational  sculptural cocktail hats. I approach each hat as a sculpture as I do not use any blocks or forms to create the shape as I stitch.  This gives each hat a uniqueness and vitality.”  ~ Diane Harty


Photos by Daniel

I’ve entered a new phase in my hat consciousness.  The hat room is bursting at the seams and I no longer need or want to possess every hat that I adore.  I’ve become aware that wearing a hat that I love for one or two times satisfies my longing for its beauty, and that part of my mission is to spread the word and promote milliners or hat makers that I admire.  I would like to be a drop in the ocean of contribution, increasing the health of the millinery industry, with the goal of expanding “hat love” in any way that comes to mind.  I would like to give back to the artistic world of headwear, which has brought me years of pleasure.  And at the same time practice the art of “letting go.”

In the spirit of this mission, July’s hat is not in my possession, but for sale directly from Diane Harty, along with other beauties that are created in this magical studio located high in the Colorado Rockies.  Diane’s contact information is available on her website HERE.  Style Crone does not benefit financially from this post. However, Style Crone benefits greatly by the wearing of this magnificent and energetic piece of art, if only for a delicious few moments in time.

The generous and gorgeous Bella of The Citizen Rosebud HERE has activated the coupon code HATATTACK, giving you 15% off any purchase of $10 or more from her Etsy Shop HERE.  Check out the fresh-picked vintage treasures that she has to offer!

The SC is linking up with Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style.  Patti is lovely, as she mixes old with new.

Now it’s your turn to throw a little headwear love my way!

Please display your hat, headwrap, headpiece, fascinator, hair flower, headband or other adornment for your head that you adore, give The SC a JULY HAT ATTACK and kindly link to Style Crone somewhere in your post.  Can’t wait to see the beautiful contributions that you share throughout the next week. Participation will be open through Monday, July 7th.

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