Syliva Of 40+Style In Denver

October 27th, 2015


The beautiful and vibrant Sylvia of 40+Style HERE visited Denver in August, and I was fortunate to meet this dynamic and influential blogger and spend an entire day with her.  Though our visit took place two months ago, the importance of her presence in my life has not waned.  A highlight of my summer, the time spent with this accomplished woman resonates as I write this post today.  Sylvia blogged about our meetup on 40+Style HERE and in the photo above, she “owns” the scarf installation in my home.


I met Sylvia through blogging shortly after I launched Style Crone, and she has always been extremely supportive and generous over the years.  During the early days of blogging, I remember receiving her email requesting an interview for 40+Style.  It was a time of emotional intensity for me, and it took me forever to complete. Speaking through the lens of grief and unsure of myself and my responses, I wrote and edited until I finally returned my answers to her questions.  Gracious and patient, she offered only encouragement and empathy.

I will never forget this connection so early in my blogging life. To meet Sylvia in person after knowing her “virtually” for years was fun and exhilarating, and I felt instant rapport as soon as we began talking.  Before I knew it she was catching a plane for her adventurous stay in NYC.


Having followed Sylvia’s blog for years, I was aware that she loves to wear white.  In honor of her visit I wore a white linen shirt. Sylvia has inspired me in many ways, and I have experimented with “white” because of her influence.


My own experience and the reports from other bloggers along the path of her visit to the states made it clear that Sylvia was sprinkling magical “blogger dust” wherever she landed.  Sylvia is very knowledgeable about blogging and travel, and I felt like a sponge soaking up every piece of information that she so generously shared.  Slowly, I have been working on the suggestions that she spoke of during our conversations.


We hit an estate sale, laughed in the hat room, posed in front of the scarf installation, shopped and stopped for tea, and had dinner at Nocturne HERE, the new jazz club in Denver.  For our evening of live music, Sylvia wore one of the hats from the hat room. which as you can see, accessorized her already stunning ensemble to perfection.


Having lived in numerous countries during her life, Sylvia offered an international perspective that was very stimulating to me. We didn’t stop talking from the time that she arrived and the moment that she flew off to NYC on an incredible month’s adventure which I intently followed on her blog and on Instagram.


I loved Sylvia’s openness, curiosity and global point of view.  I knew she would be interesting, but meeting Sylvia in person exceeded all expectations.

I have found this to be true of every blogger who I’ve met over the past five and one half years.  Without exception, the people who I have connected with through the wonderful world of blogging have been intelligent, creative, interesting, stylish and accepting.  What an amazing group!


So much happened following Sylvia’s visit.  My trip to Minnesota, Susan Wick’s art opening, Debra Rapport and her partner Stan’s visit, and the preparation for the two events that I hosted with Debra in early October.  I needed focus to write and give Sylvia’s time in Denver the energy and attention that it deserved.  Finally I had the opportunity do just that.  Thank you Sylvia, for traveling through Denver on your journey.  I hope I have the pleasure of meeting you again in the future!


All photos taken by Sylvia or myself with Sylvia’s camera.

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Debra Rapoport Rocks Denver

October 19th, 2015


Debra Rapoport, visual/performance artist and hat maker HERE and regular on Ari Seth Cohen’s blog Advanced Style HERE traveled to Denver with her partner Stan Satlin for the opening reception of Susan Wick’s show at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, “Wild Women Never Get The Blues.” Susan’s show was featured on my post of last week HERE. Together we decided to organize two events to take place during the time of her visit.  Hence, the “Cuffs” workshop was born!

For the event Debra wears a hat which she created from Viva paper towels and a thrifted sweater, accessorized by handmade and thrifted pieces.  I’m wearing Denise, a hat designed and created by Carol Markel, blogger, artist and milliner extraordinaire HERE, accompanied by estate sale pieces.  On Friday, October 2nd, we were ready to roll, with 20 creatives from the Denver area.

Though all participants were equally important and appreciated, I will be identifying and linking to those who currently have websites.


“As a visual/performance artist, working with found and non-traditional materials, my work is about embellishments for the body. This transcends fashion into personal style which reveals your individual strengths. My hat creations are the place I start. I believe it is important to “Frame the Face,” our most important asset. I refer to my work as my A/B/C’s. Assembling, Building, Constructing for the body.

I say “Style is healing”, because you are in relationship with and expressing YourSelf. Self first. This is where we can start each day as we present ourselves to the world and to ourselves. WHO am I today, how do I feel, what is my activity. The importance of checking in with yourself , to reveal to your Self whom you are each and every day! It is a meditation and a way to get centered. The creative act of adorning yourself is very personal and very healing.  It keeps us truthful.”…..Debra Rapoport


The event was co-hosted by my friend Carolyn Fineran HERE, and the workshop participants were excited, focused and eager to learn new skills.  My dear friend Sarah of Sarah Ashford Studio HERE generously offered her studio space for the event. Brooks Luby, second from left HERE, is a longtime Denver fashion designer and Janine Gastineau, second from right HERE, is a singer who will be launching her new solo CD at Dazzle Jazz on November 8th, 2015.


