Photo by Daniel N

The Style Crone could not resist one more red hat!  The inventory is deep in this category.  This vintage fur felt “Expressly for Saks Fifth Avenue Made in Switzerland” Holly Golightly number was discovered at an estate sale, of course, and it’s 60’s silhouette provides shelter from any possible approaching storm. Never underestimate the power of a hat!

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  1. Hi Judith, I just discovered your site through Advanced Style and it is wonderful!! I am 57 and also trying to encourage older women to live joyfully and confidently!!
    You are so far ahead of me it isn’t funny, but I hope to follow you and learn from you! BTW…Your hats are fabulous!
    I have had many friends who have walked through the situation you currently are living in and I know how difficult it can be…I also know how blogging can be therapeatic. I look forward to reading more of your posts and getting to know you better!

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