Advanced Style: The Documentary

November 11th, 2014


Last week The SC attended Advanced Style: The Documentary HERE at the SIE Film Center HERE in Denver, along with a crowd of people who had been waiting for this event since the film came out months ago.  After touring across the globe, the US opening took place in NYC in September.  Having met four of the cast members, I was thrilled to be in the audience for the Denver screening.

The stars of the film, from left to right above, are six stunning and stylish NYC women between the ages of 62 and 93 at the time the film was made:

Debra Rapoport, Jacquie Tajah Murdock, Ilona Royce Smithkin, Tziporah Salamon, Joyce Carpati, and Lynn Dell Cohen


I have been waiting to see the film since I first heard about it on Ari Seth Cohen’s revolutionary blog Advanced Style HERE.  The documentary was produced by Ari Seth Cohen and directed by Lina Plioplyte, was three years in the making, and was funded with a Kickstarter campaign.

As per the Advanced Style DVD cover, “Acclaimed street style photographer Ari Seth Cohen and director Lina Pliopltye dive into the personal lives of NYC’s most fashionable seniors.  In an industry obsessed with youth, these older women dispel conventional ideas about beauty and aging and prove that with age comes grace, confidence and unimagined opportunities.”


The SIE Film Center is the home to the Denver Film Society and Women + Film HERE, a year-round program in Denver showcasing films by, for, and about women. The documentary was showcased at the film center for one night only.

Director and Producer

Above is a photo of Ari Seth Cohen and Lina Plioplyte, who can only be described as brilliant and visionary, at the Advanced Style premier at Toronto’s Hot Docs Film Festival in April.  The photograph was taken by my blogger friend Shelley of  Forest City Fashionista HERE.  Shelley’s review of the film is thorough, beautifully written and not to be missed.

Lina was skyped in on the big screen following the film in Denver, for a spirited Q&A. The audience was openly touched and inspired, which has been the response of all who have been captivated by its spirit.

photo 2

The beauty of the film’s powerful reach was revealed when my dear friend Carl, who I’ve known since the 70’s and who lives in NYC just blocks from where the US premier was held, attended the screening.  He sent photos of the event to me by email when I was in Europe in September.  The above photo was taken by Carl, accompanied by his partner Bill, which beautifully captures the thrill of the moment.


This photo of Carl with Debra Rapoport, beautiful artist and hat designer, displays his enthusiasm and appreciation for the documentary.  I had a similar expression on my face during the screening, and I saw many around me with smiles and some with tears.


Photo by Daniel

I had the pleasure of attending the screening with the iconic Denver artist Susan Wick HERE, who has been a friend of Debra Rapoport’s for decades.  I met Susan through Debra, and always enjoy her wisdom, her art, her style and beauty, and her dazzling smile, which never fails to light up a room.

Susan was featured on Advanced Style HERE with Debra and another friend, Mary Winder Baker. In the 1970’s they worked together as a performance group and have a long and beautiful history of shared friendship.


Photo by The SC

The audience was composed of beautifully dressed women and handsomely attired men, which included the always extraordinary and gorgeous, from left, Carolyn, Diana and Juana.  Carolyn was the proprietor of a popular clothing/jewelry boutique in Denver by the name of Tapestry, which is missed by many to this day.  Diana was The SC’s photographer in past years, and proudly wears a pin that she thrifted on the way to the film and is carrying a bag from the Tattered Cover HERE, a nationally known independent bookstore located in the Lowenstein Cultureplex across from the SIE Theatre.


Photo by The SC

Juana is the President of Mestiza Leadership International HERE, and she should really wear the blue gloves and black beret more often!


In celebration of the film, I wore the leopard print headpiece featured on November’s Hat Attack HERE and a dress that I discovered in Nice at the Fashion Gallery, a boutique which had chandeliers hanging from every inch of its ceiling.  I had no idea until a few days before the screening that the two would flow together.


All accessories were estate sale finds or gifted.  Composing this ensemble involved combining new treasures from my European adventure with Mr. J and pieces from my collections, mostly recycled and dearly loved.


