Two weeks ago I accompanied Mr. J to Toronto.  He was presenting at a conference on aging, and I went along to enjoy his keynote address and to visit a city that I hadn’t experienced before. I also had the pleasure of meeting up with two incredible bloggers that are not only gorgeous and stylish, but fun, creative, bright, witty, warm and interesting.  I had met Shelley of Forest City Fashionista HERE several times in the past, but it was my first time meeting the stunning Suzanne of Suzanne Carillo HERE. Gathering with like-minded people is the best part of blogging, and the Toronto adventure was no exception. Check out Shelley’s beautifully written post about our meetup HERE.

This post will unfold with photos, as the visual speaks a thousand words. However, I also want to tell the story of the ensemble in the photo above. The day after our memorable blogger meet up, a beautifully wrapped gift was waiting for me at our hotel. With great excitement I opened the mysterious package and was greeted with the above multicolored tunic by Italian designer Massimo and a leopard print hat.  It was from Suzanne, and the dress fit me perfectly. The ability to nail someone’s size after the first meeting is a special skill and talent.  Thank you so much Suzanne! Rush right over to her vintage site Vintage by Suzanne on Etsy HERE for an incredible collection of delights from eras past.

We met at the Distillery Historic District HERE and of course we discovered The Saucy Milliner HERE, a hat shop featured on my post of last week. Shelley chose our site of meeting, but was unaware that a hat shop was included in the wide variety of boutiques within the district. Some things are just meant to be!

We chose the Fluevog store in the Distillery District as our meeting place. The store is an art gallery for footwear and the displays are always colorful and bold.

As soon as we walked into the hat shop, Shelley and Suzanne were trying on hats. This pink and black top hat adorned with a black silk flower was an immediate favorite! The staff appreciated our love for millinery and added to the fun.

Suzanne in a leopard print chapeau was a sight to behold. It paired perfectly with her vintage maxi dress and long denim jacket.

We discovered a collection of artist studios in one of the Distillery buildings. Lilith’s Garden HERE easily held our attention, with its large selection of handmade clothing and accessories.

We eagerly walked into the SOMA Chocolate Shop HERE, where Shelley enjoyed a shot of Maya drinking chocolate, which perfectly accessorized her silver neckpiece and the bracelet that she discovered at Lilith’s Garden. After visiting a few more boutiques, our glorious day of blogger adventure came to an end.

The next day Mr. J and I spent a day in Toronto HERE, walking Queen Street West HERE and taking in the feel of the fourth largest city in North America.  The skyline was breathtaking, the population was vibrantly diverse and we found the people to be warm and friendly.  I would go back in a heartbeat, as there was so much more to do and see. This Canadian city felt like an oasis in the midst of turbulent times.

It was recommended that we check out the colorful historic Kensington Market HERE, and we were not disappointed.

With a message like this in front of a consignment shop, how could I not walk in the door?

Mr J’s conference was a huge success and we both had an extraordinary time. And now until the next time!

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“Black straw widow pillbox with veil and large pink flower”….Karyn Gingras

I was in Toronto for the past five days and returned home last night.  During my visit I found four fabulous milliners/millinery salons/shops/workrooms.  I was very impressed by the talent and skill of the milliners that I discovered and am featuring them on May’s Hat Attack.

The millinery world is filled with wonderful, bright and fascinating people.  I consider them all international artists and treasures.  Toronto’s milliners are no exception.  I was welcomed with open arms and magic was in the air.  I was captivated by their exquisite work, unique and diverse style and individual self-expression, manifested in their magnificent creations.  I would love to describe my experiences of entering the spaces of the four featured milliners, but I would rather share their own words.

I am featuring the milliners in the order in which they were discovered.  Karyn of Lilliput Hats and Kelly of The Saucy Milliner were traveling, but I was warmly received by their knowledgeable assistants.  Thank you all from the bottom of my Style Crone heart.

As I was walking from Lilliput Hats to David Dunkley Millinery, I had the thought, like a bolt of lightning from the universe, that I see myself as a “Hat Journalist.”  Every city that I visit, I search for milliners and hat makers, and view their world as though they are art galleries. The first person that I told of my new revelation was David Dunkley. He suggested that I create a hashtag, #hatjournalist.  What a brilliant idea!

Karyn Gingras of Lilliput Hats  HERE

For over 20 years, Karyn Gingras has been creating exquisite, hand-blocked hats for discerning women and tastemakers. As the driving force behind Lilliput Hats, an atelier and boutique in Toronto, Karyn’s talent and tenacity have made her Canada’s most popular milliner.

Using time-honoured techniques and the finest materials, Karyn, and her skilled team of associates, fashion a varied line of exquisite, handmade hats, as well as custom-designed creations for weddings, holidays, fashion events, television commercials and films.

