Blowin’ In The Wind

January 16th, 2017

Sometimes small changes make me feel like I’m”blowing in the wind.”  Something that’s not life or death, but that alters my routine and my choices beyond my control. My yoga schedule has, for the past decade, offered a 9am class.  I attended this class faithfully unless a conflict interfered.  If so, I would catch another class later in the day.

On January 1st this changed and it’s been an adjustment to the scaffolding of my life. In the process of adapting my daily routine to continue my treasured yoga practice, I’ve noticed the stages that I’ve experienced internally in response to this shift, as I resist and surrender.  It has mirrored grief, though minimal in magnitude to major losses that take a lifetime to process.

The other loss of the moment is the closing of one of my favorite Denver consignment shops.  Robyn Wacklerli has decided to retire and Wardrobe Works HERE will no longer exist as the resource that it has been for more years than I can remember.  Robyn’s carefully curated inventory has provided recycled wearable art for decades and I have pieces in my closet that will always remind me of her and her creative energy.  Thank you Robyn, for your longterm commitment to style and art.

Photos By Daniel

With all of this in mind, as I think about change as the only predictable constant, I’ve picked up the book Dancing Light, by 98-year-old yoga teacher Tao Porchon-Lynch HERE. She knows a bit about resilience, mindfulness and fearlessness in action.  At an age when most have slowed down, she says, “There is so much to do and so little time to do it.”  Plus, she drinks wine, eats chocolate, and wears high heels because she believes they help elevate her consciousness.  This is a role model that I can relate to!

Having marched with Mahatma Gandhi and later attending the March on Washington and witnessing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s speech on that historic day, Tao is the perfect person to refer to on this holiday honoring Dr. King and his enduring legacy and commitment to Oneness.

Sage green fedora with silk ribbon bow – Louise Green, Marni coat – Wardrobe Works Consignment, Vintage Fabric bag – vintage shop, brown boots – consignment shop, vintage sage green gloves, vintage earrings and brown background pieces – estate sales.

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I love the art created by my friend Carol Markel, talented milliner, artist and blogger at Femme et Fleur HERE, I have a small collection of her hats and manikin heads.  They are statement pieces and I wear her headwear frequently.  They are treasured for their vibrant colors,  unique shapes and impeccable workmanship.

During my most recent visit to NYC, I was in search of one of her amazing necklaces. I chose the black and white beads with the “diamond bauble” in the middle.  It caught my gaze instantly, but I examined several other pieces that were of varying colors.  In the end, I went back to my first love!

I wore the necklace as wearable art to a New Year’s Eve party, framed with black sequins.  The beret and bolero jacket were estate sale finds.  The asymmetrical wrap skirt, evening clutch, and the heeled tall suede boots were recently purchased at a consignment store sale.  The estate sale rhinestone earrings and bracelets added their own special shine!

It’s become perfectly clear that I collect “all things Carol Markel.”  And at the age of 73 I’ve fallen for statement necklaces.  It’s never too late to embrace a new category of accessories.

Photos By Daniel

About the Necklace by Carol Markel

The necklaces are made from wood beads that I hand lacquer using a proprietary method.

I love so-called “statement” jewelry for its drama. I also love color. I use the large beads because they make a statement about the wearer. The necklace says that the wearer is an individual and enticing. Also you can really see the shiny color. Like my hats, dresses and paintings, I am responding to color choices when I paint the beads based on an instinctive reaction “of the moment”.

Judith’s beads are black and white with a big diamond bauble in the middle because sometimes black and white is the most dramatic choice. I name all my necklaces and this one is called “Comtesse Cartier”….Carol Markel

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January’s Hat Attack is a collaboration with Irina Sardareva HERE, a talented Bulgarian milliner who I met on Instagram.  I love connecting with hat designers from across the world and discovering diversity of style and self-expression.  This has been an unexpected source of great pleasure.

Thank you to all who participate in sharing your “headwear expressions.” I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your love of millinery and your generous offerings. Happy New Year to all, and may your 2017 be filled with many magnificent hats.

“The red cap beret is inspired to transform a parade military cap to a peaceful and beautiful party beret. The base has the original shape of a Bulgarian army parade cap but is made in red instead of khaki green.  I added a sinamay bow and shiny red and black feathers to make it look more ‘parade’ and ‘burlesque’ so it can be worn at a party instead of a military parade.”….Irina Sardareva

Photos By Daniel

 Why I love millinery by Irina Sardareva

While living in a country under a totalitarian regime when I didn’t have a choice of what to wear, wearing a hat was a way to express myself and to be different. When the socialist regime fell at the end of 1989 I had 30 hats in my wardrobe. So passion became my job. I love it because you can express so many different feelings and statements wearing a hat; each one is a role you can play. When in my atelier I meet customers that say that hats do not suit them. I love to change their mind and seeing the excitement and happiness in their eyes when they see themselves in a mirror. I create everything with love because this is my way to send positive energy to people, and make every woman who wears my hats and fascinators feel happy and beautiful every day.