Debra is in action, as she offers personal attention and direction during the event.  You could hear a pin drop, as everyone present was focused on their cuffs made from toilet paper rolls, inhaling the gifts offered by a master artist in residence.


Long time friend and celebrated Denver artist Lonnie Hanzon HERE and Debra intently collaborate regarding possible embellishment materials for cuff design.


In the foreground of the photo above, Karyn Loving Schiele of the Loving Ewe Boutique HERE,  which features her felted hand knit accessories, works on her cuff. Karyn will be selling her creations at the Cherry Arts Festival HERE in Aurora, CO on October 23 – 25, 2015.



As the workshop came to a close, several of us posed with cuffs proudly displayed.  On the left, artist and mental health advocate Diana Roca HERE expresses herself beautifully for the camera.  As many of you may remember, Diana was the photographer for Style Crone for two years, beginning in 2012.  On the right, Carolyn Fineran, event co-host, cracks jokes to ensure our smiles remain intact.


Lonnie displays his completed cuff in the photo above.


The “Cuffs” workshop was a huge success, with many requesting a return appearance by Debra in the future.  We will have to work on that!


Time with Debra always includes a thrift shop experience.  In the photo above, Debra models the sweater and faux fur piece discovered at the Assitance League of Denver HERE, not far from my home. The thrift shop staff got into the action, admiring our choices and offering assistance, until we  left happily with purchases in hand.


Debra and her partner, singer and songwriter Stan Satlin HERE, appear radiant in their thrift shop apparel.


Debra is wearing another Assistance League find in the photo above. The feather neckpiece can be worn in a multitude of ways, and was her accessory of choice as we were about to enter the Goodwill store HERE on Denver’s South Broadway, famous for its antique shops, local boutiques and restaurants.  Debra is holding a flyer which we offered to everyone we met, which served as an invitation to our second event below.


On Saturday afternoon we hosted a screening of Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style Documentary HERE at Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret HERE, which is located in downtown Denver.  Lannie Garrett, proprietress of the Clocktower, talented torch singer and Denver icon generously offered her space for the event.


Debra, one of the seven women featured in the film, wore another of her handmade Viva paper towel hats, along with thrifted, gifted and handcrafted pieces.  As for The SC, where but Lannie’s could I wear a floor length silk velvet gown with silk velvet turban at one o’clock on a Saturday afternoon?


The film was enjoyed by all in attendance and the Q&A which followed was spirited and compelling.  Many questions were asked about “dressing up,” aging and creativity. The Advanced Style Movement made its appearance in Denver on a Saturday in October, and I’m sure that its life-changing energy with continue to grow and evolve as time goes by.

Photos By Workshop Participants Diana, Carolyn, Sarah and Sheryl

For more about Debra’s visit, check out Denver’s art and culture newspaper Westword’s article by Mauricio Rocha HERE, “Advanced Style Icon Debra Rapoport on Fashion, Creativity and Self Expression.”

Spending the weekend with Debra, Stan and Susan Wick was filled with fun, excitement, playful creativity and spontaneity.  Thank you both for the unforgettable memories.

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 Susan Wick: Wild Women Never Get the Blues opened at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art HERE, with a reception on October 1st, and runs through January 3rd, 2016.  I attended the opening, accompanied by friends, and was mesmerized by the exhibit which fills the entire museum with its creative and inspiring displays of Susan’s art.


Susan was surrounded by the admiring crowd who gathered to attended the event, including her partner of many years, Micky Zeppelin HERE.  Their smiles were contagious and reflected the energy that was present and available for all to enjoy during the evening’s celebration.


The back of Susan’s tunic was as beautiful as the art that was on display on the wall in the photo above.


“Showcasing 50 years of the prolific and eccentric work of Susan Wick, this exhibition will feature a site-specific, immersive installation with a selection of paintings, drawings, artist books, ceramic works, knit works, puppets, and masks, among many other objects.”…The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.


“ ‘There is no chronological tale of Susan Wick,” says Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art curator Mardee Goff. “Her practice is movement: She’s always moving one thing to the next and coming back to things, and energy is her greatest medium.’ ”….Susan Froyd, Denver’s weekly newspaper Westword’s Art and Culture Editor HERE.


“The wild undertaking essentially attempts to re-create Wick’s house — a 1906 warehouse in RiNo — in the museum, whose home also dates back to 1906. Goff, who calls the living portrait of a show a “ ‘domestic installation,’ ” led a crew in dismantling and transporting the inside of the house and studio — a true Wick work in progress — piece by piece to Boulder. “ ‘Once you’ve been to her space and experienced it,’ ” Goff notes, “ ‘you want the whole world to experience that, too.’ ” …Susan Froyd HERE


The photos included in this post are a small representation of the magnificent art that now fills the museum until January 3rd.  If you are in the Boulder area anytime during the exhibit, it is a show not to be missed.


