Thank you so much for your birthday wishes and your support around my illness.  As always, it’s my readers and commenters who make blogging rich and worthwhile.  I’m feeling much better and ready to move into the next year with a renewed sense of appreciation for my health and my relationships.

Over the past year I have had the pleasure of working with the talented Denver icon and designer Brooks Luby of Brooks LTD HERE.  I have been honored to wear and be photographed in many of her beautiful and unique creations.  Over and above the projects that we have worked on, we have outrageous fun! What could be better than that?

Colorado fashion designer Brooks creates modern, elegant, made-to-order, custom-couture wedding gowns as well as mother-of-the-bride and mother-of-the-groom dresses, evening gowns, and ensembles. From the initial concept to the final fitting, every piece is a unique original, designed entirely around you. All of Brooks’ creations are designed and sewn locally by Brooks in the LoDo district of Denver, Colorado….From the website of Brooks LTD

In January of this year Novelty Bride Magazine HERE, which represents art, fashion, inspiration and beauty online and in print, featured several mother-of-the-bride creations by Brooks. The photos appear in the magazine HERE, on pages 121-123 and 126.

In this post I’m including a few of the photos which were taken by photographer Jacek Jarzabek, with styling by Mary Spicer HERE and Maureen Mika HERE.  The above floral headpiece was designed and created by Bella Calla HERE.

The fabrics that Brooks chooses are always rich and luxurious, as evidenced by the above gown.  The photo shoot took place at Space Gallery Denver HERE, which provided the perfect background for this couture piece.

The hats were created by my talented milliner friend Heather of Heather Stoten Millinery HERE

Makeup by Heathytre Kaitz and hair by Camille of XOXO Salon HERE.

Thank you Brooks, for the opportunity to inhabit your creations. Your designs would make any mother-of-the-bride feel beautiful, exciting and dramatic. Working with you over the past year has been a privilege!  I’m looking forward to more in 2017!

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March 14th, 2017

I have always loved celebrating my birthday and the birthdays of loved ones.  It’s the only day of the year that’s dedicated to the life of the person of honor.  As I age, it has become even more important, as I feel fortunate to be living life to the fullest.  It’s a privilege to be alive, as so many of my loved ones are no longer here.

However, this year presented a surprise that I didn’t expect.  I became ill seven days ago and yesterday was diagnosed with bronchitis. I don’t remember being as sick as I have been over the past few day.  I have been immobilized and have been forced to be still within the confines of my sanctuary. Now that I am receiving treatment, I’m beginning to feel my energy slowly emerging once again and I know that this state of dis-ease is temporary, I am grateful that there is an end in sight to my debilitating symptoms.

Luckily these photos were taken at the perimeter of the Denver Art Museum just previous to my illness.  So today, which is the first day that I’ve been able to write and focus on posting, I have photos to publish.  After all, the show must go on.

Photos By Daniel

This experience reminds me once again that none of us is invincible, that life turns on a dime, that we don’t have control over everything about our health, and the best that we can do is find a silver lining in an experience that puts the activities of life on hold. Over the past few days, I have felt in touch with the suffering of loved ones who struggled through chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries and other conditions that offered continual exacerbations throughout life without an end in sight.  I am one of the lucky ones.  I know that I will feel better soon, and though my celebration will be postponed, I will have be having one.  I look forward to all that 74 brings and what surprises are in store.  It is an open book.

Vintage silk satin coat with large collar, vintage long blue gloves, vintage earrings, and black turtleneck – estate sales; vintage silk satin fabric hat and vintage pendant – NYC vintage store; blue and green suede shoes with bows – thrift shop; black wool knit leggings with black jet lower leg buttons – gifted.

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What do silver boots have to do with changing habits, you may ask.  And my answer is, absolutely nothing.  In my flow of consciousness, the two came together organically in one post.  The silver boots were purchased last spring at half price at my shoe repair shop.  It was one of those moments that produced a “gasp” when I saw them, and they have been waiting since then for the perfect outfit to enable their debut.

I have no plans to change my habit of looking for and finding treasures in unexpected places, but I do want to transform patterns which interfere with my sense of inner peace and my ability to manage my collections without confusion.  With this in mind I have begun an experiment in “habit change.”

I’ve been reading about habits, and apparently it takes three weeks to develop a new behavior and have it continue automatically.  I also read that changing one habit at a time is optimal, and over a period of time, new habits stack and stick.

My first resolution had to do with clearing all surfaces in my kitchen before I went to bed.  I accomplished this every evening for three weeks.  And voila!  It appears to now be a part of my daily routine. It may sound like a small and insignificant shift, but it has affected how I feel when I wander into the kitchen in the morning to make coffee.  Everything feels more spacious and serene.

