Hat Attack #30

January 1st, 2016


January’s Hat Attack is a vintage fur felt chapeau with felt bow and trim by French designer Marcelle Agrellet, which was discovered at Fabulous Fannys HERE several years ago in NYC when shopping with Jean and Valerie of the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas HERE.


Photos By Daniel

The days have grown bitter cold, and sometimes grey without the brilliant light of the Colorado sun.  The perfect time to wear my warmest hats and coats, and the multiple layers that offer protection from winter’s stark presence.  The beauty of every season can be more fully valued beneath a brim.

I’m greeting 2016 “Hat On” and wishing you all a year filled with magic and wonder.

Happy New Year

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2015 In Review

December 28th, 2015


Photo By Daniel

Daniel and The SC spent many hours together during the year, creating photos for Style Crone and learning through new experiences.  Sometimes we discovered sites in Denver that provided interesting backgrounds or we stayed close to home.  The location didn’t matter!  Rather, it was the fun and laughter that sparked our creativity. Thank you Daniel, for another year of glorious good times!

This post will revisit a few of the highlights on Style Crone that made my life sing in 2015.


Photo By Mr J

Mr J and The SC began the year in Miami, enjoying the sun and the warmth, the people and the thrills of the city.   Meeting up with Patti of Not Dead Yet Style HERE added to the fun.


Photo By Daniel

Daniel and I collaborated on a series of photos at Mod Livin’ HERE, playing with backgrounds and the mid-century modern furniture and accessories available on the store floor.


Photo By Daniel

Hat Attack continued with its 29th post in December.  Thank you to all who participated and shared your gorgeous headwear!  The photo above features a hat by Heather Stoten Millinery HERE from Boulder, CO, who stunned me with her skills and artistry.


Photo By Daniel

Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style HERE and designer Fanny Karst HERE collaborated on the creation of the “Old Is The New Black” tee, which was seen worn proudly across blogland and Instagram in all of its glory.


Photo By Daniel

The final post in the “gown series” was featured during the winter, but the series could re-emerge at a moments notice.  There are more pieces that have been yearning for an outing!


Photo By Danna Frost Photography

My beloved daughter Camille married her husband Sean in May, and I couldn’t be more happy.  I welcomed this event in the cycle of life, sweetened with hope and new beginnings.


Photo By The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas HERE

Mr J and The SC traveled to NYC, and the delightful blogger meetups included Jean and Valerie of the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas HERE, Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style HERE, Jean of Dross Into Gold HERE, Carol of Femme et Fleur HERE, Feda of The Eclectic Photographer HERE, Debra Rapoport of Debra Rapoport.com HERE, Lyn of Accidental Icon HERE, and Patti of Not Dead Yet Style HERE.  I met the kind and talented photographers Eva Weiss HERE and Denton Taylor HERE. We also greeted many new friends and embraced kindred spirits from the past!


Photo By Mr J

The trip to Aspen with Mr J was filled with mountain beauty, delicious food, unique thrifting and interesting people watching.


Photo By Daniel

The summer flew by in a flurry of street art and the exploration of new venues.


Photo By Daniel

I was graced with visits from Sarah of saramaijewels HERE from Australia, Jean of Dross Into Gold HERE from Atlanta, and Sylvia of 40+Style HERE from Singapore. Blogger and Instagrammer meetups are always enlightening and inspirational.


Photo By Daniel

I discovered a new hat at a thrift shop during my trip to Minnesota.  It looks like I’m still adding to my  collection!


Photo By Daniel

My passion for yoga grew stronger.  As one of my teachers stated, “Shaking is where the change takes place.”  I’m taking that concept off the mat in 2016, as I plan to take myself out of my comfort zone and explore new possibilities.


Photo By Daniel

Mr J and The SC continued to live life fully and with intention into our 70’s.  Susan Wick’s HERE art exhibit at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art HEREWild Women Never Get The Blues, offered a venue for laughter and visual wonder.


Photo By Diana

Debra Rapoport of Debra Rapoport.com HERE was in Denver for our friend Susan Wick’s show, and presented “Cuffs,” a workshop that was attended by a group of creative people from Denver who enjoyed every moment.


Photo By Daniel

I grew my hair out from red to silver, and found the transition to be life affirming and exhilarating!  Thank you to the talented Charlie Price HERE for my new hair style.

Thank you to all who follow and comment on Style Crone.  I read every word with appreciation, and am grateful for your support.  Style Crone wouldn’t exist without you and I look forward to the adventures that unfold in the new year.  Wishing each and every one of you the very best in 2016.

 Peace, Love and Health


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The Layers Of Winter

December 21st, 2015


Dan’s back and his mother is doing better.  He comes from resilience and longevity, and he brought all of that energy to our journey to the periphery of the Denver Botanic Gardens HERE on the day following a snow storm and a brief cold spell.  The temperature allowed for the uncovering of layers in winter.


I chose to wear the black vintage hat that I discovered at Off Broadway, the NYC boutique that was owned by the incredible Lynn Dell Cohen, featured many times on Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style HERE, who died this past year.  The drapey skirt that best provided the silhouette for today’s ensemble was also purchased at Off Broadway during that same NYC visit.

I wear both pieces in Lynn’s memory, as my thoughts turn to all of the people in my life who have left, as I continue to move forward carrying the extraordinary gifts that have been given to me during their lives here on earth.


The holidays tend to magnify all feelings and thoughts across the continuum.  From the sadness of loss to the appreciation and recognition of all that is new and brings me joy.


Recognizing and removing one layer brings forth that which is hidden from view.