Lilliput Hats are collected and coveted by stylish women everywhere including Rachel McAdams, Celine Dion, Whoopi Goldberg, Sandra Oh and the former Governor General of Canada, Adrienne Clarkson.

Inspired by the classic, surrealist style of Elsa Schiaparelli, Karyn’s hats are modern, playful and functional.

Now recognized as an expert in her field, Karyn’s path to millinery was actually a happy accident.

When she went to sign up for a night school tap dancing class, the program was full. However, the millinery course had lots of space.

Karyn has still never learned to tap dance. But she recently took up the accordion….From the Lilliput Hats website.

“The fascinator above was created from vintage silk veiling with individual feathers attached to it.  The feather flower is handmade and the centre has Swarovski crystals and two crystal butterflies.  This fascinator is from my first couture show and is incredibly important to me.  The feathers have a wonderful bounce to them (on the veil) when you walk”……David Dunkley

David Dunkley of David Dunkley Fine Millinery HERE

A master in his own right, David has studied with the former royal milliner to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. In keeping with this royal millinery lineage, Dunkley’s creations have been sported by members of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s royal entourage and presented to Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall (Camilla).

David, an international award-winning milliner, is elevating headwear to new artistic heights through his commitment to traditional millinery techniques and with his flair for distinctive design. His bespoke millinery studio, is a sanctum of style where you receive unparalleled personal attention.

Whether daring or demure, each of David’s hats is handcrafted, using time-honoured techniques of blocking, forming and embellishment. David’s inimitable vision offers patrons a new take on classic styles in every design, from breathtaking bridal millinery to Ascot-worthy creations…….From the David Dunkley Millinery website.

“The hat above was blocked using pinok pos layered with crosshatch sinamay.  The bias was hand sewn with a fine sinamay.  The base that the hat sits on was also blocked and sewn from scratch.  The feathers are a combination of Lady Amhearst and Ringneck pheasant, which have been curled and sewn on, using traditional techniques”….Kelly Dunlap

Kelly Dunlap of The Saucy Milliner  HERE

As far back as I can remember I have always worn and loved hats. That love began when I was very young, playing dress-up in my Grandpa Dunlap’s old jackets and dusty, well worn fedoras – usually whilst adventuring deep in the wilds of the spare room’s closet, hoping for a glimpse of Mr. Tumnus. Later, as a teen, I was thrilled to add a fedora, in the style of my hero, Indiana Jones, to my ever-growing collection. This hat in particular came in handy for my 7 year adventure in Europe and England where both myself and my passion for hats matured. My love for hats and my collection of vintage pieces flourished during my time spent living in such a hat-embracing culture.

But those early adventures only lead me to my true calling, the art of millinery.

Some years ago, I began the lifelong journey of becoming an accomplished milliner. Having trained under several master milliners, both in North America and the UK, I now take great pleasure in creating iconic, well-crafted pieces for lovers of fine quality hats. What’s more, I use my passion for classic films, found treasures and vintage curios to give each of my creations a one-of-a-kind twist.

Which brings us to the name. As a young girl in Leitches Creek, Nova Scotia, my curious nature and vivid imagination would get me into plenty of trouble around my Grandfather’s general store. When he’d find me, inevitably wearing one of his hats, he’d always ask, “Are you being a saucy pup, now?” Indeed I was. And even now, these notions of whimsy, adventure and romance inspire every piece I create. Which is why I’m known as The Saucy Milliner……From The Saucy Milliner Website.

“The spiral black velvet hat was created as a tribute to Madame Paulette, and resembles a hat she created in 1949.  It was part of a mini collection that was featured at East Village Hats in New York City.  It is made from black velvet and trimmed with grosgrain ribbon”…..Tierre Taylor

Tierre Taylor of Tierre Taylor Hats HERE  Photo by Alan Smith

Tierre Taylor is a graduate of the Millinery Arts Program at George Brown College in Toronto, Canada and later studied privately with renowned milliner Anya Caliendo. Known for her workmanship and use of high quality fabrics and materials, Tierre describes her work as serving those who relish luxury and elegance.

She produced collections for clients on the west coast for five years under her first label Tierre Joline, while regularly contributing to fashion magazine pages and creating works for local theatre companies.

Returning to Toronto in 2014, Tierre Taylor creates one-of-a-kind hats, fascinators and hand-stitched couture millinery pieces for daywear, evening wear, weddings and other special occasions.

In February 2015, she was approached by Humans of New York (HONY) photographer, Brandon Stanton at Penn Station, while wearing one of her hats. The exposure has allowed her to pursue her love of millinery full-time and with zeal and passion to create more.

Known for her modern, elegant style, Tierre’s work offers a flare for poise, sophistication and confidence. “Each person is a unique and special individual. Helping people express that individuality is a joy for me. I am so grateful to all those who love wearing my hats!”…..From the Tierre Taylor website.