I’ve developed several new routines since this first trial, and it has been doing wonders for my sense of calm and well-being, as well as my ability to focus and be creative.  My environment feels less chaotic and it seems to have transferred to other areas effortlessly.  Maybe there is hope for the organizationally challenged, such as myself.

Photos By Daniel

As for the silver boots, they have made me incredibly happy when accessorized by my grey structured jacket with peplum by Brigette NYC, black suede cap with black patent leather brim, vintage black leather gloves with cutouts and vintage jewelry.  Shine on!

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Today’s March Hat Attack is an ode to Heather Stoten Millinery HERE. Heather has lived in Boulder, Colorado, for several years now, and I discovered her before my daughter Camille’s wedding. She created the hat for my mother-of-the bride ensemble, and I have loved going to her studio, playing with her hats and chatting with her about headwear.

Heather loves turbans and she created this beauty for me last spring, made from Silk Organza and Silk Dupioni draped over a light foundation.  I particularly love how the difference in fabric, weight and transparency look when blended together.

Heather and her family are moving back to the UK after living in the United States for 20 years.  I understand that this is a good move for them; however, I already feel the loss of this talented and skilled milliner who has lived close to my home and has been an ever-present resource.  She has enriched my life beyond measure and I will miss her with all of my Style Crone heart.

Bio – Heather Stoten

Heather Stoten’s passion for millinery grew during the 1980’s when she studied in London under the tutelage of Rose Cory,  couturier milliner to the late Queen Mother. In 1990, she launched her couture millinery atelier label ‘Heather Stoten’ and was soon selling her unique and refined hat coIlections to high-end department stores such as Harrods and Fortnum & Mason. This led to Heather being featured in Vogue magazine.

Having moved to New York In 1998, she collaborated with Rodney Gordon, a theatrical milliner who produced hats and accessories for several successful Broadway shows. Other exciting projects at this time included the creation of a hat collection for ABC’s soap opera “All my Children”.

Due to Heather’s mastery of diverse millinery techniques and the quality of her designs, she was also asked to work with acclaimed designers Catherine Walker and Philip Treacy (she provided assistance with his London and Paris fashion show collections in 1997 and 2001).  Most recently Heather has lived in Boulder, Colorado and is now moving back to the United Kingdom for her next adventure in the art of millinery.

Photos By Daniel

Now it’s your turn to throw a little headwear my way. Give The SC a MARCH HAT ATTACK and kindly link to Style Crone somewhere in your post. The link-up will be open through March 31st.

Anyone can participate in the celebration of headwear!  Click on the blue link-up button and there are a number of ways to share your photo from your blog, Instagram or your computer photo files.  All forms of headwear are appreciated:  hat, headwrap, headscarf, headpiece, fascinator, hair flower, headband or other adornment for your head that you enjoy.  Multiple photos are encouraged!

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I mentioned recently on Style Crone that I was reading the book Dancing Light by 98 year old Tao Porchon-Lynch.  I have finished the story of Tao’s incredible life and portions of the book play in my mind as I move forward. She is another reminder that aging is a mindset and that we don’t have to limit ourselves at any age.

Tao grew up in India and has been defined as a yoga master, actress, model, producer, dancer and activist. During her life she marched with Gandhi, put her life in danger as she participated in the French Resistance during World Was II, performed as a dancer in cabarets during the bombing of London, modeled in Paris and in the United States, was an actor in Hollywood, and was present at the historic March on Washington and Martin Luther King Jr’s funeral.


Tao began competitive ballroom dancing at the age of 87 and performed on the popular TV show Dancing With The Stars.  She continues to teach yoga, dance and present workshops across the US.  She writes that she is more busy today than she has ever been, and at the age of 98 has no intention of slowing down.

I am inspired by her and view her as a role model.  I think of her during my yoga classes, and realize that my age does not limit my ability to improve my balance, strength and flexibility.  Not just in my physical body, but with my thoughts and my aspirations.  Just to know that she exists offers the awareness of possibilities.

It is my intention to take a yoga class from Tao HERE. At some point I will plan a trip to meet her and be in her presence.  It’s a gift that I plan to give myself in my approaching 74th year.

Photos By Daniel

In the meantime, I will continue to open my heart daily and strive for inner peace as I participate in activism during a time of disturbing extremism.

Thank you to Craig Kurtz of the Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver HERE for making this post possible.

Vintage black satin gown, vintage jewelry and vintage leopard print turban – estate sales, leopard kitten heels – consignment shop.

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