The museum will host three free “Teatime With Susan Wick” events inside the installation on the first Wednesday of every month, on October 7, November 4 and December 2. The tea will be provided by The Boulder Dushanbe Tea House HERE.





In celebration of the event, I wore my vintage Dior turban, consignment store tunic and brown skirt, and estate sale vintage YSL pumps.


It was easy to laugh with Mr. J amidst art and the interesting people who filled the rooms of the museum!


Susan’s friend Chere Mah, textile artist from Berkley, California, was stunning in handmade jewelry with silk background.  Chere is in the process of writing a book filled with glorious photography, The Lei Mah Collection: A Family Album in Silk, which I’m hoping to purchase as soon as it’s in print.


Janine Gastineau HERE, multi-genre vocalist from Boulder, was bold and beautiful in zebra print tights. She has a new solo album coming out, and I won’t miss the release party at Dazzle Jazz Restaurant and Lounge HERE on Sunday, November 8th, 2015.


Debra Rapoport, regular on Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style HERE and one of the seven women featured in the Advanced Style Documentary HERE, traveled from NYC to attend the opening.  Susan and Debra have been dear friends since meeting as students in the Berkley, California, graduate degree program in textiles during the 60’s.

Thank you, Debra, for introducing me to Susan!  I met Debra through the wonderful world of blogging, which means that I wouldn’t know Susan if I hadn’t launched Style Crone in July of 2010.  Blogging has opened up my world, and like yoga, helps me to expand and grow!


Hat to hat with Debra!  Debra HERE, visual/performance artist and hat maker, wore her extraordinary hand-made chapeau created with paper towels.


Debra’s fingers and wrists were adorned in a glorious array of unique pieces of color and design!


Photos By Daniel

Debra’s partner, singer and songwriter Stan Satlin HERE, was all smiles as he made his way out the door of the museum following the opening.  Who wouldn’t be in good spirits after viewing Susan’s art?  I guarantee you that I will be back, because I will need several visits to absorb and appreciate in full the many magnificent pieces which comprise the exhibit,  Susan Wick: Wild Women Never Get the Blues.

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Hat Attack #27

October 1st, 2015


October’s Hat Attack is brought to you by the Guild Collective HERE , which is “a curated collection of the fine work of stylists, local artists, photographer, retailers and designers from around Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.”  I stumbled upon this unique shop during my recent trip to visit my mother.


The Guild has a large selection of vintage hats, and I tried on each and every one. This 1960’s black fur felt chapeau with high crown, brim and faux leather trim caught my attention, and I couldn’t leave without it.


Photos By Daniel

It now has its place in the hat room, which has recently been transitioned from summer to fall.  I’ve always been of the opinion that a woman can never have too many black hats!

Now it’s your turn to throw a little headwear love my way!

Please display your hat, headwrap, headscarf, headpiece, fascinator, hair flower, headband or other adornment for your head that you adore, give The SC an OCTOBER HAT ATTACK  and kindly link to Style Crone somewhere in your post. Can’t wait to see the beautiful contributions that you share throughout the next week. Participation will be open through Wednesday, October 7th.

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Photo By Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style HERE

The incredible artist and hat maker Debra Rapoport will be in Denver this coming weekend to attend her friend Susan Wick’s art opening at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art HERE.  Debra and Susan have been dear friends for many years, dating back to graduate school in textiles in Berkley in the 60’s.

We decided that it would be the perfect opportunity to organize a workshop and give Denverites the opportunity to learn how to make cuffs similar to the gorgeous beauties displayed on Debra’s wrists in the photo above.  There was an overwhelming response, and the workshop sold out in days.  Co-hosted by my friend Carolyn Fineran HERE and myself, Debra’s “Cuffs” workshop will take place at my friend Sarah Ashford’s art studio HERE this coming Friday, October 2nd.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 2.59.07 PM

The Denver icon, singer Lannie Garrett of Lannie’s  Clocktower Cabaret HERE generously offered her glorious space for a screening of Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style Documentary HERE, which will take place on Saturday, October 3rd at 1pm.  Debra, a regular on Ari Seth Cohen’s blog Advanced Style HERE and one of the fascinating women featured in the documentary, will be available for Q&A following the screening of the film.  Tickets remain available and can be purchased on Lannie’s website HERE. If you are in the Denver area, don’t miss this event, which celebrates and honors aging and the Advanced Style Movement, an international phenomenon.


I look forward to the opening reception (October 1st from 6:30-9pm) of Susan Wick’s art exhibit Wild Women Never Get The Blues HEREThe show will be at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art from October 1st through January 3rd, 2016.

“Showcasing 50 years of the prolific and eccentric work of Susan Wick, this exhibition will feature a site-specific, immersive installation with a selection of paintings, drawings, artist books, ceramic works, knit works, puppets, and masks, among many other objects.”…The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.

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