Sometimes the holidays make me sad. It’s the time of year for great expectations and festive gatherings. There is subtle pressure to be joyful and happy.  Or so it seems. Memories of holidays past tend to flood my thoughts and I can feel as though I’m walking through honey.  Just when I need my energy […]

I have a love for accessories! They transform an ensemble from basic to extraordinary and are a potent tool for self expression. There are so many possibilities for transformation. With one stroke, the right pair of gloves, a careful conglomeration of jewelry or of course a hat can give an older, familiar background a new […]

There’s nothing that screams “holiday” more than velvet. And in my world, rhinestones during the day or evening are always a strategy for embellishment! For this post I dressed in everything vintage. Just for the fun of it! The gifted Schiaparelli silk velvet and satin turban has been a hit with me for years.  I […]

Hat Attack #53

December 1st, 2017

December’s Hat Attack is an “ode” to vintage millinery finery.  This Coralie brimmed beauty with rhinestone pin has been perched in the hat room for years.  When I realized that it was the perfect accessory for the red vintage coat that I purchased from a friend several years ago, I knew that it was time to […]

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