Photos by Daniel

The Advanced Style Documentary is a brilliant celebration of aging and style.  What did it mean for me?  How can I put words to the fact that a movement to honor and support older people has changed my life?  That I wouldn’t have launched my blog without the example of Advanced Style.  That self-expression and style are healing and always evolving.  That visibility, creativity and self acceptance are life enhancing.  That diversity of style and living life to the fullest enriches everyone.  That supporting and encouraging one another in the aging process is far superior to competition and isolation. That connecting with like-minded people of every generation is energizing and thereby extends life. That this era of my life is filled with growth and marvelous new experiences.  That style is art and is fun to express and share.  I feel more alive when I do!

So thank you, Ari and Lina, for bringing this film to fruition.  It is a spectacular piece of work and is appreciated by myself and many, for its message and its beauty.  It’s exciting to wonder about what’s next!!!

The Advanced Style DVD is now available with lots of bonus footage!!!

Hat Attack #16

November 1st, 2014


As promised in my post about Paris HERE, I’m wearing the headpiece that I discovered at Marie Mercie’ HERE.  It was the first hat of many that I tried on upon entering the millinery salon, and it made a lasting impression.  Sometimes the first hat that I spot is the one that finds a place in the hat room!


I loved how the leopard print bow perches on my forehead and I just happened to have a vintage clutch and vintage earrings that were screaming to get in on the fun.


I found it mandatory to show this beauty from all directions!


Photos By Daniel

Now it’s your turn to throw a little headwear love my way!

Please display your hat, headwrap, headpiece, fascinator, hair flower, headband or other adornment for your head that you adore, give The SC a NOVEMBER HAT ATTACK and kindly link to Style Crone somewhere in your post. Can’t wait to see the beautiful contributions that you share throughout the next week. Participation will be open through Friday, November 7th.

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Falling For Fall

October 27th, 2014



I’ve learned that no matter how wonderful the time away from home has been, I greet my sanctuary with a new appreciation for the life that I’ve created in Denver; my friends and family, both face to face and virtual; the everyday beauty that surrounds me; my yoga practice, my music and my routines; and my expanding feelings of peace with “what is.”


I feel grounded, and from here my next adventure into the unknown will unfold.  I have a new understanding that the journey here in place has its own excitement.  Its own thrill.  Its own creative energy.


It is with amazement that I view the change of seasons; the weeping willow tree a block from my home is an expression of the extraordinary fall colors that welcome me daily.  I have returned home to nature’s transitional display of glorious splendor.


I have embellished crone hands and wrists with adornments which have been lovingly collected over the years.


One can never go wrong with rhinestones, during the day or the night.


Or polka dot pumps, which make a swishing sound in the fallen leaves as I walk through the neighborhood with Dan, not wanting to wander far from home on this first photo shoot since the trip that opened my eyes and all of my senses to the new.


Or twirling in the alley accompanied by a mountain mural painted on a garage door.  I really should get to know these neighbors!


 Photos By Daniel

Today I’m grateful to be alive, as I toss my polka dot silk scarf into the wind that carries the organic scent of fallen leaves through the autumnal air.  I have completely fallen for fall!

Long sleeved sweater with polka dot insert and rhinestone buttons – Paris street vendor; jeans – Paris boutique; beret, vintage polka dot pumps and scarf, vintage rhinestone earrings and pendant – estate sales; bracelets, bangles and rings – from everywhere.


I discovered my new jeans (though I seldom shop retail) in the shop across the street from our hotel, which was in a predominantly residential neighborhood in Paris.  The beautiful boutique owner, in photo above, was fun, interesting and helpful, though we were unable to communicate verbally due to language barriers.  However, as I found to be true during our entire trip, we had a fabulous time together as we connected around a focus of mutual interest and fascination.  As the glamorous Jean of Dross Into Gold HERE has been known to say, “Like music, personal style is a universal language.”

I’m linking up with Sacramento’s Share-in-Style: Halloween HERE on Mis Papelicos.  The weeping willow tree in the background is my expression of the season.


Arriving in Nice by train from Paris, we settled in for a week of endless beauty and rich culture.  Old town Nice was a place that would take months to fully discover, with its colorful and magical ways.


