I have a love for accessories! They transform an ensemble from basic to extraordinary and are a potent tool for self expression. There are so many possibilities for transformation.

With one stroke, the right pair of gloves, a careful conglomeration of jewelry or of course a hat can give an older, familiar background a new configuration.  Playing with accessories brings pleasure, creativity and variety to my life every day.

My post this week demonstrates how changing a glove and scarf combination creates a new and different look.  The vintage green hat, vintage YSL velvet jacket and vintage black jumpsuit remain the same.  Along with the estate sale Chanel bag, green glass earrings and patent leather boots.

The life enhancing practice of accessorizing elevates my world!  How about you?

Photos By Daniel

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14 Responses to “The Magic And Power of Accessories”

  1. LK

    Wonderful accessories make for a wonderful holiday where no one can keep their eyes off you. Keep it spicy.

  2. Chris Klein-Goss

    Judith, you inspire in more ways than I could ever imagine! I am always picking up classy, elegant, beautiful ideas from your creations and it is a constant, exciting surprise. Always, Thank You for Being Beautiful You.

  3. Virginia

    I enjoy your posts very much! Could you share how to tie the second scarf? It has a wonderful drape.

  4. Merle Weismer


  5. Susan B.

    Wonderful! You always have the most spectacular hats. I agree…accessories are wardrobe magic!

  6. Geneva White

    Dear Judith;

    You are Soooo right about accessories; (you wear them so well, too!!) The right accessories can and will transform basic quality classic pieces into a fresh new look. Love your ensembles and the playful but elegant touches; as always, the signature hats are wonderful! Have a happy holiday season

  7. Vix

    Accessories are the best, I could probably wear the same clothes for ever as long as I had lots of accessories to ring the changes.
    Your emerald green hat is gorgeous and so are you in these wonderfully joyous photos! xxx

  8. Shelbee on the Edge

    Oh my goodness, Judith, this green hat is everything! My forever favorite color which is causing me to swoon! And the green gloves are simply marvelous! I agree with you completely that accessories have an amazing power to elevate, transform, and express! Such a great ensemble, for sure, and always inspiring.


  9. chicatanyage

    Gorgeous colourful accessories. You are so right accessories can lift an outfit from ordinary to special. You look great.

  10. Carol Sarchet

    Beautifully arranged accessories are trully able to alter the over all impression of an outfit. I also love hats and do not wear them often enough. You inspire me to take the leap and JUST Do IT!

  11. Shelley

    You have a superb collection of accessories to choose from, and you always pick the right things to enhance an outfit. I’m afraid I don’t accessorize much in the winter except for my rings and the occasional scarf or necklace. When you have to wear a big coat, earrings get caught in my collar or scarf, and I end up wearing the same warm hat every day.

  12. PInkCheetahVintage

    Love the gloves!!!!! Accessory level: 1000!!!!!!

  13. Suzanne

    Amazing that you scooped up that Chanel bag at an estate sale!

    With your fantastic selection of accessories I’m sure it is adult play time deciding what to wear and what to combine. You do a great job.


  14. SilverEdit

    “potent tool for self expression” — I like

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