I look at it all, from the front and from the back. I examine that which sparkles and all that touches the wounds that lie deep within my heart.


Somehow the stark chill of the air and the beautiful white of the newly fallen snow invite introspection. The short days with the early sunsets that silently fall into the Rocky Mountains in the distance as darkness descends and envelops my world.


 Photos By Daniel

I’m taking it down to the final layer for today, knowing that tomorrow could reveal another profound or subtle insight or opportunity to stretch.  Every morning I ask myself upon awakening, “What will happen today that will bring me a sense of wonder?”  I’m never disappointed, even in the worst of times, if I’m open to recognizing the little miracles when they occur.

Vintage white wool coat with faux fur trim, vintage pearl earrings, vintage long black gloves, vintage black suede heeled booties with faux fur trim and vintage black suede clutch – estate sales; vintage black hat and black drapey skirt – Off Broadway Boutique; vintage winter white jacket embellished with sequins and pearls – holiday market; black patent leather belt and black turtleneck – consignment shops, vintage pearl and gold necklace – Carolyn Fineran’s Gypsy Collection, Etsy HERE.

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Over the past weeks my photographer Daniel has been spending precious time with his 103 year old mother who has been admitted to hospice in Wisconsin.  My thoughts have been with him frequently as he moves through this painful and difficult process. I miss him as a friend and as the talented artist that I collaborate with weekly.


However, the show must go on, and my daughter Camille was kind enough to join me at the new Wizard’s Chest HERE, which opened recently at a new location.  With phone in hand, she shot photos for today’s post, as we took a quick tour through my friend Lonnie Hanzon’s latest project.1413821618287Artist, designer and Denver icon Lonnie Hanzon HERE has been with this magical toy store and costume shop over the past 30 years.  After all, “Lonnie has made a career out of being a master storyteller through his art installations. Clients around the world call on Lonnie when they need their story brilliantly told through unexpected, entertaining visuals.”…Lonnie’s website.

Lonnie’s work is as charming and fascinating in the new location as it was in its original incarnation.  His glorious signature style is once again displayed, as it has been in several public art installations across the city, and in various places around the world.


The store, which is currently owned by Kevin Pohle and Brad Brickley, is filled with costumes, games, toys, gifts and so much more.  On the main floor I mingled with just a few of the colorful wigs which populate one of the costume areas.

The magic of the store brings back memories of when I first met Lonnie.  Beginning in 1982, my hat shop carried his line of jewelry.  My personal jewelry collection includes some of his beautifully made pieces from that era!  He remains as warm, supportive, creative, brilliant and intriguing as I found him to be on our first encounter.


The wall of the ramp which leads to the basement has been painted to depict a hedge maze, with mythical creatures, flower filled pots, arches and other ornamental/architectural structures.


A decoratively painted castle off in the distance can be viewed from the ramp.  The photos in this post are just the tip of the iceberg of what there is to see throughout the store. See more pics of the magical kingdom in Westword’s piece HERE.


The mosaic landing at the bottom of the stairs and the art covered wall as background make for perfect posing possibilities for the red coat which has the capability to create many silhouettes.


Photos By Camille

At the front of the store near the door is a luxurious purple couch framed by purple splatter painted curtains.  After touring the Wizard’s Chest’s new location, I appreciated a space to breath and take in the wonder of the fantasyland that has been created at 451 Broadway.  I will be back soon for more!

Red vintage coat – purchased during my friend Annie’s moving sale, vintage black fur felt fez with red suede trim by Patricia Underwood – my hat shop 1980’s, handmade embellished multicolored scarf by fiber artist Karen Shields of The Loving Ewe HERE – art fair, vintage earrings – estate sale, black turtleneck – consignment store, tall black boots by Fluevog – retail.

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Aging And Activism

December 8th, 2015


Several months ago I was introduced by Debra Rapoport HERE to This Chair Rocks HERE, the site by the brilliant Ashton Applewhite. “Pushing back against agesim – which affects everyone,” is the motto on her site header.

This Chair Rocks includes the blog, Yo, Is This Ageist? HERE which has me critiquing commercials, the language that I hear in my environment and my own internal dialogue.  I have become captivated by everything that Ashton writes and it has energized me in new and intriguing ways.


Though I am familiar with ageism, This Chair Rocks introduces a movement that sits so comfortably and resonates with my soul that it feels like home.  It’s always been important to me that my behavior match my values.  During my career, in my personal life and now here on Style Crone.


It fits with Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style Movement HERE in terms of changing the perception of older people in our culture, and adds another layer of dimension and understanding about the institutionalization of ageism and how it, along with all of the other “isms,” undermines our potential.


Ashton Applewhite writes HERE,  “I began blogging about aging and ageism in 2007 and started speaking on the subject in July, 2012, which is also when I started the Yo, Is This Ageist? blog. During that time I’ve become a Knight Fellow, a New York Times Fellow, and a fellow at Yale Law School. In 2015 I was included in a list of 100 inspiring women—along with Arundhati Roy, Aung Sang Suu Kyi, Germaine Greer, Naomi Klein, Pussy Riot, and other remarkable activists—who are committed to social change.”

Photos By Daniel

At this point I’m raising my awareness and thinking about my own internalized agesism and how it affects my life at 72.  I don’t know where this will take me, but I do know that I’m on board.  Thank you Debra, for introducing me to Ashton Applewhite and the movement that she leads for the benefit of all.

Vintage Pucci suit  and vintage jewelry – estate sales; vintage turban – Guild Collective HERE, Minneapolis; blue/green pumps with bows – Second Debut HERE, thrift shop Minneapolis.

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