The Mediterranean Sea stretched into infinity, with landscapes changing along with the weather.


The architecture was stunning at every turn. I’m sharing a few photos of the many that I took as we walked through different areas of the city.


Ornate balconies frequently caught my uplifted gaze.


Another gorgeous cathedral arose from the cityscape as we hopped a tram during an afternoon of exploration.


An afternoon in Monaco provided more grandeur and a glimpse into an unreal world.


City squares were a frequent oasis from the bustling streets.


Antique chandeliers covered the ceilings of the Fashion Gallery HERE, elegantly illuminating the clothing below.


A fan of outdoor markets, I had many choices to savor!


My favorite street fair vendor on a cloudy afternoon.


I met this gorgeous French woman at an antique market and she agreed to a photo. We communicated without speaking French/English, and I was able to express my appreciation for the creative way that she wove ribbons through her hair.  Engaging with new and interesting people is one of the treasures of travel.


The Marc Chagall Museum HERE captivated our attention for hours.


Outside the Matisse Museum HERE before exploring the wonders within.


I had the pleasure of meeting Josephine of Chic At Any Age HERE, a fabulous style blog that I’ve been following for several years.  Josephine generously took a complex journey from St.Tropez, which involved two buses and a train in inclement weather in the early morning, to get to Nice for lunch.  We had a great time laughing, sharing our stories and engaging in hat and blog chat.  Meeting the warm, fascinating and elegant Josephine was one of the highlights of our magnificent Nice experience.


The SC and Mr. J out to dinner on our last evening in Nice, enjoying the food, the people and the sights of a glorious setting.  We had come to the end of a thrilling journey, and will be spending time living the trip again through photos and shared memories.  Travel has enhanced our connection and our ability to adjust quickly to new challenges.  We’re already talking about new destinations for the future!

Shortly after arriving home I received news of the death of a dear friend.  I’m grateful that I visited her a few days before I left for Europe.

My friend was a decade older than me.  I remember her 50th birthday.  Her 60th birthday.  Her 70th birthday.  Her 80th birthday.  She was an important figure in my life.  There is another loss to integrate and another adjustment to the dynamics of my life and the lives of those around me.  Another reminder to live fully in the moment.

I’m very happy to have fulfilled the dream of travel.  I feel enriched, energized and motivated to move forward. Who knows what will appear on the horizon, as I observe the shifts that will surely occur due to a realized aspiration.  Today I’m alive and open, and ready to start planning another adventure.

I’m off to join the party at Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style.  I have a lot of catching up to do.

Paris Memories And Versailles

October 13th, 2014




My photos do the talking as I go with the flow of adventure!

As we walked along the Seine we discovered the “Love Lock Bridge.”  Since 2008, lovers  have attached padlocks to the bridge and tossed the keys ino the Seine, leaving the bridge at risk due to the weight of the locks.  Currently there is a campaign to free the bridge of additional padlocks so as not to cause further damage .


Taking the train to Versailles provided stunning views along the way.


We met a beautiful young woman from Chile who has been traveling the world, mostly by herself, for nine months.  She had many interesting stories to tell and made our trip even more enchanting than it already was.  I was inspired by her courage and we exchanged contact information.


My photos of Versaille are not adequate to capture its grandeur and opulence.


I’m including a few photos from my endless camera roll.


Statuary was everywhere!


Layers of scarves kept me warm throughout the chill of the afternoon.


A walk in the city of Versailles provided a meeting with this stunning and charming woman.  I loved her style and radiant presence.


Back in Paris, we spent an afternoon in the Museum d’Orsay, which is housed in a former railway station.


As we walked into a cafe for dinner one evening, the first person who caught my eye was this gorgeous woman wearing a fascinator with a feather that gave me an instant “Hat Attack.” She was in Paris from Ireland with her husband for the Prix  de L’arc de Triomphe, Europe’s most prestigious horse race. As you might expect, we instantly engaged in hat chat.


Monsieur J sporting a hat and a warm smile.  We travel well together, which is a true and wonderful gift!

i will be returning home soon, and will be back to reading and commenting on my favorite blogs. It’s been a fabulous time!




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