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Lilacs In Bloom

April 24th, 2017

I love the time of year when the lilacs bloom. The lilac bush in my front garden is in its prime, and every time that I walk by on the way to or from my front door, the air is filled with its intoxicating scent.  I have come to associate the arrival of spring with this fragrance and I fall under its spell.

City Park has a lilac garden filled with color and magic. Daniel and I traveled across the street from my home to take in its magnificent beauty.  It’s a floral show that I’ve been witnessing for years and it appears more brilliant than usual this spring.

The natural light of the approaching sunset changed the color of my vintage blue suit, dependent on the sun or the shade.  I discovered this suit in my favorite vintage store in the early 1980’s, and it was featured, as it is today, with the “crone cone crown” on Style Crone in May of 2012 HERE.  There have been so many changes since that time, including my hair color, but my love for this suit and turban remains unchanged. My undying affection is not dependent on the sun or shade.

Photos By Daniel

Welcome to spring and all of its radiant splendor!

Vintage light blue suit – vintage store, vintage multicolored blue straw cloth turban and vintage jewelry – estate sales, silver heels – retail.

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Thank you so much for the heartfelt comments on my last post, some of which brought me to tears. I would not be blogging if it were not for my beautiful readers.  I have known some of you through death and grieving, and blogging provided a support system that I would not have had were it not for Style Crone.  I cherish my blogging relationships, both new readers and those of you that I have known for years, which are an integral part of my life. I thank you from the bottom of my Style Crone heart.

Speaking of gratitude, Daniel discovered this feather covered vintage beauty of a chapeau at an estate sale, and called me immediately, guarding it with his life until I arrived breathless with anticipation.  He knew I would fall in love, which of course I did.  Not only is he my photographer!  He can spot a Style Crone hat anywhere!

Daniel and I traveled to Cheesman Park HERE for today’s adventure.  It has been the location of choice for several posts over the years.  As the seasons change, the setting looks totally different.  Spring is upon us in Denver, reflected in the budding trees and the increased activity in the park.

Almost everything that I’m wearing for this photo shoot was discovered through the wonderful world of estate sales.  The vintage black Lilli Ann suit.  The vintage white gloves.  The vintage pearl necklace and earrings.  The vintage suede black bag with gold trim. The black suede heeled boots were a consignment store find.  Shopping second-hand has provided me with years of never-ending entertainment and extraordinary additions to my collections.

It’s once again time to transition the hat room from fall/winter to spring/summer.  A monumental task! I may be wearing felt a little longer this year, because I’m already behind.  But then, I don’t really mind that much.  It’s not life threatening and all things happen in due time.

Photos By Daniel

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I’ve been blogging for almost seven years and as I look back over the weeks, months and years, I am amazed that I have been able to come up with something to write about every week, almost without fail.  However, I do have to admit that there are times when I have experienced blogger fatigue.

For me, it surfaces with procrastination, a lack of focus, and a sense of scarcity of energy and interest in composing a post.  Blogging is an integral part of my life, and having emerged from cancer caregiving, death and grief, I feel an intense desire to continue and move through these periods of burnout.  I have always been able to stumble forward with a renewed sense of passion and appreciation for Style Crone.

I’ve experienced blogger fatigue during the past few weeks, as I approach the sixth anniversary of Nelson’s death.  Perhaps it’s related to a deeper level of emerging grief, which I have come to believe is a life long process.  My current life is rich and full with incredible relationships and exciting adventures, but I find that it’s important to recognize and respect the history of the evolution of my blog, and accept the intermittent sadness that unfolds, especially during anniversary dates.

During these times of fatigue, my collections save me from descending into despair and immobilization.  This week the tulle skirt adorned with large silver discs saved the day.  Its playful presence inspired me, as I explored my closets searching for worthy pieces to accompany its lighthearted mood.

It took me several days, as ideas marinated and occupied my thoughts, replacing a mode of low motivation and heaviness.  The tulle skirt magically ignited my creativity, just as an array of hats and accessories have done in the past.  How could I possibly withdraw from the creation that has provided so much healing, growth and adventure throughout some of the most difficult times of my life.

Photos By Daniel

For today, the key to blogger longevity appears to be a focus on one week at a time and to not get overwhelmed with the weeks and months to come.  To trust the process of unending creativity and continual inspiration, which is everywhere.  To have fun with Daniel with each and every photo shoot, even though I may have low energy and the awareness of a myriad of activities begging for my attention. To accept the episodes of blogger fatigue as part of the process of any long-term commitment, knowing that there is another adventure related to Style Crone on the other side of my temporary resistance.

Tulle skirt, silver jewelry, patent leather belt and vintage gloves – estate sales, red top hat with pheasant feather by Cha Cha HERE, leather jacket – consignment store, patent leather boots – retail sale.

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