About Me By Irena Sardareva

I started my life journey as a hat designer visiting a hat production warehouse in Ukraine, in the early 90’s.  There I first discovered the love for this special accessory. I bought a couple of hats and came back to Bulgaria, starting my business as a hat retailer at the very beginning.  My next step was to start travelling across the country and finding the old and forgotten hat blocks in Bulgaria.  This was the moment when I really started designing hats. I then ordered  hat blocks from La Forme hat block atelier in Paris and started buying rabbit felt cones and capelines from Tonak and sinamay and parasisal from London and Paris. Year after year of hard work, I became the best hat designer in Bulgaria.

Now I am working with my son George, who inherits and keeps on with the millinery business and looks after our etsy online shop –

Thank you Irina (with her granddaughter in the photo above) for your love of millinery, for collaborating with Style Crone on January’s Hat Attack and for your gifts to the wonderful world of headwear.

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It’s hard to believe that this is the last post of 2016.  The years fly by at breakneck speed, and change is the only constant.  It’s cold outside, and Daniel and I decided to shoot in my home, surrounded by the warmth of the dark red dining room walls. Wearing estate sale silk and satin in a room filled with recycled pieces mirrors my love for treasure hunting in unusual places.

It’s a time to reflect on the past and set intentions for the future. The Winter Solstice has passed and the long march toward the light and the unknown has arrived.

Today I toast to my followers, hatless and wearing silk and satin, wishing everyone the very best in 2017.

Photos By Daniel

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New York City Memories

December 23rd, 2016

One of the most wonderful things about blogging is that I have documentation of experiences that I can always look back on and recall how they made me feel.  These peak experiences include the beautiful, intelligent, creative, talented and interesting people who I have met since I began blogging in 2010.  Unfortunately I was unable to include photos of everyone who I admire, as my focus was constantly diverted.  That means I will catch you next time!

My trip to New York was filled with heartwarming and thrilling moments.  In this post I capture a few of these exhilarating points in time with my trusty iPhone.  In the above photo I’m with Debra Rapoport, visual artist and hat maker HERE, at a holiday gathering in the home she shares with her partner Stan Satlin, singer and songwriter. Debra is wearing accessories of her own design. Their apartment is filled with art and kindness.  Thank you Debra and Stan, for throwing such a delightful party.

Jean (on the left) and Valerie (on the right) of the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas HERE never fail to “give great hat.”  The amazing artist Sue Kreitzman HERE stands to my left, dressed in stunning jewelry of her own creation.

If I were a more efficient blogger, I would remember the name of the gorgeous woman on the left standing next to Sue Kreitzman.  To the right is jewelry maker Jocelyn McKenzie HERE, wearing her unique and beautiful jewelry, along with a hat by Debra Rapoport.

I loved the arm warmers worn by the stunning woman in the center of this photo.

Debra flanked by beauty in the kitchen of her fascinating home.

Filmmaker Lina Plioplyte HERE was in NYC for the weekend.  Lina filmed Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style: The Documentary HERE, in which Debra was one of the stars.

I always love talking and laughing with beautiful Antoinette Grande (to my left) who was in NY from Germany, and visiting her glamorous friend (to my right).

My outfit harmonized with the dapper ensemble worn by Instatgram star Ricky Aloisio HERE.

As always, Jean and Valerie took me to one of the best museum exhibits in the city. Here we are at The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology HERE, after taking in Proust’s Muse: The Countess Greffulhe HERE.

We also saw Black Fashion Designers in the Fashion and Textile History Gallery HERE of the FIT Museum. Patrick Kelly HERE designed the dress of wool and plastic on the left, with his signature heart motif and mismatched button.  Duro Olowu HERE created the designs on the right, embracing vibrantly mixed colors, prints and textures.

After the museum, we walked to the Rubin Museum Cafe for a bite to eat, and were pleasantly surprised to run into Sue Kreitzman, and new friends artist Erica Marie Scudder-DeLuca HERE and folk artist Malcah Zeldis HERE.

One of the high points of my trip was meeting Bill and Eva Kobus-Webb, who I interviewed for Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Love Project HERE.  It felt like I had known them all of my life.

You never know who you’re going to run into on the streets of NYC.  While walking with bloggers Lyn Slater of The Accidental Icon HERE and Jean Barrett of Dross Into Gold HERE, we met the inimitable Linda Rodin HERE.  She was on her way to pick up her beloved dog Winky.

When in NYC I always visit artist, milliner and blogger Carol Markel of Femme et Fleur HERE and her husband artist Richard Cramer.  I couldn’t possible miss the opportunity to browse through her hat-shop-in-a-box!

Thank you again, Jean, for inviting me to the opening of Imperfectly Perfect, the amazing exhibit by Rebecca Moses HERE. Because of you I have these magnificent memories to take me into 2017!

I stayed with my friend Jackie during my time in NY, and fell in love with her precious dog Pinky Lee, who personifies the spirit of the holidays in the photo above.  Happy holidays to all of my wonderful readers and to those of you who comment on Style Crone.  However you celebrate, or don’t, I am very grateful for your support, and look forward to more adventures in the coming year.

Thank you to Ari Seth Cohen for including Style Crone in his “Holiday Outfit Inspiration” post on Advanced Style HERE.  It’s an honor to be included alongside so many incredible women who I admire.

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